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  1. KeilynLocke

    Soul Eater

    This show is a must see. Top five to recommend to others. I really enjoyed the characters and the story in this one. There were delightful twists and unexpected depth to some of the characters that I was wonderfully surprised with. Overall a great watch, and not a bad series to binge either.
  2. KeilynLocke

    One Piece

    Been following this show for 13 years, soon to be 14. I am still a fan, even if some of the story arcs kind irk me. I mean it has LOADS of content.
  3. KeilynLocke

    Major 2nd

    Very solid sequel to the original. New story elements but holds the spirit of the original. I enjoyed it plenty. I kind hope it gets more than one season.
  4. KeilynLocke

    Megalo Box

    I'm not completely sure on this one. It's not bad and the art style is pretty wicked. I like the premise, but some of the elements felt underdeveloped and/or rushed. It wasn't as fleshed out as it could have been.
    I enjoyed the first half of the series, but the second half I lost interest in the music aspect. I don't find 9 girls singing in harmony all that great. I liked the characters themselves and the stories that occurred in relation to those characters, but the music took away some of the enjoyment.
  5. KeilynLocke


    Again a top ten and probably top five most I would most recommend. This series was adorable, the songs were great, and I literally have re-watched this show on two separate occasions. GO WATCH IT
  6. KeilynLocke

    Hunter x Hunter (1999)

    I'm honestly still not sure if I watched the original, or the remastered version, but I loved this show. The ending of the final arc was really dark and very emotional, but really really well done. I enjoyed this series from start to finish. Even though I don''t have the faintest idea which one it was I finished.
  7. KeilynLocke

    Fairy Tail

    I am not afraid to admit I loved this series. I find the relationships shared by the characters in the namesake guild to be enviable on my end. I love any kind of magic and the magic in this world is really fascinating.
  8. KeilynLocke

    Frame Arms Girl

    I still am not sure why, but I managed to binge some of this series recently. Overall, it's kinda cute and I find the animation blend is done pretty well. I haven't finished it yet, but it's actually pretty enjoyable.
  9. KeilynLocke

    Fruits Basket

    I actually kinda have a borderline relationship with this series. I love several aspects of it, yet a lot of the dark elements are way too personally familiar these days. I honestly love listening to the theme song on occasion, but I have yet to re-watch the series. There's a lot of cuteness in here, but there's also a lot of emotional trauma explored throughout. So, I do recommend FB, just go in with caution.
  10. KeilynLocke

    Hagane no Renkinjutsushi

    This show is hands down a top ten favorite for me. It has everything. Feels, action, humor, and a magic-like central theme. It's a good watch or re-watch.
  11. KeilynLocke


    Probably one of the best written pieces of fluff anime out there. Characters are super easy to like, the adult moments are relatively tame compared to other anime of the same genre, and the main character isn't as shallow as most male protagonists of this era were. I recommend at least one run through if you find it interesting.
  12. KeilynLocke

    Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

    A solid series for music lovers of most rock-type genres. Semi-slice of life about the members of the band called Beck/Mongolian Chop Squad. Fairly simple premise, good flow to the story, and the music is a good listen. I recommend this one for a single watch through, unless you really dig the soundtrack.
  13. KeilynLocke

    Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

    Most recommended anime for anyone that wants to cry. That simple. This story is simply beautiful, yet heart-wrenching. The music is lovely and very easy to listen to. I adore the animation and the arts style; simply gorgeous. I cannot say enough about this amazing series. Please go watch it.
  14. KeilynLocke

    Ao no Exorcist

    A solid show overall, if you like the occult and are looking for a school life of that kind. Enjoyable but kinda shallow characters, yet still pretty easy to like.
  15. KeilynLocke

    Sakura Quest

    I agree with previous reviewer in all aspects. It's a great way to unwind or just be chill. The characters are very cute, but there is a lack of depth in some aspects in the overall story. Not a bad anime though
  16. I don't really have a singular favorite game, mostly franchises and favorite releases in those franchises. Zelda: torn between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, Final Fantasy: VIII followed by X-2, Metroid: The Prime trilogy, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and for Pokemon it's Yellow with the Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald set. For non-franchise games: Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Trigger. I really should get around to playing my copy of Chrono Cross.
  17. I'm a bit in the middle with this one. I like a lot of different anime from many different eras. 90s shows like Slayers, Cowboy Bebop, the first Zoids series, and Monster Rancher are some of my favorites of all time. Then shows like Azumanga, Gurren Lagann, FMA, Rahxephon, Haibane Renmei, Chobits, My-Otome, HSD: Kenichi, s-CRY-ed, and Angelic Layer of the 00s are also on that list. I don't recall watching any anime from earlier than the 90s outside of Studio Ghibli films, some of Dirty Pair, and Speed Racer. But I also found out that the original Cutey Honey was aired in the 70s, so I did watch that one too. And some of the newer spin offs. @RepentantSky Your list is awesome, so I wanna chime in a response. 10. @leinwandname has a point really about both the target demographics and the life experiences of a large number of Mangaka. As a author, and as a tip to other authors, writing from experience is the most used tool/crutch in creative writing. It gets tricky writing from a view point that the author doesn't know or may not understand. So, it typically doesn't happen in most of the writing industries. 9. It's an unfortunate aspect of anything commercialized. The line "Sex sells" is like an industry standard in any sort of media production. However like @Beocat said, it's grossly skewed in favor of sexualizing women. Not that there isn't any cases where they sexualize men though. Just not as common to see. It would require a massive shift in the way people react to the oversexualization of character's in any type of media production to see it come to an end. 8. Do you mean how certain genres use the same tropes and character archetypes/stereotypes repetitively? I'm not sure exactly what you mean here. 7. I hate when they try to overlay one world on top of another and don't really try to blend the two in any cohesive way at all. It usually give me a headache trying to comprehend how anything functions in these awful mashup type settings, so I usually stop watching them like a couple episodes after the worlds are blended. 6. My own personal art style is me trying to find a blend between comic book styles and a more realistic anime/manga style. I find it hard to get into an anime that go for a massively disproportionate facial/body anatomy. It's honestly my biggest hangup with shows like Sailor Moon Crystal, or anything by CLAMP. I find it really difficult to get past the lack of proportions in the art style, so I kind usually give up. 5.I DESPISE harems. I find it UTTERLY RIDICULOUS for a half dozen people to fall in love with a single person. I also find that it's typically a completely bland Protagonist that this happens to. The fact that they say the protag's lack of personality is so that the audience can more easily put themselves in the MC's place just pisses me off even more. I see this as a lack of creativity on the author's part, or a typical male self-insert. HAREMS NEED TO DIE. PLEASE. 4. I have a personally involved perspective on this, being a member of the LGBTQIA community in two aspects. Yaoi anime is typically more Ecchi, Yuri is usually written by guys that have no clue(I used to be in this category) on the complexity of female emotions. Dramas do exist for these as well, but are also typically bland in someway or another as the cast/crew really don't understand what they're trying to depict in these scenarios. Or they do and they're not given the okay to make it more accurate. I am really sad to say this, but the probability of a Bi MC who is torn between being involved with a member of BOTH binary genders is extremely low. With the way society sees Bis and Aces and non-binaries, such a media production is not likely to make it past the pitch phase. 3. I agree with you here. I find it really hard to be interested in something when they don't film or animate what they're trying to convey. 2. Never been a fan of gore really. So I can't add anything on this. 1. This has more to do with who gets cast. Usually they try to bring in Seiyuu, in the case of the original, or VAs, in the case of dubs, who have proven themselves and live near to the studio doing the audio production. It's typically a budget concern, but there are cases where they want to use an actor's fame to bring in more audience. It really doesn't always have to deal with the lack of talented seiyuu/VAs, but more concern toward the budget. They also tend to not like taking risks on unknowns. So, there's what I have to say on this matter.
  18. I don't have to lol. MY bestie has 3 out of 4 of those. I can play them whenever I think to ask for 'em. I just have a lot of fond memories of Diddy Kong Racing; one of the only good set of memories involving some of my cousins. I am just astounded that the market for nostalgic games like N64 games is almost identical to the resell market of MtG.
  19. I honestly forgot that the dot hack series was of the same genre and had the same central plot as SAO when I watched the first 3 SAO series. My ex before last was a massive dot Hack fan, so much so that she owned all DVDs of the series that had been released at that point and several of the games too. Honestly, looking at SAO again, and comparing it to dot Hack is kinda insulting dot Hack. SAO was a completely improperly paced story. It honestly feels like something a 12 year old in the 90s would have written as a fanfic for dot Hack. At least that's how I see it. I'm kind of in a mood to sit down and properly watch dot Hack again, as I never got to finish it.
  20. It was given to me with Star Fox, Goemon's Adventure, and the other games elude my memory right now. I think there's two others and I can't remember if one of the Banjo titles was in there. I'd have to actually search for it all. My best friend actually has a system too, so we share games. I need to go fetch my Super NES and see if I can get it working again. edit: I just remembered that there was a copy of both LoZ: OoT and Majora's Mask. Still drawing a blank on the other game.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Mamoru's name in the DIC dub Darien? And I agree with Asuma's death. That was horrific for me. It was probably the major influence why I didn't finish Naruto until after Boruto's first season was on Crunchyroll. I hated that such a well developed character was killed off.
  22. I agree blogs would work, tumblr being the best example of that. If I wanted to, I'd post some of my stuff in a blog here, if only to generate interest in my fanfics. I honestly think that an entire section dedicated to creativity can get out of hand. The last Anime-Forums crew had to create an entire new server dedicated to the writers back in like 2006. They awarded me my Gmail account based on my activity back then. With a lack of life outside of schoolwork that is.
  23. It's kinda heart breaking. I got myself a mint condition N64 about 18 months ago, and I'm having a hard time finding my favorite titles for it because most of the prices I find are ridiculous. I mean, the average price for a game like Diddy Kong racing is $34 here in Colorado.
  24. I have watched at least a handful of almost all the Zoids series. Kinda looking forward to watching Wild sometime soon. My favorites were New Century Zero then Chaotic Century. I love that the characters actually bond with the zoids they're piloting, rather than just piloting them. Any one like the series, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?
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