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  1. Haven’t watched the season finale yet, but season 3 will apparently be the last & will begin sometime in 2021 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-09-21/fruits-basket-anime-gets-final-season-in-2021/.164299
  2. Ah yes, birthdays. Life’s little way of saying



    Life’ll kill ya, but doesn’t mean we can’t put up one hell of a fight

    1. efaardvark


      2020 by itself might kill me!  Not dead yet tho.

  3. Ah yes, birthdays. Life’s little way of saying




  4. Season 2 episode 12, so episode 36 overall.
  5. Love the attitude of your new avy & goes well with your new username 😎

    1. wikkidgrace


      Hahaha... It was time to bring it in line. Thanks friend!

  6. @RuthisianCodex Happy Birthday fellow fan of animated emotional trauma
  7. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  8. New trailer showing a projected premiere date of April 2021
  9. So much packed into a single episode as we approach the season finale. Have to say Machi’s approach to housekeeping is disturbingly familiar That call from her mother was so cringey. Ostensibly to see how she’s doing when it’s clear she has no interest in anything she might say & spends the whole time criticizing her. Even though her school status is the opposite of Yuki’s (she’s ignored while he is the center of attention) she immediately recognizes the same loneliness inside him. And funny how her first step in coming out of her shell is to go full tsundere when Yuki notices she turned the leaf he gave her into a bookmark. I doubt his feelings towards her are romantic at this stage, but he does seem to recognize her as a kindred spirit & has become very interested in her wellbeing & wanting to learn more about her. It’s really sweet that Tohru is spending New Years holiday at Kyo & Shisho’s home and is a good opportunity for their relationship to progress. Unfortunately I still feel he’s hiding something from her about her mom. In retrospect it is possible that his emotional turmoil & apology at the end of that one episode last season was just an expression of shared grief since his mother died as well. But I still believe there is a more direct connection since the story has already established that Tohru, Kyo & Yuki were already connected by fate before she moved in with them. The Soma’s New Years party started out surprisingly upbeat (what I wouldn’t give to see that interpretive dance Momiji & Hatori apparently did But things quickly turn dark with Akito becoming violent when she realizes how much her hold over Yuki has eroded. I don’t even want to think how she would react if she found out about the dvd Tohru & Momiji gave her Boytoy #2 (Kureno). Which brings us to the inescapable confrontation between her & Tohru once she realizes just how much control she’s lost over the zodiac members as a result of Tohru’s “meddling”. Her instinctive response is to become violent & after what she did to Rin, yes I do believe she is capable of trying to kill someone. And I’m afraid she’ll make sure no one else is around to interfere when the time comes. I will say though that in addition to her god complex that flashback she had before lashing out at Yuki seemed to indicate she’s also got sone deep rooted abandonment issues. Though I hope they put all this on hold till next season or I might not survive the hiatus
  10. I’m either wrapping up or in the middle of everything I’m currently watching. Some interesting looking things coming soon though https://animeforums.net/topic/11957-fall-2020-anime/
  11. Love how Yuki’s budding relationship with Machi demonstrates how a broken person who is still healing can still help another broken person begin the process of healing. I have more to say, but will have to wait till later as this is all I have time for right now.
  12. “People always pass by me & I pass by them. Are they invisible or am I invisible? Am I the one unengaged with this world? Am I needed in this world?” - - Machi Kuragi (Fruits Basket 2019)
  13. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here Love the style of the 2 drawings you posted. Sadly, I can’t draw worth ****
  14. For something along the lines of Harry Potter I would recommend Little Witch Academia about a school for witches. It’s available on Netflix. In addition to the tv series (25 episodes) there are a couple OVAs which were kind of a trial run which gives you a general idea of the characters & concept separate from the main series. Similar to LOTR, maybe Record of the Lodoss War on Funimation’s site. Finally, for something supernatural that’s not shonen , maybe try Mushishi. It’s about a man traveljng around helping people with problems dealing with supernatural characters called Mushi. Each episode is more or less self contained & has a philosophical or moral slant to it.
  15. The feelings anime inspires for me are actually pretty diverse, not surprising since I’ve been watching in some form or another for about 40 years now. Specific series like Star Blazers, Robotech & Cowboy Bebop will always have a sense of nostalgia for me as a connection to a time when my life was much simpler & happier. But even with newer series, there’s a sense of stability as it’s a medium that first caught my attention when I was a preteen & still fascinates & entertains me in middle-age. Rather than outgrowing it, the types of series I watch have actually become more varied & my appreciation deeper as I better understand just how deep the subject matters can be. Fruits Basket 2019 in particular always leaves all sorts of feelings & thoughts rattling around inside me. But as much as I consider heavier series like Vinland Saga & Fate Zero to be masterpieces, I find I need to balance it out with Iyashikei, SoL & even some CGDCT series (Azumsnga Daioh, Flying Witch, K-ON!, Yuru Camp, Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater) to keep from getting too moody. As well as some pure escapism usually in the form of shonen. Projecting myself into the story isn’t really something I relate too, but I do experience moments of self recognition in response to some personality traits & situations characters find themselves in. Examples that come to mind are My Roommate is a Cat & the recent episode of RE:Zero that offered a glimpse of Subaru’s life before he was isekaied. As to a feeling of emptiness when a series ends, not really as long as it offers at least a minimal degree if closure & resolution, even if the sense is that life goes on for the characters. Personally it’s more of a problem for me when the series insists on going on even after it’s become repetitive. And there’s always new (or older) series to discover with their own appeal.
  16. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  17. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here

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