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  1. I think heroic characters can sometimes come across as being unrealistic/unrelateable since they are so cliche. And in some cases even self righteous. On the other hand making a character truly amoral or evil can make them unlikeable. For series with anti hero MCs, Ains al Goown from Overlord is the most extreme example I can think of with the possible exception of Light from Death Note. I think Emiya Kiritsugu from Fate Zero might qualify, though he doesn’t seem all that bad compared to some of the characters. Finally I’ll mention Askeladd from Vinlsnd Saga. While not the MC he’s by far the series’ most interesting character & definitely more likable than Thorfinn. He cones across as more of a cynical opportunist than a truly evil person.
  2. Currently in the single digits, though it’s actually supposed to make it above freezing (barely) this afternoon. At least it’s supposed to be dry. @efaardvark if we could just average our temps together, it would be fine
  3. Was going to see the Konosuba movie tonight, but rescheduled for Thursday when the weather is supposed to be at least a little better.

  4. Currently 50 F & dry, but they’re predicting our first accumulating snow of the season overnight.
  5. Yeah, there were several new series Crunchyroll didn’t get this season. I think you would like it. The MC is kind of a caricature of Naofumi (very blunt about offending people by letting them know he doesn’t trust or need them). The companion Goddess’ over the top reactions make it largely comedic though However I accidentally found out ahead of time that there’s a pretty dark reason for why he’s that way. There’ve already been some clues about it and hints of a more serious tone down the road (kinda like Trigun after you learned Vash’s backstory). Of the season’s new series it’s probably the most promising.
  6. As a diehard meganeko fan that’s total bullshit, yo
  7. Actually pretty sure it’s this girl from Nichijou (Mai Minakami)
  8. Afraid I don’t click links from people I’m not familiar with. You should be be able to post the image directly using the Insert other media drop down box
  9. Figure I’d put out a few thoughts on the latest episode (5). Not sure if you can really call what Seiya is doing building a harem since it seems likely that Valkyrie & Adenela will try to kill him next time their paths cross On the serious side of things, I really feel bad for Elulu
  10. Currently 40s & raining. Supposed to switch to snow this afternoon (no accumulation, just sloppy). Drop into the low 20s overnight.
  11. Hunter x Hunter does have some common elements. Soul Eater has a similar feel to me. And Tiger & Bunny is another anime that deals with Super Heroes.
  12. Currently airing series: FAVORITES My Hero Academia season 4 Dr. Stone No Guns Life Rise Up Animal Road Cautious Hero After School Dice Club NOT GREAT BUT WILL PROBABLY FINISH Gegege no Kitaro Fire Force Bokuben season 2 WATCHING FOR NOW Didn’t I Say to Make my Abilities Average Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun HS Prodigies isekai Outburst Dreamer Boys Ascendance of a Bookworm Kabukichou Sherlock Special 7

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