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    Cowboy Bebop • Star Blazers • Robotech • My Hero Academia • Vinland Saga • Azumanga Daioh • Fruits Basket (2019 - 2021) • Yuru Camp • Fate Zero • Magic Knight Rayearth

    Movies: Children Who Chase Lost Voices • White Snake • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind • LWA: The Enchanted Parade • Black Fox • MHA: Heroes Rising • Patema Inverted • Princess Mononoke • Project A-ko • Ranma 1/2: Nihao My Concubine
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    Slice of Life
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    Rin Shima (Yuru Camp); Ameri Azazel (Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun); Askeladd (Vinland Saga); Saichi Sugimoto (Golden Kamuy)
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    Tsundere - Set 3


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    hiding from reality
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    pretending to be a productive member of society
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    Hiking, Retro Arcade & Console Games, Animation, Baseball, Mythology & Folklore
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    Fire Emblem, Chrono Trigger, LoZ: A Link to the Past & A Link Between Worlds, Breath of Fire 2, Legend of Legaia, Rocket Knight Adventures(Genesis)
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    Lyn, Eliwood & Hector (Fire Emblem) • Lucca & Frog (Chrono Trigger) • Kat & Nina (Breath of Fire 2)
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    DS, Genesis

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  1. Welcome Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around.
  2. Welcome Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around. I’ve listed some of my favorites on my profile page here, but my MAL profile is more detailed.
  3. @LilyVon Kind of a long shot, but maybe Cleopatra DC https://myanimelist.net/anime/2754/Cleopatra_DC
  4. It was rainy most of the day but warm (made it to 60F). But back to December weather to start the coming week.
  5. Dang, they really know how to twist the knife in the wound with the way episode 20 opened.
  6. Ohayotaku


    @Zaria No worries, the few regulars around here are pretty chill. Not to overdo things, but will make a couple more recommendations based on this My Roommate is a Cat The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today I enjoyed both
  7. While I’m by no means an expert on the franchise & have not read the manga I will offer some input Season 1 of the main series is Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (aka When They Cry). This is followed by Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Next comes Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou At first it may seem like a retelling of the original series with some changes, but as it goes along it will become clear that is not the case & it’s actually a sequel series. This is concluded in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei & all the stand alone eps are just some bonus eps that aren’t essential to the story, in fact some are parodies that are just there for humor or fanservice One thing about Gou & Sotsu is they tease some characters from a separate series/storyline called Umineko no Naku Koro ni but I’m not familiar with it.
  8. The Ascendence of a Bookworm anime is getting a continuation https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2023-12-06/ascendance-of-a-bookworm-light-novels-get-more-anime-by-wit-studio/.205167 Welcome news indeed as there was mixed messaging about whether or not it would be greenlit.
  9. Made in Abyss EXTREME violence & body-horror in a series with a child protagonist. While season 1 had it’s share of disturbing scenes it didn’t necessarily seem gratuitous (to me) for the story. If you’ve watched many nature documentaries you realize how violent & brutal it can be. Likewise how disgusting biological functions are if you’ve watched any reality medical shows on cable. However, the longer it goes (the sequel movie & 2nd season)the more it can feel (to me) like it’s just trying to outdo itself & certain things almost feel fetishized. To use @Daxter’s “was it worth it” analogy, season 1 was yes for me but beyond that point it’s questionable & think I’ve probably reached the limit on my tolerance. Also most of Junji Ito’s work that I’ve read/watched. Frequently called a Master of Japanese Horror, I admit to him having a knack for being weird & disgusting, but rarely what I consider “scary”.
  10. Started watching Yuzuki-san Chi no Yonkyoudai. Would recommend to anyone who enjoyed Kotaro Lives Alone, more upbeat while still delivering the feelz.
  11. Ohayotaku


    Welcome Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around. Same, I tend to follow 15-20 series weekly & then binge watch 5 or 6 series while the seasons transition. I see Spy x Family on your profile page, so maybe try Buddy Daddies https://myanimelist.net/anime/53411/Buddy_Daddies
  12. I’m not sure “enjoy” is the correct word for me at the moment (episode 19 of season 2). Granted I was forewarned the Shibuya arc would turn into a culling, but the casualties include too many of the series most interesting characters for me And there’s still 4 more episodes left. Honestly not sure if will be enough to keep me interested in a season 3 & beyond.
  13. @asdfghjkl pretty sure it’s Tokyo Revengers
  14. Attempted watching the new My Hero Academia OVA episode, but the subtitles are out of synch, will try again later. Got current on Dr. Stone. The showdown between Senku & Ibara was really tense with the advantage shifting multiple times, making the resolution really gratifying. Wonder what they’ll do with 3 more eps left in the season.
  15. Fall 2023 Nominees Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Vexations of a Shut-in Vampire Princess (honestly not a fan of the anime, but do like the song)
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