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  1. The feelings anime inspires for me are actually pretty diverse, not surprising since I’ve been watching in some form or another for about 40 years now. Specific series like Star Blazers, Robotech & Cowboy Bebop will always have a sense of nostalgia for me as a connection to a time when my life was much simpler & happier. But even with newer series, there’s a sense of stability as it’s a medium that first caught my attention when I was a preteen & still fascinates & entertains me in middle-age. Rather than outgrowing it, the types of series I watch have actually become more varied & my appreciation deeper as I better understand just how deep the subject matters can be. Fruits Basket 2019 in particular always leaves all sorts of feelings & thoughts rattling around inside me. But as much as I consider heavier series like Vinland Saga & Fate Zero to be masterpieces, I find I need to balance it out with Iyashikei, SoL & even some CGDCT series (Azumsnga Daioh, Flying Witch, K-ON!, Yuru Camp, Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater) to keep from getting too moody. As well as some pure escapism usually in the form of shonen. Projecting myself into the story isn’t really something I relate too, but I do experience moments of self recognition in response to some personality traits & situations characters find themselves in. Examples that come to mind are My Roommate is a Cat & the recent episode of RE:Zero that offered a glimpse of Subaru’s life before he was isekaied. As to a feeling of emptiness when a series ends, not really as long as it offers at least a minimal degree if closure & resolution, even if the sense is that life goes on for the characters. Personally it’s more of a problem for me when the series insists on going on even after it’s become repetitive. And there’s always new (or older) series to discover with their own appeal.
  2. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  3. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  4. The 13 episode OVA & 27 ep series Legend of the Heroic Knight are both on Funi
  5. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  6. Natsume: What should I believe? I thought I’d see things, and change, and live free, you know? But I don’t want to know anything anymore. Or do anything. I don’t know anymore what I want to do. Kurenai: Only you know what you’ve seen, heard & felt. Someone else’s opinion is irrelevant. It belongs to you. Value it. - - Deca Dence
  7. The play definitely didn’t disappoint With the main cast just ad-libbing while the narrator & supporting characters continued to follow the script even when it didn’t match what was actually happening. And their performances reflected not only their personalities, but their current mindsets, especially Uo & Kyo. Hana’s pointed question about whether Kyo is really ok with being alone till the day he dies suggests her psychic powers offer her some insight into what he’s facing. So Tohru can’t help interjecting herself into the conversation & making things sweet but awkward for both of them In the aftermath there were lots of neat little moments. Can hardly blame Kyo for being so freaked out by the prospect of Hana getting into a relationship with his father figure as she would fit the wicked stepmother role perfectly And as awkward as Kyo & Tohru get when they start thinking of each other romantically, when they just talk casually they relate perfectly. I think it would’ve been funny to see Hana’s little brother interact more with Hiro & maybe Kisa. Shigure appeared to be MIA, but as much snideness as he’s already provided, not a great loss. The conversation between Yuki & Kakeru concerning Machi’s dilemma was also insightful. While Yuki acknowledges that people need to learn to fight their own battles his personal experiences have taught him the devastating affect it can have on someone’s psyche when their pleas for help are repeatedly ignored & even a small kindness can help someone find the courage to get strong enough to stand on their own. No, it’s not good to meddle in other people’s business but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse for being dismissive of other people’s suffering either. To her credit, Machi never backed down & while her bluntness might’ve seemed insulting at first, it shows she sees Yuki as a person with his own flaws and is trying to work out his own psychological/emotional baggage which is essential for developing any sort of meaningful relationship. I honestly wish that this was the season’s final episode so I could be confident we go into the break on a hopeful note. Even though next week’s title sounds like it will probably be a positive one, I still can’t shake the feeling of dread that the final one will drop a bombshell & we’ll have to wait until next year for the aftermath. The solution of course would be for me to stop now, but doubt I have the willpower
  8. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here I’ve never read the manga version of Deathnote, but the anime definitely stands out as one of the best psychological titles.
  9. A new season of anime is under a month away now. Although the big name titles seem to have all been delayed until 2021, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some interesting things just around the corner. https://www.livechart.me/fall-2020/tv Some titles I’m curious to check out: How about eveyone else?
  10. In a way, can’t fully blame her for being crazed & resentful if she’s been imprisoned for centuries to power Amaterasu unlike the Woman in Black who made the choice willingly. I’m anticipating next weeks ep as it looks to maybe give some insight into Licht & Joker’s characters. While it seems they’re assisting the good guys for now, they’re secrecy suggests that their ultimate motives might make them enemies. The OP seems to suggest a connection of some sort between Joker & Burns (Company 1’s chief) but will have to wait to see.
  11. More motivation to make it through 2020 alive
  12. While I know nothing about it personally, I’ve seen a number of positive comments about anime series called Bartender, and it’s apparently getting licensed for North American release https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2020/09/04-1/shout-factory-partners-with-anime-limited-to-release-bartender-in-north-america
  13. While there’s no denying the artistic merits of the Ghibli films & they make a good gateway for new or younger viewers of anime I can’t honestly say I’ve felt a connection to any of them & my memories of most of them are pretty vague. I’d say Princess Mononoke is probably my favorite & the one I’ve rewatched the most, followed by Castle in the Sky & My Neighbor Totoro.
  14. Started rewatching Golden Kamuy in preparation for October. Edit: definitely a good idea. Just 3 episodes in and already had 2 instances of “Welp, that guys dead. No, wait, he’s still alive, but I think he dies later” And haven’t even gotten into the convoluted backstories & motives of some of the characters.
  15. Not sure what happened with the original post, but my own recommendations for the best Netflix original/exclusive anine titles would be: Little Witch Academia ( 2 OVAs & tv series) Aggretsuko (currently 3 seasons & a special) Dorohedoro (1 season, but definitely needs another). *warning* extreme violence & dark humor.
  16. They definitely haven’t exhausted the series potential yet, but the whole “Just count to 10” soliloquy at the end had a sense of closure to it. But considering it’s arguably Netflix’s best original anime series, it’s hard to imagine them not continuing it. Just finished episode 14 of The Great Pretender which is all that is currently available on Netflix. Continues to be alright, but not really anything special.
  17. Guess that pretty much settles the question of who Tohru is meant to be with, as even Yuki admits that it’s Kyo that recognizes her as a woman & needs her romantically even if he doesn’t realize it yet. For himself, it’s all about gratitude for finally being shown the unconditional & non-judgmental acceptance he was never given as a child . And how it’s given him the courage to finally search for his own identity & soulmate. His interactions with Kakeru have also helped him be more open about his feelings with others. The antagonism between them is somewhat similar to him & Kyo, but without the raw emotions at the core. It’s ironic how Tohru’s nurturing & self-sacrificing nature has made her something of a surrogate mother figure to so many of the Sohmas (Kisa, Rin, Yuki & probably Momiji) despite her own youth & the fact that she is very much still traumatized by her own mother’s death. Agree with Shigure that I have got to see this play Especially with the script being reworked to suit the actor’s personalities and Ayame & his assistant providing the costumes. I hope they dedicate most of next week’s episode to it instead of just skimming over it. Just 3 more episodes till the seasonal break. Anticipating & dreading it at the same time
  18. Pretty much anything from the Gundam franchise. Also Star Blazers (Space Battleship Yamato).
  19. Just finished season 3 of Aggretsuko & must admit I was totally unprepared for the swerve it took leading into the finale. Not sure if there will be another season, but this one was the biggest surprise of the year, even outdoing Deca-Dence IMO. Absolutely amazing that a series about chibi animal office workers can have this much to say about life & relationships. Oh, and it made me laugh alot too
  20. Made my first post-Covid trip to the movies to see The New Mutants. Certainly not on the same level as the Avengers Marvel movies, but none of the X-men movies have been. Still found it enjoyable enough & better than I was expecting (6.5/10)

  21. The New Mutants as someone who was really into the X-Men titles back in the 80s & 90s I had serious misgivings about this one. But they actually did a better than expected job of incorporating elements of the original characters into the new storyline. Illyana is like a whole different character though they do manage to reference Limbo & Lockheed and she retains her teleportation portals & Soul Sword. Roberto also seemed different personality wise (and completely different in appearance) but Rahne, Sam & Dani were all recognizable. A lot of the details were sketchy, but enjoyed it overall & would actually be interested in a sequel.
  22. For something retro there’s Maze: The Megaburst Space. Though she actually switches back & forth between being male & female and you may have trouble finding it. For something more recent, there’s Saga of Tanya the Evil.

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