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  1. Season 2 episode 9

    And this is why I’m a Kyo fan. Much more at stake in his rivalry with Yuki than I realized. And the more we learn about Akito the more twisted she is.


    Still need some clarification but I remember the scene in season 1 where it was implied Kyo was somehow connected to the death of Tohru’s mom, at least it was confirmed that he met her & saw a picture of Tohru

    As emotional as this week’s episode was, gonna need to watch something lighthearted & comedic before trying to sleep tonight.

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  2. Fanstasy: Demon Slayer; Rising of the Shield Hero; ReZero; The Ancient Magus Bride

    SoL:  Laidback (Yuru) Camp

    Fantasy/SoL: Konosuba; Bofuri; Princess Connect ReDive

    Horror(like): The Promised Neverland; Gleipnir

    there’s also the stuff listed in my profile. Hope you fond something that resparks  your interest.


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  3. Cannot believe I actually forgot it was Monday since I didn’t have to work. Apologies that I wasn’t even up to date when I made my last post. Have to think meeting with each of them individually is Akito’s  way of trying to reassert ownership over them.


    And seeing Kyo looking happy when she thinks he should be miserable has to enrage her. She’s already talking about how Tohru should be eliminated & it being merciful to just teach her a lesson. Not only Rin, but she’d also nearly blinded Hatori & injured Kisa who is still a child. Someone really needs to warn Tohru about what a psychopath she is, because she’s actually wanting to meet her. Finally, have to agree with Kagura’s opinion of Shigure

  4. Pretty sure they said Hatori is the dragon even though his form is a seahorse & the rooster reference was to Kureno. I think Akito’s role  in the legend is that of the god who hosts the banquet. Hence her god complex & treating the others like pets. As to why she can get away with it, this is just headcanon. The Sohma’s seem like a pretty wealthy & influential clan. Maybe that’s dependent on Akito’s “blessing” so they let her do what she wants to those under the curse in exchange for prosperity & she has some kind of hold over the cursed ones. Maybe that’s why Tohru (an outsider) seems so vital to whatever Shigure is scheming. Problem is Tohru is under a lot of emotional & psychological stress over graduation & the comment Hiro made about her dad. If Akito goes after her now, not sure she’ll be able to withstand it. Maybe Kyo or Yuki will try to defend her & get hurt. These last bits are just speculation but a happy ending still seems like a long way off & in the short term things are looking bleak

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  5. 20 minutes ago, IIVIsouljam said:

    Wanted to catch up on One Piece but then I saw how many episodes the show has and dabbed the sweat from my brow. 

    I hope to get back into it someday, but yeah, intimidating (I left off somewhere in the Skypeia arc, not really appealing to me the way the Crocodile/Baroque Works arc did).

    20 minutes ago, IIVIsouljam said:

    Still not sure about Beastars. Doesn't look like my kind of thing but people keep telling me it's not what I'm expecting it to be. 🤔

    It debuted on Netflix a couple days before my subscription was ending. Got to about episode 8, but didn’t really hype me the way it has some people. Will probably go ahead & finish it soon since Netflix has or will be adding a number of series I’m interested  in soon (BNA, Dorohedoro, High Score Girl S2, & think there’s anothet Violet Evergarden special I haven’t watched yet).

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