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  1. 11 hours ago, Mikeyboy636 said:

    I ended up going full tilt and grabbed the Samsung Q95T on a black friday deal........fingers crossed. It shall arrive tomorrow so quite pleased.

    Cheers for the info 🙂

    Hope it works out well for you. :)

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  2. 12 hours ago, efaardvark said:

    A lot of that going on this year.  Our family usually gathers at my cousin's place for a sort of pot-luck turkey-day while watching the (US football) game.  This year that wasn't an option.  Everyone just stayed home with their immediate families.

    Pot lucks are always fun no matter the occasion as then everyone contributes. Yes this year will be much the same for xmaas too most likely.

  3. On 11/26/2020 at 3:39 PM, Mikeyboy636 said:

    Thanks team, I shall look into Samsung in general as I have had around 3 TV's previously with them. I suppose the lure of LG CX is that it has 3 HDMI ports on it but realistically I will be getting the series X first then the PS5 probs 2022 given stock levels etc haha

    But cheers anyway!

    They're a good manufacture thats for sure.

    If your wondering about some more budget brands may consider something like TCL as they are somewhat disrupting the market. They certainly aren't Samsung, but they tend to have good chipsets as well as decent I/O too given the pricing.

  4. On 11/21/2020 at 3:38 AM, Mikeyboy636 said:

    I know this is not anime related BUT it is sorta gaming related. 

    Everyone seems to recommend the LG CX tv's for the new consoles that have been released because of HDMI 2.1 etc. BUT when I google the LG CX there are a lot of complaints about Burn In issues etc. 

    IS burn in really common? I game maybe 2/3 hours a night during the week and maybe longer at weekends or not at all, depends how busy I am. I dont want to buy a £1200 tv and then it get buggered up because of burn in.

    Also I dont have the new consoles yet, I shall be getting them next year, but if I am waiting that long for the consoles should I just wait for the 2021 Tv's or is it not worth it etc. 


    Any help advice or thoughts greatly appreciated. 

    A lot of LGs TVs tend to be hit, or miss in terms of how long they last. I had one LG TV that lasted me 7 years, and one that is now 10 years old still kicking. HDMI 2.1 is definitely what you want for the new consoles if for nothing else for future proofing if this is going to be a investment priced TV. I say investment priced as in over 1k in pricing. If money is not a super huge factor then look into Samsung they tend to be of a slightly higher quality on average. Though in the case off both Samsung, and LG the quality as well as features tend to be more the higher in tier you go. For example Samsung's S series is their premium line with that market in mind. They are pricey though thats their flagship.

    Far as any particular model of any TV or anything really the reviews do tell a lot even more if it has been on the market for some time.

    I found this list of 2020 TVs that range from many brands, and should provide bit of comparative incite. Be advised there is quite a few though good to know ones options.

    In truth a cheaper one like a TCL, or other brand may fit your needs. Far as burn in with a OLED that will always be a thing regardless of brand, or series. You may want to hold out for a mini LED display as microLED is still not really ready for mass market. Though if you expect the TV to only last few years anyway then by tthe time burn in sets you'll be shopping for a new one.

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  5. Honestly I used to hate the first anime that started cropping up on Netflix, but these days it has gotten quite a bit better. Truth is really Netflix is just the licensee for said anime, and this series dose look very good. Greek mythology is by far my favorite of the various lores of the western world. At the very least should be entertaining if not ground braking.

  6. Welcome to AF hope you enjoy your time here with us. :) I personally am not to picking when it comes to anime though its easier to say what genres I am nnot into, and that would be sports. Even then I like Keijo, but not much others like it. Most other genres its easy for me to find at least a few series I can at least like if not love.

  7. I would not say AF is dead, butt it is small community ti began with. The pandemic certainly has not helped either I guessing its a lot of members who lost access to internet, or more likely just focused on other priories as mentioned. The digital decide has grown since all this COVID-19 stuff too for many reasons both social, and economic.  Though the biggest reason is forums are just a niche thing these days. Mostly older folks, or geeky people are using them still where's platforms like discord have largely pulled the majority away from forums in favor of faster more immediate communication even without taking any of the other factors into account.

    Personally I am happy with AF being a small close community where we all know one another, and post when wee want to. Though who knows crisiss like these tend to bring change, or even reversion so forums like this way see a surge when the dust settles who knows.

  8. 20 hours ago, Brysonmedia said:

    Thank you! It's not exactly what Im looking for, as Im only looking at drawing tabs, but its still helpful! Also, after doing some looking Ive considered the picasso tablet. Its not much, but for what I need, its enough for rn. Plus, I'm transfering so Im a bit of a beginner. So if I get better, I'll transfer




    So if you have anything like this but higher quality, just pm me!

    Anytime I figured that was quiche an array of options though good to know whats out for now, and especially in the future as you become more involved, and seasoned with it.

  9. 19 hours ago, Ohayotaku said:

    Ditto. On the anime forum I hung out on before finding this one there was a very active discussion thread through the first 2 seasons, but it died out during season 3. I personally felt the first 2 seasons were the best when it came to being consistently entertaining. Season 3 was cut short & just felt lacking overall. Season 4 had some f’n cool episodes (introduction of Maud & the reboot version of Tirek), but had some of the weakest episodes too. Thereafter it seemed to lose it’s spark for me. To this day I’ve yet to finish the 2nd half of the final season. 
    I didn’t personally feel much of an anime  connection though, with the exception of these references from season 5

    and parts of the fight between Twilight & Tirek in season 4’s finale felt like something out of DBZ 😂

    Definitely agree with you on that. Season 2 was the pinnacle of the show. The wedding special was very good too though seemed to go down hill pretty far after that. Though it really was Hasbro that took to much control, and just ended up marketing it the wrong way. I understand it was supposed to be a early childhood show, but it clearly evolved into something much more then that given the fandom around it alone.

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