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  1. I am feeling good this morning just been doing bit of research like always.
  2. Geano


    Welcome to AF hope you have a good time here with us, and I look forward to seeing your posts about all sorts of anime things. See you around.
  3. Yah I mean it certainly was a interesting choice on their part when designing it that is for sure. I have building a lot with the blackstone bricks mostly, but still playing good amount with other things. Did you build the house there on the left, or was it a pwned one?
  4. I had pancakes and eggs, and meat this early morning.
  5. Well I am a collector of many things games included I have a rather vast retro game collection. I love a lot of new games as well though good amount of more recent ones are mostly digital, or have digital elements to them. This topic makes me both happy and sad at the same time as I love how games, and consoles were once products now they are essentially services which in it of itself is not a bad thing per say, but to me it is still sad.
  6. Played a bit of Minecraft lovin the new update, and all the new blocks they added.
  7. Hello and welcome to AF hope you have a great time here with us, and hope to see you around.
  8. I have longed so badly to find an app that works without paywalls for mobile so this topic helped me at least further my search. I like MangaDex though for use on the PC anyway though ttheir mobile site has crap ton of paywalls and limits.
  9. Feeling great today just chilling listening to some tech podcasts
  10. My favorite type of Pizza is not on the list here though pineapple on pizza is ok. My fav is pepperoni and spinach with thin crust and white sauce if possible.
  11. Geano


    I just watched this the other day. It was pretty good vid. I liked how he kept up the puns.
  12. Certainly would be cool blog best of luck, and hope to see many good things,
  13. Honestly my life has not changed to much apart from walking a lot has been a lot less especially in the earliest parts of this endemic. Otherwise Its just been the regular for me thankfully.
  14. I have seen this same question come up many times on here. I feel like my answer has changed nearly every time. As of right now I would have to say my favorite series right now would have to be. FMA Fruits Basket Detective Conan as always Digimon Shield Hero and others.
  15. Hello and welcome to AF those are some good series to be sure. Your in the right place if you enjoy anime plenty of that here. Hope to see you around.
  16. Welcome back hope you are feeling better, or as good as you can. Hope you have a great time here with us.
  17. Hello and welcome to AF Rio hope you have a great time here with us, and hope to see you around.
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