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  1. Finished Wind Breaker. Clearly intended to be a delinquents with hearts of gold series to tug on the viewer’s heartstrings. Unfortunately the characters seem to have gimmicks instead of personalities. As result I didn’t find them particularly endearing or entertaining. The season’s pacing seemed odd too, somehow managing to end on a cliffhanger that didn’t actually feel exciting. The action & fight sequences were pretty cool though. Honestly not sure if I’ll invest any time on season 2 next year.
  2. Suicide Squad Isekai episodes 1-3 on Hulu. Actually found it pretty entertaining Knew going in it would be more about style & irreverence than substance & originality. Though I ‘m sure there will be some relevance to Clayface is the the character they modified the most to fit an anime personality & is my fave. Biggest criticism is the animation was actually pretty janky a lot of times (surprising since WIT is supposed to be handling it). I think James Gunn’s 2021 Suicide Squad movie is a pretty good litmus test for whether you’ll enjoy it ( not a direct sequel or anything though)
  3. It’s definitely more of a “mood” series than a story one. Stands out as being a rather unique niche. As stated, overall enjoyable but a bit gloomy to be one of my go-to relax/destress/recover series That would be Yuru Camp. Recently finished season 3. The new “softer” character designs took some getting used to & I don’t feel like the nature scenes meshed as well, but remains charming. Amazing that I still want another season despite following it’s usual formula. But it gave some “B” characters some attention & mixed up the pairings to emphasize new dynamics (Rin/Ayano). And even introduced a couple potential newcomers.
  4. Itinerary through the weekend: Finish Mysterious Disappearances Finish Wind Breaker Finish Kaiju No. 8 Finish Mushoku Tensei II part 2 Finish Go! Go! Loser Ranger Finish Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc Finish Duke of Death & his Maid season 3
  5. @Wickett Agreed on all counts & I like the OP/ED as well. Hope it gets a 2nd season. And even though it was a couple years ago, 86 was probably my favorite recent mecha series. Would like it to get a 3rd season (cour?) but haven’t heard anything about one.
  6. While I still have some titles to finish & check out, I think my Top 3 of the Spring 2024 season are locked in: Mushoku Tensei II part 2 Kaiju No. 8 Yuru Camp season 3 Honorable Mentions: Train to the End of the World Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction
  7. Apparently Ranma 1/2 is getting a remake https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2024-06-25/rumiko-takahashi-ranma-1-2-manga-gets-new-anime/.212191 I don’t know that I ever qualified as a “fan” but it was one of the first anime I experienced on VHS back in the 1990’s & I do have some fond memories (particularly the 1st season & the 2nd movie). So I’m sure I’ll at least give it a look.
  8. Bochhi the Rock had a lot of the same type of cringe humor.
  9. My introduction to anime was Star Blazers back in the 70s/80s. In addition to changing all the characters names to sound more western (Derek Wildstar, Nova Forrester, etc.), the most blatant change was renaming the ship from Yamato to Argo. In case you didn’t know, the Yamato was a WW2 Japanese battleship that was sunk by the US & a symbol of national pride to Japan (which made it kind of an odd choice anime to adapt into a kids’ cartoon in America). When the 2199/2202 remake movies were released in the US, they still called it Star Blazers for nostalgia purposes, but at least they used the Japanese names for the characters & ship. I remember reading about numerous other changes like the doctor drinking juice/soda/milk instead of booze, but it was fairly obvious what it actually was.
  10. I’m planning to give it a look as well.
  11. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as it’s related series Soul Eater, I am admittedly impatient to see how it ends (could always read the manga which has ended but, nah). As to when, no official announcements. Same thing as Tanya the Evil season 2 (announced in 2020, got a single OVA ep a year later and reassurance it was still go & then nothing). Sequels are just taking longer (just got Konosuba 3 this year, Tower God season 2 in July & no date for My Dress-up Darling 2). My understanding is the Studio who did Fire Force 1 & 2 was busy with Undead Unluck until recently, but no idea what their itinerary is going forward.
  12. CR started listing their summer roster (debuting July) https://www.crunchyroll.com/news/seasonal-lineup/2024/6/18/summer-2024-anime-crunchyroll Honestly not seeing much to be hype for. Will likely continue Reincarnated as a Slime, MHA & Dededede. Planning to watch 2nd seasons of Tower of God, The Cafe Terrace & it’s Goddesses, Oshi no Ko (though that’s Hidive). I’ll inevitably find some new seasonals, but planning to try to take care of some backlog series like the 2nd cour of the Ruroni Kenshin remake ahead of season 2 this fall, Catlevania: Nocturne & Scott Pilgrim. And still haven’t watched live action One Piece & Avatar:TLA
  13. A couple anime t-shirts (logo on the front, group shot on the back)
  14. My MAL profile page lists 20 of my all-time favorites, plus my 10 favorite anime movies. Also my favorite 10 from 2023 (will update with 2024 once June is over). https://myanimelist.net/profile/Ohayotaku
  15. I recently saw Castle in the Sky at the movies as part of Fathom Events’ Ghibli Fest. Like wise planning to go see When Marnie Was There for the first time in a couple weeks. Also watched My Oni Girl on Netflix, but it really didn’t hold my interest.
  16. ALL of the “Big 3” are overrated IMO. One Piece is actually the one with the greatest appeal for me as I watched up to around ep 150 before burning out & it is the only one I even remotely consider revisiting some day. The anime I’ve stayed with the longest is probably MHA (just watched ep 141) & frankly seasons 4&5 were disappointing & what got me interested again in season 6 was that it at least seemed to put the “End” in sight. It’s an rare series that can keep my interest for 100 episodes & most need far less. A satisfying conclusion can lead to an enduring legacy, conversely dragging things out to cash in on a pre-established fandom inevitably leads to embarrassment. And not just for anime (Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, The Simpsons, etc.)
  17. Welcome Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around.
  18. @efaardvark ah, Vysache from Shangri La Frontier, the most badass bunny since Usagi Yojimbo. Clan leader and mystic blacksmith (the singing while forging was very Tolkein-esque)
  19. Midseason Update Watching: Mushoku Tensei S2Pt2 • Kaiju No. 8 • Yuru Camp S3 • Train to the End of the World • Duke of Death & His Maid S3 • Windbreaker • My Hero Academia S7 • Demon Slayer: Hashira Training Arc • Konosuba S3 • Reincarnated as a Slime S3 • Mysterious Disappearances • Studio Apartment, Angel Included • Astro Note • Reincarnated as the 7th Prince • Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night Oh Hold / Undecided: Go, Go Loser Ranger • Voice Actor Radio • Arch Demon’s Elf Bride • Tonari no Yokai-san • Sand Land • Ninja Kamui • T.P. Bon • The Grimm Variations • Tsukimichi S2 Might Check Out Later: Spice & Wolf remake • Unnamed Memory • Whisper Me a Love Song • Blue Archive • The New Gate Dropped: ReMonster • Level 2 Cheat Skills • A Salad Bowl of Eccentrics • Vampire Dormitory • Mission Yozakura Family • Delicious in Dungeon
  20. I put it on hold after episode 3 wrapped up a sorta mini-arc. I really want to like it, but seems slower than I’m currently in the mood for. May come back to it later.
  21. Watched the first 4 episodes of Astro Note & found it surprisingly enjoyable. The oddball cast of characters remind me of Rumiko Takahashi’s old-school romcoms. I find it particularly funny that the alien poodle has the same voice as Sukuna (JJK) And then there’s the dad who always wears a suit despite being unemployed & the violent idol singer wannabe
  22. Squirrels Since mongoose & ferrets apparently aren’t rodents
  23. Ranko from Hula Fulla Dance Mossan from FLCL Alternative Jasminka Antonenko from Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade Elma & Lucoa from Dragon Maid Honoka from The Dangers in my Heart and in the muscle-bound sort of bulky, Noi from Dorohedoro
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