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  1. Hey there @Ohiotaku, you are into Baseball?

    Are you watching Diamond no Ace by any chance? (third season is airing right now - you might have heard of it) Been binge-watching for the past weeks, couldn't think I would enjoy it this much despite of the lack understanding of the game "strikes, ball, out, safe and so many other terminologies like curve ball, change-up etc", baseball sure is quite versatile. 

    Also baseball is popular in japan and this was the biggest surprise of all 😆


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    2. Ohiotaku


      The volleyball one is pretty much just CGDCT. Hanebado is certainly intense and has very well animated matches, but the teen girl drama is soap opera level.

      Hinonaru Sumo is pretty typical competitive sports shonen.

    3. Ohiotaku



      Big Wind Up, yeah that was the one you recommended (add to PTW list)

    4. Muco


      @Seshi I like Haikyuu's art style but it took me sometime to get used to, is the art style of Mix the same or perhaps from same studio? Never heard of windup but right now I would watch anything related to baseball 🤣

      @OhiotakuFollowing your reply I will give Hanebado a try, does it have any character development? (as long I don't cringe over the drama parts, it's alright) 😝

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