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  1. thank you for the welcome, and suggestion on the game. I have heard good things on this one too.
  2. Thank you much for the welcome.

    1. FinDee


      No problem.  Anytime you want to chat feel free. :)

  3. Thank you much for the follow. I am still getting used to VB5 software, but I like it so far. This forum is awesome to. Very glad to meet you.

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    2. alupacard


      My evening was pretty chill. How about you? I actually don't know where my avatar comes from. I picked it because she kind of looks like me. ^^;

    3. Geano


      Thats funny, but I will admit I have done that with avatars in the past. I normally go for my current favorite character in anime, or games most of the time though. So what are some of your favorite game?

    4. alupacard


      Fair enough ^^ I haven't been watching too much anime recently but if I get into a series, I might end up changing it lol. For games... I really love the persona/smt franchise and also Watch  Dogs 2 which I played super recently. Those are the ones I can think of now at least :) How about you? 

  4. Well I am very glad to be here, and thank you much
  5. Hi everyone. Someone just pointed me to this club. Looks really awesome, and I love visual novels. I'm looking forward to having a good time here.
  6. Geano


    Hi there, and welcome to the forums. I just joined myself not to long ago. If you got any questions about anime feel free to ask. See you around.
  7. Thank you everyone for the warm introduction.
  8. Thank you so much for the welcome. My favorite jrpg series is both Tales, and Persona. I love ddlc its by far my favorite dating sim out there so far.
  9. Hello all ^^ I just joined this forum today. I've been looking for a nice home here on the net. I love anime, and manga as well as video games. I am a computer professional so the term geek is a compliment to me. Love JRPGs most, but have recently been trying other areas of gaming like RTS, and FPS. Though anime, and JRPGs will always be my go to. I also love visual novels with dacapo being one of my favs. Dating sims are fun too. I am very happy to be here, and look forward to hanging with everyone.
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