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  1. @Seshi you remind me of Nyamo from Azumanga Daioh as you always try to set a good example for the rest of us here Which is not to say you don’t have your limits
  2. Welcome to the forums Hope you enjoy it here
  3. Tanjiro is obvious choice for favorite character as he’s pretty much the perfect shonen protagonist. But have to admit I’m surprised by how I feel about Zenitsu. Seshi probably remembers I was prepared to hate the guy just by how cartoonish he seemed in the OP/ED and promotional shots. Even thought he might ruin the whole series. And was really annoyed by him in his first appearance. But I’ve since come to believe he’s not actually a “coward”. A true coward would have just abandoned tgat kid when they were trapped in that house. A true coward wouldn’t have taken a beating from Inosuke to protect Tanjiro’s box, even when he could sense a demon inside it. More recently we saw that despite how much he complained about how his master treated him, he was actually grateful to have someone who didn’t give up on him and wouldn’t let him give up on himself. He actually does want to do better, but has an uphill battle against his neurosis and lack of confidence. It’s too early to say I respect him, but I don’t just see him as a joke character now and actually find myself rooting for him.
  4. Sounds like an idea for AF’s first Get-Acquainted-Retreat. Use your Community Manager powers to make it so, Seshi
  5. Makes me wonder if anyone buys from an actual store anymore, unless you live in Akihabara
  6. As recently as last season almost all of Funi’s & Sentai’s simulcasts were available on CrunchyRoll, but looks like that golden age has ended. Hate to see it happen, but honestly surprised it didn’t happen sooner.
  7. I pretty much order online exclusively anymore (primarily Amazon & Rightstuff but occasionally directly from the licensing company). There was a time I went to Suncoast/Mediaplay on a weekly basis though. As far as manga I used to frequent Waldenbooks, B. Daltons & local comic/trading card stores.
  8. Geez Louise, how do you find time to nap with all those “hobbies” (sounds too much like work to me ) But sounds like you enjoy what you do, so good on you. Hope you can find some time to hang out here and find it enjoyable as well.
  9. An anime character who sees himself as a prince rescuing damsels in distress? As far as @Muco ... could be wrong but I get the impression if someone generally level headed and even tempered with an interest in samurai or at least sword play so I’ll go with Kaikoku from The Ones Within
  10. Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood) is on my all time top 10. The following titles don’t quite rank that high, but I still consider noteworthy: Death Note, Steins Gate, the original Fullmetal Alchemist series & Attack on Titan. Also just curious, does the Top 10 you listed come from MAL rankings?
  11. @Vitis hmm, don’t have a real clear impression of you, but since you seem to be into gaming, will go with Fafnir from Dragon Maid
  12. I can relate, though my PTW section on MAL is only a tiny fraction of my actual backlog pile. I think Konosuba is pretty good if you like parodies of the fantasy/RPG genre like Slayers or Rune Solider. Kakegurui is kinda a spectacle with it’s biggest draw being it’s uniqueness. For me seems like most of the novelty wore off after the first season. Yeah, if it hasn’t been officially licensed and subbed I usually don’t bother. Discotek seem to be the ones doing most of that now, though CR has added some older ones recently including Kimagure Orange Road.
  13. My anime spirit animal



  14. I’m The Devil? ... i honestly don’t know how to react. As for @The History Kid I’m going with Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic
  15. Welcome, hope you enjoy it here I’ve watched a fair amount of the older stuff myself. If your profile pic & background suggest you have some appreciation for Konosuba & Kakegurui too. I’m currently trying to finish Kakegurui season 2, but not enjoying it the way I did season 1
  16. Episode 19 - I’m a horrible person for laughing at Shigure’s editor, he’s gonna give that poor woman a nervous breakdown one day (if he hasn’t already). Favorite line : “Sensei is an obnoxi-pus” Can’t say I really liked Ritsu as the hysterics were a bit overblown for my tastes. But once again Tohru’s empathy allows her to say the right things to help him with his issues. Seems like they were trying to ship him with editor-chan too. As far as last week’s episode with Kisa
  17. Toru Hagakure from My Hero Academia for being a ghost girl (well not really, but close enough)
  18. ^ looks like they took down the unedited version, but doesn’t matter. Because I just watched Kimetsu no Yaiba episode 19 & I honestly don’t see how anything is going to top that ED
  19. Episode 19 last week’s episode seemed a bit lacking, but this week KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE FRIGGIN PARK!!! (totally felt like a finale and we’re only halfway through the second cour). If you have any appreciation for this series and have fallen behind CATCH UP NOW!!! And end credits sequence is worthy of a movie
  20. Thanks for giving my Xmen quiz a try :)

  21. Welcome, glad you decided to join us Looking to explore outside shounen, hmm I would recommend Magic Knight Rayearth as a transitional series. It’s shoujo (female MCs & more apt to explore emotions and romance) but still with a lot of action including fights with magical swords, bows and even giant robots later on. It’s also one of the earlier examples of an isekai series (my recommendation is for the 2 tv series, not the short OVA which was awful IMO). For something more realistic I would recommend A Place Further than the Universe about a group of highschool girls accompanying a research expedition to the Antarctic. Finally if you’re curious about the slice of life or CGDCT genre I recommend Azumanga Daioh, Yuru Camp & K-on!
  22. Decided to give VRV a try since it’s just a couple dollars a month more than my standalone CR subscription aabd also gives me access to Hidive (and some “cartoon” channels). Of Sentai’s new anime series, enjoying The Demon Girl Next Door which is proving to he a funny (and at times cute) parody of Magical Girl anime.

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