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  1. I agree fully with him on this matter. It is very much a destruction of art among other things.


    1. efaardvark


      Addictive/addicted behavior aside (candy crush anyone?), there is no such thing as "free".  Everything costs somebody something to make, and nobody willingly gives anything away for free.  If you're getting a good or a service and you're not paying for it with money then you're paying for it in some other way, guaranteed.  That's the first thing that people have to understand.  If you don't understand how you're paying and/or can't control your costs then walk away.  I would rather pay more cash - up front and above board - than pay for something with my privacy, or my rights, or in some other insidious or nefarious way.  If somebody offers something "for free" then cover your wallet.

      The other thing is that the whole "cheap at any cost" mindset is destroying quality.  No matter if we're talking games, health care, household items, professional services, or anything else.  If you want quality then be prepared to pay for it.  If people always go for the cheapest item or the cheapest method without considering anything else then quality WILL suffer.  Not only for you but for everyone, especially if "cheap at any cost" becomes the norm and companies stop offering the higher quality (but more expensive) version due to lack of demand.

      Note that the opposite - paying the highest price in search of quality - is absolutely not a guarantee either.  It is quite easy for a shyster to take the cheapest item and slap a high price tag on it.  There are sellers as well as buyers out there who are looking to get something for nothing.  As always, buyer beware.  Think before you buy.  Ask questions.  Understand what you're asking for in terms of actual cost, not only price.  Compare competing products.  Get guarantees and warrants in writing.

    2. Geano


      Doesn't change hthe fact that you knew what you were getting rather then being tricked into something else, or spending more.

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