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  1. Happy Thanksgiving y’all


    1. LovingthisAnimething


      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  2. Been meaning to watch Log Horizon for awhile. Unfortunately, season 1 is no longer available on CR/VRV.  Not on Funi either though they announced they’d be streaming season 3. So I took a chance on a copy of the blu ray complete collection I found on ebay for $50. Arrived today legit & still shrink wrapped. Will start watching later this week.

  3. Gotta believe the number of Gojo fangirls is gonna spike after this week’s ep of Jujutsu Kaisen



    1. Ohayotaku


      Yeah, I think this made it pretty clear just how strong he is



      Akso, thought the omake short this week was the funniest one yet


      using the dude’s head as a soccer ball 🤣

  4. Maki Oze: redefining “girls with guns” 


    1. efaardvark


      Have her and Tsubame Kamoi from UzaMaid arm wrestle.  :D


  5. Welp, I can add By the Grace of the Gods to the list of anime that have brought a tear to my eye.

  6. Looks like Talentless Nana takes this season’s 1st episode twist award 😲

  7. Will probably pass on Higurasgi~New since I watched the original around this time last year & everything I’ve seen on it indicates it’s the same story with a slightly different art style (actually prefer the older style :P ) 

    I am planning on watching Burn the Witch this evening though.

  8. My current avi is Sekhmet (aka The Witch of Sloth) from Re:Zero. Which fits my mood lately -_-zzz

  9. Trying to ID your avi. Is she from Strawberry Panic?

    1. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku Yes she is! Shizuma Hanazono. One of the main characters in the series. 

    2. Ohayotaku


      Been a long time since I saw that one :P 

    3. EnviousEnvy


      @Ohayotaku Right. Last time I watched it I believe I was still in school. I remember binge watching the entire series with my best friend; sitting on my bed. Would have to take a couple bathroom breaks and get snacks but otherwise my entire weekend was spent watching that series, lol. I miss those times honestly. 

  10. Ah yes, birthdays. Life’s little way of saying



    Life’ll kill ya, but doesn’t mean we can’t put up one hell of a fight

    1. efaardvark


      2020 by itself might kill me!  Not dead yet tho.

  11. Ah yes, birthdays. Life’s little way of saying




  12. Made my first post-Covid trip to the movies to see The New Mutants. Certainly not on the same level as the Avengers Marvel movies, but none of the X-men movies have been. Still found it enjoyable enough & better than I was expecting (6.5/10)

  13. Knew I shoud’ve filled up the tank last night. 12 hours = 50 cents/gallon


  14. Hilarious that stores are already putting out the Halloween candy. Never mind the question of how many parents are going to let their kids trick or treat with Covid still around. Of course 2020 has pretty much been Halloween all year, but without any of the fun stuff. 

  15. Just saw an article reminding me that Golden Kamuy’s 3rd season is scheduled to begin in October. Though the series suffers from inconsistency, I like a number of the characters & am definitely curious  to see what happens next. I do hope we get some sense of closure with this season though. I should probably do a rewatch to refresh my memory on finer points of who’s currently allied with who & what their motives are. And if they’re even still alive in the case of some characters :P 

  16. Watched the 1st episode of The Great Pretender on Netflix.  I’ve been watching subtitled anime long  enough that Japanese voices don’t bother me, but the attempts to speak English were just ... painful 😬 Thank god they dropped it 10 minutes in or I’m not sure if I could’ve finished without muting the sound.

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    2. The dummy system

      The dummy system

      I was about to drop it solely because of that. But having watched the first 5 episodes now I am glad I didn't. I think it is actually a pretty decent show.

    3. Ohayotaku


      Finished the first arc today. Agree that  it’s alright, but the constant deception pretty much took away any dramatic tension for me as after awhile I just started assuming there was going to be some side scheme plan to make everything work out. Hope the rest continues the character development & action but less busy.

    4. The dummy system

      The dummy system

      Yeah I totally get what you mean. At one point I thought it just might take a very dark turn. After that, I never doubted that whatever happened was all according to keikaku :P 

  17. I don’t drink a lot of carbonated stuff anymore, but tried Mountain Dew Spark (their take on raspberry lemonade) today. And ... I liked it :)   

  18. Sitting on my couch when I wonder “What’s that rumbling sound?” Turn on the light & open the door to see it’s pouring rain outside. My dog comes up behind me like she needs out, takes one look outside & pees in the hallway. While I’m certainly not happy, can’t say I blame her really (different story if she does a #2 though)

  19. Just finished watching episode 5 of Deca-Dence. Times like this it really sucks to have to wait a week for the next episode. And we’re not even halfway through the season/series.

    1. Argas


      waiting for episodes of a new anime can be so painful

    2. efaardvark


      Just one of several reasons why I binge-watch.  :)


  20. Liking the new avi 

    1. Sauron


      It's dope ain't it?

    2. efaardvark


      It looks good at smaller sizes.  Above icon scale it gets a little blurry.  I like Taurus though.  Maybe I'll try to sharpen it a bit if I get a chance.

      Or I could go back to the other Taurus I have:


      I think I had that one before Hachirota.  Also in the running are iconified versions of these..


      No idea where I got them though.  I just like the looks.  :)


  21. New trailer for the upcoming Demon Slayer movie.

    Supposed to screen in North American theaters in 2021

    1. XII360



  22. Heard on the radio that today is National Chicken Wing Day. At the risk of revealing how truly maladjusted I am, I have NEVER understood this fascination. I don’t care what kind of sauce you put on them, just ain’t enough meat on the damm things.

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    2. Argas


      I didn't know that was even a thing. Just give me a boneless wing or white meat. A wing has more bone than food. I'm eating baked chicken as I type this by the way. 😜

    3. Sauron


      Late again...... I knew I should have set my alarm.

      National Lemonade Day is August 20th. Im gonna get first dibs!

    4. Ohayotaku


      Lemonade & iced tea are my go to drinks year round 🥤

      Though I don’t like lemon in my tea 🤔

  23. Your avy is further proof that glasses make every girl better 😁

    1. Argas


      true but this might be too much cuteness. 🤔

  24. Don’t have much expectation for this year’s baseball season, but always good when the hometeam wins on opening day :)  

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