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  1. Is it worth watching will depend on your own preferences. If you’re looking for something similar to Takagi-san, Clannad isn’t a good fit because it is much heavier. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War would be a better match. For something comparable to Clannad, there’s Rascal Does not Dream of Bunnygirl-senpai. Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya splits the difference.
  2. Just finished the 1st ep of Akudama Drive. Slow start but after about 10 minutes, pure adrenaline. More style than substance at this point, but I ‘m definitely intrigued. Seems like a cyberpunk Durarara with some Escape from New York thrown in for good measure.
  3. Watched the Noblesse prequel OVA & 1st episode of the series. Not a good sign that the OVA that was made a couple years ago & without CR’s backing was actually the more entertaining one (despite the tropes). Will give it awhile to hit it’s stride. The other CR original supernatural series (Jujutsu Kaisen) first episode was a decent enough start, though once again lots of shonen tropes. Finally Moriarty the Patriot seems like it will be the must promising of my recent watches.
  4. Sorry for the delay in posting, had some difficulty in putting down my thoughts on the season’s final episode & the series up to this point where I was happy with how it sounded when I read it. That I’m hopefully getting across what’s been rattling around in my head without sounding overly emo, cringey, or opinionated. I’ll start by saying that this is pretty much a lock for my AOTY & will probably be in my alltime top 10 when it’s all over. In 40 years of watching anime, I can’t think of another series that has gotten me so emotionally invested in it’s characters. As I’ve stated before there isn’t any direct correlation between my own life experiences & those of the characters. But the psychological & emotional needs to feel accepted, loved & valued resonate very powerfully. In truth, I generally avoid overly dramatic or emotional series as I primarily watch anime as a way to de-stress & escape from some of my heavier thoughts. But as much emotional turmoil as this series stirs up, it always manages to still impart a sense of hope. That as painful & traumatic as things have been in the past or even the present, there is still hope for a better future. Of course, there are more light hearted & even comedic moments scattered throughout, but it’s the emotional impact that really defines the series for me. Switching to more specific thoughts on the final episodes, I was relieved that the season ended with what I view as it’s inescapable & climactic confrontations put off till next season instead of leaving the viewer to agonize for months during the hiatus. The reveal regarding Akito’s gender actually felt underwhelming. While I had already heard that she was a woman, it actually seemed pretty obvious even without the foreknowledge. I seem to remember @wikkidgrace commenting earlier that this aspect seemed to be downplayed by the adaption & would probably affect how she was viewed. My current theory is taking into account the tirade she goes on before attacking Rin & her hysterical fear of abandonment is that her mother left her father for another man & he took his resentment out on her, raising her to believe women are deceitful & untrustworthy, basically hating & rejecting her own gender. She also seems to be in the unique position of being both spoiled AND neglected. Raised being told that she is special but still treated as a figurehead or tool by the clan’s elders. Supposedly honored, but not shown any genuine affection, given the zodiac members as “pets” to be treated as she sees fit. And essentially told that the only reason anyone would ever love her is out of obligation or being forced to. It seems highly likely that Kureno being mysteriously freed from the curse was the trigger for her going from arrogant/condescending to being openly abusive that Yuki alluded to a couple episodes back. Even though Kureno chose to stay with Akito, the fear that he could leave her if he wanted to & she wouldn’t be able to stop him clearly terrifies her. The biggest problem I have with the way she has been portrayed up to this point is that I can see her as a tragic figure, but not as a sympathetic one & it will be extremely difficult to convincingly make her one. ALL the Soma’s have had heartachingly painful backstories & it’s difficult to imagine that her’s is any worse. Moreover, she comes across as genuinely malicious, trying to intentionally breakdown others & at times even injure or maim them. Even when Kyo lashed out at Tohru in his cursed form, his intent was to frighten her badly enough that she would never come near him, not cause her any lasting harm. But I fear Akito is quite capable of trying to kill someone she sees as a threat. Which makes Tohru’s situation all the more dangerous, because my own feeling is that breaking the curse entirely will require helping Akito to face her own personal demons as she has done with the other Zodiac members. And beyond the physhcal danger, there is Tohru’s own psychological & emotional trauma that she’s keeping bottled up while helping others find some measure of healing. While I remain convinced that some measure of happiness awaits all the characters by journey’s end, I also believe the greatest challenges they have to overcome still lie ahead. Needless to say, while I’ll happily accept a brief emotional reprieve, I’m looking forward to see things come to their resolution next year. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the conversations up to this point as it had made the shared experience that much more meaningful
  5. I have mixed feelings. It’s obvious Tsukasa has some sort of secret but not sure if it will be what they’re hinting at. Not really a fan of Nasa because his reasoning for love at first sight seems really shallow. But hoping that’s intentional & he matures a bit as things go along. Will stick with at least for a while. I really like the OP though.
  6. Looks like Talentless Nana takes this season’s 1st episode twist award 😲

  7. Season 5 is scheduled to premiere April 2021 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-10-03/my-hero-academia-anime-5th-season-promo-video-visual-reveal-spring-2021-debut/.164846
  8. Just finished the first episode of I’m Standing on a Million Lives. If it played things entirely straight I would find the MC’s personality annoying, but there’s enough satire to it that he gives me kinda a Kazuma vibe The useless partymembers trope is pretty much from Konosuba also, though I think it will have a more serious side to it as well. Apparently there’s also a gag version of the episode with the same dialogue but a cartoonish art style, though that’s not on CR. Just the 1st ep but seems like it will probably be a keeper for me.
  9. Will probably pass on Higurasgi~New since I watched the original around this time last year & everything I’ve seen on it indicates it’s the same story with a slightly different art style (actually prefer the older style :P ) 

    I am planning on watching Burn the Witch this evening though.

  10. Never used kissanime before, but yeah MAL has various listings that track how it’s members rate series. A couple examples: https://myanimelist.net/topanime.php?type=airing https://myanimelist.net/anime/season Livechart has something similar, but will need to wait until some episodes air and are scored before it’s real relevant. https://www.livechart.me/fall-2020/tv If your looking for the most hyped/anticipated, youtubers are probably your best bet.
  11. Finished my rewatch of Golden Kamuy, so all set for season 3 to begin Monday Watched the first couple episodes of Dragons Dogma on Netflix. Seems like a subpar knockoff of Castlevania which had it’s own issues last season. Think I’m done.
  12. My current avi is Sekhmet (aka The Witch of Sloth) from Re:Zero. Which fits my mood lately -_-zzz

  13. Trying to ID your avi. Is she from Strawberry Panic?

    1. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku Yes she is! Shizuma Hanazono. One of the main characters in the series. 

    2. Ohayotaku


      Been a long time since I saw that one :P 

    3. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku Right. Last time I watched it I believe I was still in school. I remember binge watching the entire series with my best friend; sitting on my bed. Would have to take a couple bathroom breaks and get snacks but otherwise my entire weekend was spent watching that series, lol. I miss those times honestly. 

  14. I think I watched up to around episode 8 back in the day, but never bothered to finish it. Honestly didn’t see anything special about it.
  15. Most of the folks here seem to prefer bingeing opposed to watching series as they air. As far as Demon King Misfit, I dropped it after 4 episodes. The MC’s parents were kinda funny, but [email protected], I don’t find the whole OP MC gimmick appealing. I do enjoy Reincarnated as a Slime, but even in that case I find that aspect kind of a letdown. As far as my own faves from this season: 1. Fruits Basket S2 2. Re:Zero S2 3. Deca-Dence 4. Fire Force S2 5. Aggretsuko S3 & Diary of our Days at Breakwater
  16. I’ve heard enough about that one that I won’t even attempt it
  17. Ohayotaku


    .hack (multiple series) Infinite Dendogram Log Horizon (season 3 scheduled for next year) Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash
  18. Some previews of what’s to come (will comment of the latest ep later)

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