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  1. That's interesting to know, it's been a series Ive been interested in trying to get into for a while now but I haven't really had a chance to try it cause I mainly play on PC and PS consoles (never had a PSP for it) so hopefully in the future I'll get a chance to get into the mainline series well assuming I enjoy cutting my teeth on this one. Oh ok so it's something that's stuck with you ive been thinking of trying out drawing as something to do, I enjoy gaming and videos well enough but I found that the act of activity doing things like working out, reading and cooking all kind of have a different pay off too them, but I guess I'm a little intimidated with it, maybe scared to suck would be more honest.
  2. :d *winks back* It's a naughty little trait of his ya (honestly XD I never looked at the buff that enemies had when I started playing and lost really hard cause I used too many) What VN are you reading ? The first one is really good, has some classic *scenes*. XD I don't know what to do to change my text size on mobile but I'm not worried about my blood I'm worried about me. a disgaea cross over ?!! <_< I kind of wish I stuck with it then cause I love that series. Nothing wrong with liking gender Bender, though missing is flonne tragic or etna. :P its a good thing. @Beocat @Roxeg @Miiyell thank you for the welcome. That's just what someone who is trying to get you into a death trap would say Hey and thank you, this seems like a pretty cool place with a lot of interesting people, hoping I can make some close friends. The class shows I've been really happy lately to see a kind of revive of classic shows I enjoyed as a kid coming back into the lime light a bit, it's been kind of getting back into rewatching some of them. Nintendo 64 ate up so much of my time as a kid but weirdly enough I never played any of the popular games for it expect for starfox 64. Funny enough I just picked up monster hunter world (though I have such a massive amount of games I want to finish that I'm not sure when I'll get to it) Also question what got you into drawing ?
  3. Lol Nooo I'll never lewd Sakura or any character from that show she is like an old friend to me at this point or idk my childhood innocent ....can't confirm or deny other anime though :3 It's kind of how roguelikes are if you figure out how to abuse them it almost is unfair for the bosses I haven't looked into fate/grand order yet but I'm reading though fate/hollow ataraxia kind of wanted to dive into the fate series about more cause I love the stay night VN and fate/zero, XD also let's not be come enemies. I only know one of those mobile games (alchemist code) still you seem pretty cool from what I know about you now. Damn be safe with the forest fires they have been crazy this year I've been hearing. XD the way I read this it makes me feel like BC is a death trap, like if it fire it's water :c you need the avatar.
  4. @Palatine thank you @XII360 wow no need to bring the FBI in on this...it's not like I'm already on a few lists <_< I'm not sure if it was changed from the last time you played it I dont follow the game updates that closely XD. Funny enough it sounds like your first win was the same way as my first win but if it makes you feel better if you play on the higher difficults then it's a bit harder to get to that point. Though I don't really know what you mean by hacked ? Feel free XD to share you "tastes" @Kohloo Ive never spent much time in that area XD but I could imagine it being pretty bad with all that water and hot weather. Doesn't it rain all the time from where your from ya ?
  5. I'm kind of glad about this, maybe it's just the series I've seen but I feel like shows that drag on tend to get bogged while trying to basically never end, leaving the watcher wanting more I don't see as along as you feel satisfied with the ending. Personal say that I'm a bigger fan of older shows, but I feel like that could be cause it's so much easier to know what is a gem not only with the time difference but with how much anime gets released now days it's easy to miss a show that could really click with you.
  6. @ArchieKun hellos !! That's true you could really see just how little people knew about anime back in the day before anime really become more popular the infumous pokemon is a cartoon thanks for the offer : D hopefully we do get to chat in the future. @Kohloo Thank thank you I hope I get to know quite a few of them. I'm from Ontario myself should have stuck around could meet up : D lol I kid. Idk favorite game is hard it would be ether Kingdom hearts or Bloodborne though kh is kind of cheating cause it's my childhood.
  7. Anime (and animation) is weird and that's why I love it : D, I grow up watching all kind of animation and found the that the the fact it could be more over the top and over designed really added to what I felt from the events (jokes could be funnier, action could be more over the top, the way dialog could be delivered in more interesting ways and the feels oh god the feels). While watching more standard movies and television could be really enjoyable, it could also only be so different from everything else but anime could be weird and crazy adding drama to some of the most basic things or tellings stories that just made no sense unless you experienced it. Of course as I watched more anime, I started to see similar stories and shows that feel like like clones of each other there is always something weird or different enough to keep me interested in it. I also have interest in manga but I can't say my love for it is nearly as strong but I'd say I enjoy it for very similar reason to why I enjoy animation the power to be over the top without just bring silly.
  8. So hello there this is a random thing I decided to give this a try cause why not? So how are you everyone ? so I'm a Canadian dood of the ripe old age of 24. Recently started watching card captor Sakura: clear cards and tbh it fills me with such joy I can't express it. I grow up watching anime before I even knew what anime was with stuff like pokemon and DBZ. Out side of anime I'd say gaming (I have way too many games to beat and I'm currently getting though all modes of slay the Spire) is my only real hobby though working out is something I'm try to develop got to be swol af.
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