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  1. Sorry to go off topic but ... While I became aware of it being part of The Jungle Book collection of stories later, my first exposure was the Chuck Jones animated version when I was a kid. I remember it and The White Seal being much darker than the usual “cartoon”
  2. https://myanimelist.net/anime/1126/Figure_17__Tsubasa___Hikaru?q=Figure It doesn’t really fit the pattern set by the examples above, but I remember it bringing tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Basically it’s about a grade schooler who’s mom passed away recently and her dad moves them from the city out to a rural area. Adjusting is made even harder when her new classmates mistake her shyness for being a snob (not wanting to talk to/be friends with hicks). When she finds an alien ship crashed in the woods, she has an encounter that begins to change her life. It’s an odd format with each episode being twice the normal length with the first 30 minutes usually having a drama or slice of life feel and the remainder focused on action. While it is overall a heartwarming and encouraging story, there are also several tragic developments. If you’re looking for something different I recommend it.
  3. Welcome to the forums Only Tavi I’m aware of is Rikki Tikki. Some of my favorite anime can be found on my profile page. I don’t have a problem starting a post, my problem is knowing when to stop (and editing it multiple times ) Hope you enjoy it here.
  4. Finished Cannon Busters on Netflix last night. First impression was I liked the visual style and kinda funny (though with more profanity which is typical where there is an American influence). Story seemed to rely heavily on cliches, but thought it might be decent. Unfortunately, the further I got into it, the clearer it became it was more concerned with looking/acting cool than actually making sense. Also, the emotional moments didn’t have any real impact. And then ends on a “to be continued” note. Overall rating 5.5/10 (8 for coolness & visual style, 3 for story/character development)
  5. Episode 8 A very sad episode focusing on the Siren, but I wish more episodes had done this good a job of getting it’s emotions across.
  6. I wish I could say I’ve never been attracted to a yandere character. I really do.
  7. I think what makes it stand out more than anything is how it was a battle of wits. For most people anime is generally characterized by very flashy fight scenes with over the top levels of violence and destruction ( Dragonball Z , Akira & Fist of the North Star). So Death Notes more cerebral style makes it stand out. But even though there’s not that much actual “action” it had a very dramatic art style that got your attention
  8. Welcome to the forums MHA is definitely one of my all time favorite anime and am hyped for season 4 in October. Hope you enjoy it here.
  9. The season is half over. This is where things stand with me FAVORITES Kimetsu no Yaiba Fruits Basket (2019) The Ones Within STILL WATCHING If It’s for my Daughter ... Fire Force To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Dr. Stone Demon Lord Retry How Heavy are the Dumbbells you Lift? The Demon Girl Next Door Gegege no Kitaro Mix: Meisei Story O Maidens in your Savage Season Danmachi Season 2 Cop Craft Are you Lost? Magical Senpai DROPPED Isekai Cheat Magician Astra Lost in Space Do You Love Your Mom ... Wasteful Days of High School Girls Hensuki BEM Kochoki Granbelm Arifureta BINGE LATER Vinland Saga Takagi-san season 2 Carole & Tuesday
  10. Episode 7 wound up watching the subtitled version since the dub wasn’t up. Hoping it’s just delayed instead of discontinued. Not a huge deal but it was one of the rare ones where I prefer the dub and it might be an obstacle for others.
  11. Sorry for being late. Hope you & your little one are enjoying your day.
  12. Thought these articles might be of interest https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-08-18/haikyu-anime-season-4-reveals-new-cast-member-january-2020-debut-designs/.150162
  13. Personally Spongebob felt like an attempt to imitate/pay homage to the slapstick cartoons I grew up watching. Adventure Time felt like a pioneer of the random is supposed to equal funny philosophy. Then they tried to attach some sort of continuity/mythos to it with mixed results IMO. Plus it got way too bogged down in trying to be metaphysical. Series like Regular Show & OK KO basically followed the same pattern. I think Steven Universe managed to do a better job at eventually forming a coherent story, but still inferior to your average anime.
  14. Watched the first 3 episodes of Cannon Busters on Netflix. I believe the series creator is American, but everything else is Japanese & MAL apparently classifying it as anime. Picking up on influences from Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Gun x Sword & Space Dandy. Definitely an improvement over Neo Yokio
  15. The actual wargame was one ep, the previous three just being set up for it. But yeah, FF’s potential remains largely untapped IMO.
  16. I remember a time when that one seemed to be considered pretty popular. It remains my all time favorite slice of life series (Yuru Camp being second)
  17. My Hero Academia & Cowboy Bebop are probably the most mainstream/popular of my favorites outside the ones I already mentioned.
  18. I normally don’t care about dubs (the only one I’m currently watching is The Ones Within) but I still find it annoying when they only have one version on a service and the other version on a different service.
  19. Their simulcast lineup is a bit lacking. But their back catalog is still pretty impressive especially if you go the VRV route which gives you access to Hidive’s titles. And CR still has some good exclusive titles (Konosuba, Laid Back (Yuru) Camp, A Place Further Than the Universe). My only complaint about VRV is an apparent glitch with the subtitles on their version of Hidive where sometimes the same line repeats over and over taking up a lot of the screen (I didn’t notice this happening on the standalone version) Funimation is sharing a lot of their simulcasts with Hulu, but not all. And they seem to be keeping the dubs to themselves.
  20. Season 2 episode 4 As glad as I am to see the last of Apollo (hopefully), can’t help but feel the wargame wrapped up too quickly and easily.
  21. Congrats on coming up with that one
  22. I have mixed feelings about the new characters they’ve introduced so far. On the one hand they all have traits that make them potentially likable. But then the writers exaggerate other characteristics that make it hard to take them seriously, which is the same problem I have with Senku & Taiju. It seems to be mainly the male characters though.

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