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Anime Reviews posted by KeilynLocke

    When I started this anime, I had already seen a few trailers and clips, so I came in knowing that I already thought of it as oddly cute. I have honestly attempted to watch nearly all of the girls Idol Group anime I've heard about, so I wanted to look into this one as well. I wasn't disappointed initially. I was a little sad when they went down the typical type of path musically, but the show was adorable overall, and the music wasn't bad. I honestly wish that more of the music had followed their second song's style, but not really a major complaint. I was actually super disappointed that it ended the way it did though, so I'm hoping the teases and rumors of a second season are true, as I did enjoy the series.

    I honestly grinded through the first ten episodes because I liked the feeling that I was getting from some of the characters. Asta, the protag, was honestly grating on my nerves for a while (omg his yells, *shudder*). After I got past that, it's a wonderfully developed world, and the dynamics of the relationships between characters is honestly the best part of this anime.

    In truth, it kinda feels like a little brother to Fairy Tail. The whole thing just has the same vibe, but is less in your face about the fact that the Magic Knights Squad that Asta joins is more like a family. I found myself drawn in by the bonds Asta forged with everyone, and again felt envious that those friends had total faith and stood behind him like that. But all in all, highly recommended anime.

    If you like the idea of fusing technology with magic, you'll love this anime. I am saddened by the lack of a second season so far. I loved the characters and the world of this anime. Not perfectly flushed out, but rounded out enough to be highly enjoyable. I love the idea that the Mechs are manufactured using condensed magic and fueled by pure magical energy, so it has that great idea built in. Honestly, it's a very solid and entertaining anime.

    To be honest, not the greatest gundam ever, but is a very solid mech anime overall. I honestly love the central plot theme that lay outside the Gundam fights, but the character diversity was what drew me in. I love the sheer spectrum of characters throughout, and have to admit, the plot twist were pulled off really well. Good mech anime, a decent casual anime to watch.

    This is a slice of life anime that pretty much has everything for a casual watch, or a short binge session. The humor is on point, there's loads of cuteness, and all sorts of subtext of relationships between the characters. Just the normal semi-daily lives of several high school girls and some of their teachers. If you want something fluffy and funny to watch on a short weekend binge, this is a great series do pick up.

    A solid show overall, if you like the occult and are looking for a school life of that kind. Enjoyable but kinda shallow characters, yet still pretty easy to like.

    A solid series for music lovers of most rock-type genres. Semi-slice of life about the members of the band called Beck/Mongolian Chop Squad. Fairly simple premise, good flow to the story, and the music is a good listen. I recommend this one for a single watch through, unless you really dig the soundtrack.

    Probably one of the best written pieces of fluff anime out there. Characters are super easy to like, the adult moments are relatively tame compared to other anime of the same genre, and the main character isn't as shallow as most male protagonists of this era were. I recommend at least one run through if you find it interesting.
    This show is hands down a top ten favorite for me. It has everything. Feels, action, humor, and a magic-like central theme. It's a good watch or re-watch.
    I actually kinda have a borderline relationship with this series. I love several aspects of it, yet a lot of the dark elements are way too personally familiar these days. I honestly love listening to the theme song on occasion, but I have yet to re-watch the series. There's a lot of cuteness in here, but there's also a lot of emotional trauma explored throughout. So, I do recommend FB, just go in with caution.
    I still am not sure why, but I managed to binge some of this series recently. Overall, it's kinda cute and I find the animation blend is done pretty well. I haven't finished it yet, but it's actually pretty enjoyable.
    I am not afraid to admit I loved this series. I find the relationships shared by the characters in the namesake guild to be enviable on my end. I love any kind of magic and the magic in this world is really fascinating.
    I'm honestly still not sure if I watched the original, or the remastered version, but I loved this show. The ending of the final arc was really dark and very emotional, but really really well done. I enjoyed this series from start to finish. Even though I don''t have the faintest idea which one it was I finished.

    Again a top ten and probably top five most I would most recommend. This series was adorable, the songs were great, and I literally have re-watched this show on two separate occasions. GO WATCH IT

    I enjoyed the first half of the series, but the second half I lost interest in the music aspect. I don't find 9 girls singing in harmony all that great. I liked the characters themselves and the stories that occurred in relation to those characters, but the music took away some of the enjoyment.
    I'm not completely sure on this one. It's not bad and the art style is pretty wicked. I like the premise, but some of the elements felt underdeveloped and/or rushed. It wasn't as fleshed out as it could have been.
    Very solid sequel to the original. New story elements but holds the spirit of the original. I enjoyed it plenty. I kind hope it gets more than one season.
    Been following this show for 13 years, soon to be 14. I am still a fan, even if some of the story arcs kind irk me. I mean it has LOADS of content.

    This show is a must see. Top five to recommend to others. I really enjoyed the characters and the story in this one. There were delightful twists and unexpected depth to some of the characters that I was wonderfully surprised with. Overall a great watch, and not a bad series to binge either.

    I agree with previous reviewer in all aspects. It's a great way to unwind or just be chill. The characters are very cute, but there is a lack of depth in some aspects in the overall story. Not a bad anime though

    Most recommended anime for anyone that wants to cry. That simple. This story is simply beautiful, yet heart-wrenching. The music is lovely and very easy to listen to. I adore the animation and the arts style; simply gorgeous. I cannot say enough about this amazing series. Please go watch it.

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