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  1. Yeah, parts of Hinamatsuri were pretty funny but for me most of the series' appeal was from Anzu is best girl, btw
  2. Little fibs cause big dilemmas SAOMB
  3. The Plain White Tees' cover of the theme song was the only positive thing about the attempt at a live action version
  4. I enjoyed it well enough. I particularly liked the interactions between Trevor & Sypha. Also kind of interesting the reinterpretations of the characters of Hector & Isaac. My biggest problem with it as an "American anime" is that pretty much translates into more profanity than the usual anime. I don't find it offensive, but I do have to roll my eyes at it sometimes (who knew the "F" was so prevalent in Medieval times lol). Still no match for Hellsing Ultimate or even the Vampire Hunter D movies, but yeah I'd watch another season to see where things go.
  5. So, I'd initially dropped this series early on, but decided to give it another chance since a lot of people are speaking very highly of it. I'm currently about halfway through & it's well on the way to being my favorite series of the Fall 2018 season which pretty much guarantees it a spot on my Top 10 of 2018. Will post more once I've finished
  6. A Place Further Than the Universe & Yuru Camp have been my #1 & #2 since the end of March. Golden Kamuy has #3 pretty much locked up after the season 2 finale. Below that is still in play as I have 5 or 6 series from this year I still hope to finish before next season starts in earnest.
  7. Sinus pressure from the changing weather has the constant ringing in my one ear even louder than usual. Just need to make it through today.
  8. Woke up to the 50's, but won't make it out of the 30's tomorrow. Gotta love Ohio weather (at least it's supposed to stay dry until Monday) Edit: looks like they lied about staying dry, since it’s spitting rain right now (at least it’s better than snow)
  9. With most of Fall's series concluded & Winter's shows not starting in earnest for another week, I'm going to finish up Hi Score Girl & As Miss Beelzebub Likes It both of which I'm finding entertaining. Then, time permitting, I'll probably give SSSS Gridman & Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunnygirl-senpai a 2nd chance (I dropped both early on for not holding my interest, but they apparently still have a number of fans)
  10. Kind of off topic, but CrunchyRoll just put up a bonus/special episode for this series (it's called Cells at Work there). It was entertaining.
  11. A Place Further than the Universe - from the description sounded like typical cute girls doing cute things fare, but is a surprisingly inspirational story with some real emotional depth . Yuru (Laid-back) Camp - didn't think I would like it since I'm not really into camping, but proved to be cute, funny and has some wonderful scenery of actual locations. Made me smile from OP to ED. Hakata Tonkastu Ramens - seems like this one slipped under almost everyone's radar even though it's a kindred spirit to Durarara & Baccano Sirius the Jager - has all the usual tropes of a vampire hunter series, but had me emotionally invested by the end of the 2nd episode Asobi Asobase - pastel & cutesy one minute. crude, vulgar & ugly as **** the next. Made me laugh longer & harder than I have in years, much to my shame.
  12. Heading back to work after a long weekend always sux

  13. I just started watching that series myself and it will in all likelihood make my final list. It definitely brings the nostalgia for old school arcade games & beats the pants off Takagi-san in the somewhat antagonistic adolescent romcom department.
  14. ANN has put up a poll where you can vote for what you consider to be the best 5 anime of 2018 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/survey/816/ I have to say it's a it's surprising to see how many new series (not counting movies & OVAs) aired in 2018
  15. And so I'm offering this simple phrase to kids from one to ninety-two. Although it's been said many times, many ways: Merry Christmas to you." -- Nat King Cole

  16. Unfortunately I'm not aware of any Christmas specials or movies for the series you listed. One possibility would be Sailor Moon S The Movie: Hearts in Ice which has a winter themed fantasy romance story which you hopefully should be able to find at a Best Buy, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, etc. which is a plus if you want to give it to her Christmas (tomorrow). https://myanimelist.net/anime/997/Bishoujo_Senshi_Sailor_Moon_S__Kaguya_Hime_no_Koibito?q=sailor moon s the movie Some other folks here might be able to come up with other suggestions, but that's the best I can come up with. Best of luck & Merry Christmas to you and your sister.
  17. Something that wasn't talked about directly was the preference between following a series weekly as it airs or binge watching it after it's complete. At present the majority of my viewing has been of weekly episodes, but this is probably because it's not something I had the ability to do until a few years ago due to poor internet connections. So staying this current is still a fairly novel concept for me :P. I am however grateful for Netflix strategy of releasing complete series at the moment because it gives me some titles I can binge as we enter the slower broadcast period between when one season ends & the next begins (wrapping up Sirius the Jaeger and will start High Score Girl)
  18. It's probably considered more action than horror, but I've recently been binge watching Sirius the Jaeger and it's quickly become one of my favorite vampire & werewolf anime
  19. Oh gawd yes, I'd forgotten about that (more likely my mind blocked out the memory). While not as annoying, the fact that the order the episodes were broadcast in weren't in chronological order still got on my nerves, especially the way it's fandom used it as an excuse whenever someone didn't think it was the best anime ever ("You didn't watch it the way it was intended.")

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