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  1. Ena & Chikuwa are adorable
  2. Watched Planes, Trains & Automobiles at my sister’s after Thanksgiving dinner. Saw the Hunger Games prequel at the cinema last weekend & The Marvels the weekend before that.
  3. My favorite characters from Azumanga Daioh are Sakaki & Yukari-sensei (such a good example of how a grown-up SHOULDN’T act :lol: ). My favorite anime character overall is probably Rin Shima from Yuru Camp. https://animeforums.net/topic/14147-favorite-anime-character-deep-and-interesting-topic/?do=findComment&comment=112284 Yeah, I tried watching the 2nd season once, but only got about 3 episodes in before quitting.
  4. Decided to give Apothecary Diaries another try & watched through episode 7. While I’m still not as hype for it as most people I see commenting on it, it’s at least interesting enough I’ll probably stick with through the end of the year anyway since there’s obviously some overall plot now. But I don’t really feel for the characters the way others do or as I do for characters in other series that hit me in the feelz. Dunno, maybe because I’m watching Frieren at the same & enjoy it more. The one area Apothecary Diaries does stand out is visually.
  5. Welcome That’s a rather unique mix of older series you have as favorites. I’ve seen them all (only season 1 of Durarara though & Azumanga Daioh is one of my all-time favorites). Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around.
  6. Mixed feelings, kinda like a more cartoonish version of Chainsaw Man (more like Soul Eater or My Hero Academia especially visually). I plan to keep watching through the end of the year, then decide about continuing (listed as 2 cours)
  7. Should be this afternoon or evening. Can’t really be more precise (it’s currently early afternoon here)
  8. Shangri La Frontier is one of my favorites from this season. I had the same reservations about the lack of real world consequences, but the fights are still exciting, well thought out & very good animation. I recommend watching the first 3 eps, if you’re not into it after the fight with Lycagon, it may not be for you. Mate , is this a good one? i am doubting about that one for a time now One of my favorites from last year, a supernatural mystery series with an emphasis on forming friendships/relationships. Not as much action as Undead Girl Murder Farce, but more action than what I’d seen in Apothecary Diaries. Comparable to Frieren maybe. Not without it’s shortcomings, but filling my weekly moe allowance along with Stardust Telepath. And Ragna Crimson has taken Goblin Slayer 2’s spot in my favorite 5 of the season (currently watching 17 seasonals, though behind on a couple).
  9. Might be a little early to start this year, but
  10. Got current (up to episode 10) of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End last night. While the series largely focuses more on philosophy & emotions, the latest arc did have some action. And the way episode 10 ended, Frieren is a lot scarier than you would think
  11. Welcome Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around
  12. After being put on hiatus, we’re scheduled to get the final 3 eps of Zom 100 on Christmas (12/25) https://www.crunchyroll.com/news/latest/2023/11/6/zom-100-bucket-list-of-the-dead-anime-finale-streams-december-25
  13. Welcome back Hope your journey of rediscovery is enjoyable
  14. Agree with @Animedragon for Rin Shima from Yuru Camp as favorite female character Honorable mention to Amelie (Ameri) Azazel from Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun Favorite Male Character: Saichi Sugimoto from Golden Kamuy For a more detailed explanation https://animeforums.net/topic/14147-favorite-anime-character-deep-and-interesting-topic/?do=findComment&comment=112284
  15. I’m enjoying it, but not as much as Season 1 (not yet anyway). My biggest complaints: too many characters involved in the current storyline to give them the attention they deserve & kinda hard to keep up with all the lingo being used to describe what’s happening. Basically, trying to do too much all at the same time.
  16. Not so much not liking it, just not enough hours in the day & too many other series I enjoy more. Put on hold after 3 eps, may come back to it later. As to what I watched tonight: Attack on Titan: The FINAL Season - The FINAL Chapters part 2. An absolute spectacle. For all the ups & downs along the way & how long it took to get there, I can’t envision a better ending for the series, definitely did not disappoint. While it will never be a personal favorite of mine, there’s no denying it was one of the most impressive & impactful anime ever made (comparable to Evangelion, though I feel AOT is the better of the two).
  17. Welcome Hope you find things to interest you here & decide to stick around.
  18. Watched the new 3 ep Reincarnated as a Slime OVA (Vision of Coleus) last night. Honestly it was pretty meh, the plot being too similar to the movie but without the improved visuals or the personal connections to the existing cast to make things more interesting. Seems like it’s main goal was to show a bit more of the “Primordials” characters ahead of season 3, but I personally feel like I could’ve skipped it without really losing anything & the series’ usual humor was missing or flat.
  19. Yup, one & done. I gave The Apothecary Diaries a chance because of positive comments on MAL, but dropped after 3 eps. Felt like a bit like Raven of the Inner Palace or Heike Story but without any of the aspects that made them enjoyable or interesting. Can add Migi & Dali to my list of new favorites for this season. A murder mystery / revenge quest with a WTF sense of humor. Weirdness factor is accentuated by the twin orphan protagonists physically resembling young Johan Liebert.
  20. Updated my MAL profile to participate In an ongoing badge event / contest https://myanimelist.net/profile/Ohayotaku
  21. @Bulleje76 still sampling shows, but right now recommendations for you would be Ragna Crimson & Berserk of Gluttony. Possibly Shangri-La Frontier & The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy. Also Eminence of Shadow & Dead Mount Death Play have 2nd seasons but I’m planning to wait for them to finish & binge them so the story is easier to keep up with.
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