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  1. I  hope this gets streamed over here since It actually looks even better than the animated version to me 🤣


  2. I hadn’t commented for a couple weeks because I didn’t really feel the past couple eps, but yeah this was a good one. As sweet & guileless as Tohru is, that “I’ll do my best to meddle!!” when thinking of Akito’s warning made me laugh. Speaking of meddling, once again Shigure can’t simply do something nice without an impure motive Accompanying Tohru saves her the trouble of dealing with her shrew of an Aunt , but also gave him an excuse to torment his “ex” (using the term loosely since it was clear that neither of them actually loved the other). He didn’t have a comeback for her comment that she doubted he was even kind to people he actually loved. Likewise I’m sure he had all sorts if giggles imagining the scene that would be caused by telling Ayame when Yuki’s conference was. Yuki’s mom seens like an extremely selfish & childish person, seeng her parental duties as just that: obligations that take up her time & get in the way of her own wants. If having Yuki be Akito’s plaything makes easier for her, so be it. Really, a lot of the adults in this series aren’t good people. Apoarently Tohru didn’t tell Saki that “Shisho” isn’t Kyo’s real dad
  3. Apparently it’s called the Earth Kingdom (and it’s Air Nomads). “Avatar: The Last Airbender is set in a world where human civilization consists of four nations, named after the four classical elements: the Water Tribes, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, and the Air Nomads.”
  4. I just watched the first episode, not sure how I feel about it yet but curious enough to give it a chance (understand the animation style & the short run time are the same as Yamishibai). Outside the sequels & continuing/delayed series, the pleasant surprise for me so far is Lapis Relights. Hadn’t heard planned on even giving it a look, but so far found the characters to be funny & charming and the setting has some interesting aspects. Of course, will probably be the end of the month at least before I have a real clear impression of shows.
  5. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here Gonna assume you already know about the hyped shonen titles (MHA, Demon Slayer, Dr. Stone, etc.) Some older/lesser known examples would be: Soul Eater, Buso Renkin, Ushio & Tora. Will also mention a couple seinen titles: Vinland Saga, Megalobx, Hakata Tonkatsu Ramens, Dororo, Dorohedoro.
  6. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  7. First episode of Rent-a-Girlfriend was pretty cringey. But also made me lol a couple times (especially “Gran”). And there’s at least the potential for it to turn into something sweet. So will stick with it awhile.

  8. “There’s no one alive who doesn’t get lonely. Just a lot of people good at hiding it.” Chizuru Mizuhara., Rent-a-Girlfiriend
  9. One of the main characters is a detective. Other characters are hitmen, “cleaners”, hackers, bodyguards, mob bosses, corrupt politicians, etc. The various character’s stories all intertwine kinda like Durarara.
  10. Washu from the Tenchi Muyo franchise
  11. Part 2 of the story centering on Shizu’s students is now available on Crunchyroll. Unfortunately the conclusion won’t be till November. Still, it’s something to look forward to while we wait for season 2 next year
  12. Re:Zero is back. Time to bump up the happy/feel good series on my viewing queues. Gonna need ‘em.

  13. There’s one you don’t see mentioned everyday I do consider it to be one of the better parody series though
  14. Hello So looking for series that are kid friendly, fantasy setting, cute, funny and/or weird. Some possibilites would be Samurai Pizza Cats, Bananyas, Hamtaro, Tama & Friends. For more action oriented maybe Monster Rancher & Digimon. Finally I’ll mention Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun because I consider it to be PG.
  15. Ok, gotta ask about your new avy & background. I’m assuming it’s from a game?

    1. Zila


      Sorry I disappeared! Making breakfast. xD Yes, she's Sakura Futaba from Persona 5. I really like her character development! :) 

    2. Ohiotaku


      No worries, gotta start the day off right 😋 Thanks for the response. Pretty sure I’ve only played the Persona games that were on the original Playstation 😂 Got something of a weakness for maganeko though 😍

    3. Zila


      The food was good but I stubbed my toe on the table! 🙃 No biggie, I do my best. :D 💕 Yeah, I'm a huge goober for the Megami Tensei franchise. Aside from Persona 2, 3, 3P and 5. I looove the Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2. DDS one and two are great! :) Ha-ha, yes! All hail the meganekko. 🙏 💚

  16. Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here
  17. I don’t have a problem finishing single couer series or double couer when they’re interesting. But beyond that I tend to burn out after awhile & need to take a break from them. Case in point I left off One Piece somewhere in the Skypeia arc & still need to watch the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. I watched about 6 episodes of the original Fate/Stay Night over a decade ago but stopped (don’t even remember why). Finally watched Fate Zero last year & had planned to watch the original & UBW thys year, but doubt it will happen since I’m currently trying to finish Inuyasha before the sequel and am only around episode 25 There’s also alot of older series I still want to watch despite starting close to 40 years ago. Things aren’t helped by the fact that I tend to watch 15 - 20 weekly series per season. Should really cut back, but watching anime as it airs is still something fairly new to me. Plus, it’s hard to tell if a series will live up to it’s potential or not.
  18. Watched the 1st episode of Lapis ReLights. Was going to skip it since I’m usually not a fan of the idol genre, but the fantasy setting made me willing to give it a try.  I’m glad I did because I really enjoyed it. Basically seems like Hogwarts for magical girls with singing/whistling as the basis for the magic system. Definitely like what I’ve seen so far.

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