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  1. With computers I usually go for, as long as it works it works, even if it's a bit slower. (can always mitigate this with light weight SW). I did by a new Laptop for Uni but only because I used to only have a desktop PC (which still works fine, though you see the difference in loading/booting/compiling time...) I like the idea of System76, the only thing I wonder is, if I install another Distro than PopOS! how much "optimization" I'd loose. They did put their drivers on the AUR, but since their PopOS! is custom made they probably optimized their HW and SW for this.... That being said, it's not like any other machine is optimized for Linux anyway and its mostly about drivers, I guess.
  2. Watching the Ingenuity (Mars Helicopter) stream instead of studying... with a certain irony since what I'm studying is a prerequisite for the "Satellite Communication Exam" that I could (kinda want to) take in my masters ...

  3. Sleet in the middle of April. 3 days ago it was really hot and now it's basically like late fall or a mild winter....
  4. Liked this one, though I'm a sucker for epic music. But I guess that's maybe stretching the meaning of "song"... After School Distraction by Yakushimaru Etsuko was also pretty good (like most made by her!):
  5. I think the availability problem will continue for a bit longer, I fear maybe even into the next year, but I'm sure at least until fall. I only hope my Laptop isn't going break...
  6. Halfway though Wonder Egg Priority. Like it, the music, animation, art style and no character feels out of place, but with shows like this the ending can make or brake it.
  7. Am I the only one who knows politicians by name by not what they actually look like?

    1. merulox


      I don't know their name or what they look like (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

    2. efaardvark


      I don't watch much TV so a lot of times I don't know what someone looks like either.  I read a huge amount though so I often know their names, affiliations, and biases.  Everything else, just not their looks.

  8. Didn't watch much of of this year since I watched some older stuff but the one's that I watched and that stuck out to me not in a specific order: Your Hands Of Eizouken was amazing, definitly my favourite of this year Kakushigoto was hilarious and oddly wholesome, even though it doesn't try to be. ReZero 2nd Season was disturbing in a good way. One of the more classical Isekai that I enjoyed, especially since I didn't like the end of the 1st season Otome Game something different but really good. I like the ending partly because it actually feels like it's done. Though the light novels still go one... Ascendance of a Bookworm was good but not as good as the second season. But might still be my fav. isekai. Deca-Dence is kind of hard to categorize. I enjoyed it a lot but everything kind of got messy in the second half. Sing Yesterday was .... oddly relatable... I didn't want to but I could relate to the main character I watched a couple more like Kaguya (which was fun, but not like the 1st season) but overall I think I've watched everything I'd probably enjoy except Jujutsu Kaisen. Might get around watching that soon.
  9. Started the 12 Kingdoms series, (had an anime adaption) and its pretty good. Isekai before Isekai became a thing (well, the trope already existed but it wasn't a huge thing in the 90s) and with a female protagonist thrown without anything into a pretty dark world. Also, the language isn't too hard, though it uses a bit too few kanji which sometimes make it harder to understand. Also read the original novel of welcome to the NHK (way harder, with some pretty complex kanji) and it manages to be even more depressing. I heard the eng translation is pretty good, so I can only recommend it since it's genuinely a good novel completely detached from the anime. I though about reading Earthsea some time ago, but I might finish the Arséne Lupin books before that. Really liking the gentleman criminal vibes; might prefer it over Sherlock Holmes even!
  10. Sadly forums have been declining in popularity for the last 5+ years. Especially Discord, which I think has the most to do with this, people just stopped visiting forums. You usually have more people on a Discord server to interact with, servers can be very different from each other considering how they can be customized with bots and various roles (not saying forums can't be unique too!) and they tend to be fast, in real-time which apparently more people like. Personally I favor forums but don't have the time to be on here for a lot of time for the last year or so. Browsing forums on the phone is often kind of a pain (even though there are apps for this) and I think many people browse the net on their phone for a significant amount of time. I think if forums in general want to gain in popularity again they'd somehow need to reinvent themselves to cater to a more "fast-consuming" audience, which would piss off the older members and they'd probably lose many of the veterans. That being said, in terms of anime forums AF is pretty active and a cozy place with great members and it's fairly unique, not one of those copy and paste forums that have the same layout but with different colours. Another thing I like about the more traditional forums. Since they tend to be "slower" they usually don't attract trolls anymore, since they migrated to discord or whatever. Don't know how often I've seen people getting banned on Discord for purposefully annoying people only to reappear a few minutes later under a different name. Obviously that'd also be possible on here, but still...
  11. Just realized how much my orthography suffers from writing on the keyboard all the time. Wanted to write "dictionary" by hand and I wrote "dictunary", looked at it, realized it was wrong but couldn't write it correctly for the sake of it. I *had to* type it with a keyboard and look at the keys I pressed until I was sure how to write the word. (and I got it right the first time I typed it with my keyboard)

    And I don't even use any kind of auto-correct. I just never write in English by hand...

    Also, I become really inpatient when writing by hand, because it's so slow...

    1. efaardvark


      I have a similar issue with passwords all the time. I have what I call “finger macros”.  My brain tells my fingers.. “type that password.. you know the one you’re always typing?  I think it starts with a “b”.  Yeah, that one.  Just do it.  I don’t need to know the details.”  After a while I couldn’t tell you the password to save my life, but if I sit down at a keyboard I never have any trouble logging in.  :)

  12. When I look outside rn, I get the impression that the gates of hell have been opened, that's how awful it looks. Might even get a flooding this time in our town, which hasn't happened so far. Also the power might die any second now, sheesh.

  13. 2 more episode and I'll crack the 8000 watched episodes of anime. Hmm, maybe a movie as the 8000th episode?... Too many classics to choose from...

  14. Damn, we just went through the Ariana 5 rocket crash of 1996 in my college class since we're learning about fault tolerance, handling etc.

    Never want to be the guy who causes a 5 Billion $ crash because of a simple memory overflow.

    (Well, I once broke a not so cheap robot in the robotic club during high school, because I thought the sensor data gives me distance values in meters, instead of cm..... Fell right of the edge of the table)

  15. Funny, I tried out Brave 2 days before the thread was posted and really like it but then yeah, same: back to firefox +Privacy badger, ublock and "ddg privacy essentials"! I had to use Windows 7 at my last holiday internship, and really liked it. Faster and more stable than that sh**** windows 10. I can see why a huge tech company (and I mean really huge, so they probably know their stuff) would prefer it aver windows 10. It works and does the job. We have one in our cellar, proudly displayed in my father's "man cave" of sort (well it's more like just everything that has to do with tech and modelmaking crammed into a really tiny space). I've never used it though but it supposedly still works... For some reason I really like the aesthetics of old tech; the bulky, beige frame just has it's own appeal. And those tactile MK are just really, really awesome. (too bad I'm a minimalist when it comes to tech [in terms of looks] for actual every-day usage.) Oh, and the design of the old Thinkpads when IBM still made them. One problem is, that that stuff was in plain sight in git hub for a long time, afaik. Makes you wonder how much privacy malpractice is "hidden" in plain sight in open source and no one simply found it or bothered with looking through the code. As for Ubuntu, while the controversy is kinda old by now, what I don't like it that Ubuntu goes more and more into the direction of forcing the snap store down people's throats. That's a deal breaker for me. (also , yum and pacman are way better than apt!) If you really want to know what happens on your system and exactly want to say what's on your system from the very start you gotta go with Arch Linux but then again, most people (Including me) usually don't want to go through some endlessly tedious installation just to have a working system to browse on the internet.
  16. Ah, I hadn't used the main distro but Linux Mint which doesn't have this so I didn't know about the google search etc. ... very windows-esque.... I tried out the softwarecenter just now and it worked so far but then again Linux Mint which tries really hard to make it easy for new comers, so I guess you can expect these things to work, though the one on Fedora also works pretty smoothly. (not that I use them though....I mean, I even use NNN, a terminal-based file browser. Screw UI! People say the terminal is complicated but having to click through half a million menus is way more complicated that memorizing a few short cuts and commands). But it seems like Ubuntu is lagging behind... Yeah, the Thelios are awesome, if I had a reason to buy a new PC (don't play nearly enough games anymore to justify a new PC) I'd probably go with one of these.
  17. As for my desktop PC.... let's not talk about that old war machine At least it's fun trying to optimize its limited capabilities (Ok, it not that bad, runs most games... on low settings); I mean, I'm no distro-hopper but I do use it a lot to check out new Linux distros, though I mainly use Linux Mint on it (I used to use Manjaro which I liked but it was kind of unstable, for some reason.), and trying to install a distro and making it as light weight as possible is a well-spend afternoon XD. When I actually want to get some work done I use a Thinkpad P51s. Works smoothly for everything I do and the graphics card, Quadro P500 mostly used for designing 3D modelling, might not allow it to play games on high settings but incredibly useful for pushing some matrices and vector calculation on it. Mathematical and Phyics simulations work smoothly on it and everything is super-fast with my Fedroa 31. (KDE sometimes has a problem with detecting new sound output, kinda annoying when I often switch from the HDMI of my Monitor to the TV screen and often my headphones. Doesn't happen with Xfce or other DEs.) To lazy to write the specs: I use Ubuntu-based Linux Mint and runs pretty well for what I use it, some friends use it for actual work (when I want to get something done I always choose Fedora) and they don't seem to have any problems. so I wouldn't you recommend it? I really want to like Manjaro, but it just doesn't like me. Also, if you don't mind multi-boot for gaming, Debian-based SteamOS and Ubuntu-based Pop!_OS run really well with games; SteamOS... well, the name explains it and Pop!_OS as an OS that wants to establish itself as an all-around clutter free pastime/for some light work OS
  18. Oof, they allowed some shops to open from today onwards, intending to gradually lift the quarantine and now people are storming DIY markets and building centres.

    At least we got this gem. (Turn on the music :D)

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      it does look like a marching parade 😂 why exactly hardware stores though?

    2. XII360


      is your DIY stores running a sale ? 

      just asking, for prediction reasons if our place will do a sale when they open up..>.>...

      i need to buy a new pc xD


      also keep wearing face mask, epidemic aint over yet, they could resurface :<

  19. I like your answer. Most people wouldn't think about these trivial things as anything special. Imagine a parallel universe with different rules of physics and such. What chemical reactions, properties materials could have, the life forms this universe could produce, etc.... would be fantasy-like. Their stuff would be fantasy to us, and our stuff fantasy to them. That being said, there is enough to discover in our universe, even on our planet. Deep sea creatures look fantasy-ish enough and we barely know anything about them. Who knows what kind of life form, and I mean bacteria and the likes, live on other planets with completely outlandish properties. Also, imagine some kind lizard of other animal that produces some inflammable liquid and is capable of spraying it through it mouth (there are, for example, snakes that spray poison at their enemies). Then said animal is capable of producing sparks by grinding their teeth, basically has flint-stone-like teeth and boom, you've got a real life dragon. (minus the flying part)
  20. We might just open the first non-essential businesses after Easter vacation, so in one week, considering that the infection curve is flattening plus we didn't see a spike in new infections or deaths.

    However, these businesses, probably all kinds of shops and hairdressers and such, will have strict hygiene regulations, like people having to wear face masks, staff regularly washing/disinfecting hands, just x amount of people at once in the building, etc...

    But everyone who can work from home should work from home, school/uni are still done via the internet (with the exception of the last years, the ones who will graduate.)

    We'll see how that goes...

  21. Players Devil Man Prybaby Cone punch man - the epic hero that punches every cone he sees
  22. So, in our country we either have to do a 6 month military service or 9 month civil service (either in a nursery home, hospital or as a paramedic) and the ministry has hinted that they might 'draft' people who did the civil service up to 5 years ago again for min. 3 moths of not enough people volunteer. Since I did the civil service as a paramedic 3 years ago I fit into this category.

    Now I got a letter from the government urging me to volunteer since 'you country need you!'

    However, they mainly need people who worked at nursery homes and hospitals to relief actual nurses and caretakers so I'm safe for now.

    Edit: Masks are no mandatory when you go to the supermarket where they'll also be distributed. Apparently the government stored a huge number of them.  End April and beginning may, certain stores and services are allowed to open again if they follow certain hygiene restrictions and rules. Bit optimistic, especially since the number of dead has no exceeded 100 (but also seen no growth in death rate), but we'll see.

  23. Seirei no Moribito wanted to watch a cool swordplay anime but I also accept spears XD. Also rewatching Death Note with my brother. He get me into anime (he mainly watched Shounen) but hasn't watched one in some 8 or 9 ish years so I guessed I could show him a classic.
  24. Yesterday it was warm again, now it's raining and cold. Wouldn't surprise me if it was snowing tomorrow and raining molten salt the day after that.
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