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  1. Toilet paper shmoilet paper.
  2. King of Fighters All Stars on my phone. Been playing the doodoo out of it.
  3. nom nom nom...What was the question?.....nom nom nom
  4. From 70 to like 40 within a couple hours today. Good ol' Texas weather.
  5. All I want for Christmas is world peace. No, but seriously, we never used to do gifts when I was growing up. And now that we're older, my family has been more and more into it, but I'm still meh about it. I don't give anything, and I don't expect to receive anything.
  6. I'll keep it simple(lazy) and just copy your list. First job - Injection moulding factory Current job - Auto mechanic for a dealership Dream job - Aftermarket auto mechanic/fabrication Favorite food - Chicken wings Favorite dog - I like my dog, lol. Toy Poodle Favorite candy - meh Favorite ice cream - Vanilla and/or chocolate Favorite vehicle color- White(me and @Seshiare cool like that!) Favorite holiday - Thanksgiving Day of the week - Saturday Tattoos - 0 Likes to cook - I enjoy cooking, don't like cleaning up Drives stick - Sure do Likes vegetables - I'll eat them Wears glasses - Sunglasses Favorite season- Summer
  7. I've met a few people that way, and honestly, you're overthinking it. If you've already developed a relationship and share common interests with this individual, then everything should be just fine. Have fun!
  8. San Japan is this weekend!

  9. Nono


    Yay! More members. Welcome aboard @neptuna!
  10. Why is that? As for movies, I think some Samurai X would be nice.
  11. Hot Brushing teeth; Paste or Gel?
  12. I'v traveled the globe, far and near fighting attrition and relinquishing fear collected the dragon balls and when shenron was here I wished for Nova's perfect boyfriend to appear.
  13. Lupiiiiiiiin the 3rd! It fits under the crime category.
  14. Looks like she might need more than a hug, but I'd start with that.
  15. Hi there @shion_2907, welcome to our little space. I'm sure you'll have no problem making friends here. Have fun!
  16. Um, what? I'm not sure what you're asking. What are "my countries"?
  17. Subs are cool, dubs are cool, but sometimes the dubs can get pretty goofy with the voices and it just makes it hard to watch. Case in point, Ergo Proxy. I started watching it subbed, and then decided to try the dubbed version a few episodes in, and it was a joke. They gave Re-l's entourage(personal robot) one of the silliest voices I've had the mispleasure of hearing. I switched back to subbed and kept on my merry way.
  18. Hello and welcome to af. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.
  19. You're so nice, teach me.
  20. The opposite end of the cap and work up from there. If a deaf person sees me yawning, does he think I'm screaming?
  21. Yup, I wonder why natgeo and discovery have gotten away from this? I really liked when they would show their "wild" programming on a more regular basis. Natgeo Explorer was the bees knees!
  22. I'm not the biggest shark fan, but I'll be tuning in. I enjoy any animal/wilderness shows. I don't much care for the celebrity shows, I just want to see sharks being sharks. Plus my regular monday night discovery lineup has been put on hold, lol.
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