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  1. Putting the scene in context, Sakura agrees 🤣
  2. Ohiotaku

    Summer 2019 Anime

    The Ones Within episode 3 - sigh, why are the crazy ones always so hot ? 🥰
  3. Ohiotaku

    Post Your Anime List

    @Fitzgerald_sama Seeing that you enjoyed Durarara, I’d like to make some recommendations (all have a large cast of “interesting” characters with intertwined stories: Baccano, Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens, Paranoia Agent. The currently airing The Ones Within seems like it could be headed that direction, but it’s too soon to tell.
  4. Plus the MC makes it clear she has no desire to get “ripped”, she just wants a nice, healthy body.
  5. I’m finding it pretty entertaining. Enough of the jokes work for me to keep it a decent comedy. And the fanservice isn’t overly ecchi most of the time. I could see some people complaining about it putting too much attention on body image for girls, but considering that the dudes look like they escaped from Attack on Titan I don’t think it’s too unequal 🤣 The surprise is how much time it spends trying to educate and promote healthy habits as well as providing so exercise tutorials that actually sound legit.
  6. Welcome 😁 No need to feel awkward, people are easy to to talk to around here. Hope you find things that interest you.
  7. Welcome 😁 Sounds like you’ve had an interesting life. Glad you decided to join out little group here.
  8. Ohiotaku

    Summer 2019 Anime

    How things stand right now for me COMMITTED Kimetsu no Yaiba Fruits Basket To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Fire Force (hope it returns soon) Cop Craft Isekai Cheat Magician The Ones Within How Heavy a Dumbbell Can You Lift? Gegege no Kitaro Mix: Meisei Story PROBATIONARY Astra Lost in Space Dr. Stone If it’s for my Daughter ... BEM Magical Sempai Are you Lost? Hensuki Demon Lord Retry Do you Love your Mom ... DROPPED Arifureta Kochoki Granbelm BINGE LATER Vinland Saga Takagi-san season 2 Danmachi season 2 Carole & Tuesday I’ll probably drop several of the probationary ones over the next couple weeks
  9. I just finished watching the latest ep of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Along with Fruits Basket, they keep getting better and better, even overshadowing the newer series.
  10. The MC definitely has a problem with eating too much food that isn’t good for you (I can relate) 🤣
  11. I’m actually the opposite as I have some difficulty hearing clearly sometimes. It’s annoying when I have to pause because multiple people are speaking and/or their are signs that need translating. The worst is when the color of the captions blend in with the background though. As far as style, I generally prefer subtitled. There are exceptions though. The dub version of the currently airing The Ones Within seems to be slightly more over the top which works better with the weirdness & comedy. If the story becomes more serious later, that could change. Some other exceptions: Cowboy Bebop - The english voices just seem to match the characters perfectly in every case. Steel Angel Kurumi - this is a case where I actually like the changes the english cast made to the dialogue & personalities. Space Battleship Yamato 2199 & 2202 - there’s probably some nostalgia here since Star Blazers was my first anime series. Of course the modern translation/dub is vastly superior.
  12. This series just keeps getting better & better (actually going to bump it up a point on MAL after watching this week’s ep). Very powerfully written dealing with the kind if life Uo was living prior to meeting Tohru. We normally see Uo & Hana acting as Tohru’s support network, but we were given some insight as to how Tohru has also acted as a lifeline and why she’s so precious to them. In addition to all the well written drama, we also get some enjoyable not ecchi fanservice with the girls in swimsuits. And some very funny moments. It comes naturally for Shigure & Kyo, but also liked the trio of delinquent wannabes. Especially Looks like next week will be a continuation
  13. Ohiotaku


    I feel your pain, up to 3 years ago streaming wasn’t an option for me due to unreliable internet connection where I lived. Having to rely on what was on tv or buying/renting discs made it hard to watch series.
  14. Ohiotaku

    Fire Force

    This week’s episode has been postponed(?) in response to the Kyoto Animation fire. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-07-19/fire-force-anime-halts-friday-planned-airing-streaming-of-3rd-episode/.149134
  15. Probably Syaoran Li from Cardcaptor Sakura
  16. I enjoyed Monster Rancher & LBX when they were on tv, but not sure where you would find it now. Cardcaptor Sakura & Magic Knight Rayearth both have female MCs but still a lot of action. I didn’t get very far into Radiant, but seemed pretty family friendly. Little Witch Academia might work too
  17. Ohiotaku

    Post Your Anime List

    Of course it’s all subjective to my preferences, but hopefully you found some good ones. A lot of shows I rate 6 or 7 were still enjoyable, they just didn’t seem all that special. I’ll definitely add it to my bucketlist. The samurai genre as a whole hasn’t been one that particularly appeals to me. The recent remake of Dororo being the most notable exception. A couple others I found at least somewhat enjoyable were Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7 & Tsukage Ran: Carried by the Wind. Can’t remember the name of the recent one about the Mongol invasion, but it was OK. I watched a couple eps of Kochoki, but will most likely languish in my backlog pile.
  18. Ohiotaku

    Summer 2019 Anime

    Astra Lost in Space episode 3 - continues to have a lot of facepalm moments for me, but my overall enjoyment is improving so will leave it on decide as I go status.
  19. I have never managed to make it through a single Gundam series start to finish. I think part of the issue for me is that it qualifies more as Mecha which tend to try to be more realistic and have military & political focus. Giant Robot series tend to be more over the top & campy (Mazinger Z, Gurren Lagann)
  20. Closest thing I can think of is Blue Seed, as it had the demon boy trying to protect the girl from other demons, but probably isn’t the one you’re looking for.
  21. Ohiotaku

    Summer 2019 Anime

    Isekai Cheat Magician episode 2 - I agree that it’s unlikely this series will do anything revolutionary or groundbreaking, but I’m enjoying it and don’t think it deserves the trolliing it’s getting on other sites.
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