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  1. I do enjoy delicious oreos. I mostly dunk and nom. There are times I just eat it as is. I can't have them in my home, I will always want to grab one. Edit: So, I remembered I had some oreos left and went to get some. I dunked and it was a yummy snack. Lol.
  2. Coffee Preference: Iced Coffee Almond milk/ No Sugar Caramel Swirl & Toasted Almond I really enjoy iced over hot drinks. Unless, it is hot cocoa or teas. Ha-ha.
  3. Thank you! No worries, it is never too late to see me around now. Lol.
  4. Ooo, so I've decided to re-watch some good slice of life and shoujo animes. I've seen, Say, I Love you and currently watching From Me to You. After that, NANA will be next. I am pretty excited tapping into my inner teen girl memories.
  5. I've seen 7Seeds and I mostly like it, but there are some parts i didn't favor. I liked how the two seasons are completely different; from chaos to growth (don't want to spoil anything). But some characters were lacking a bit, but I understand they weren't the main cast. I really disliked team summer A and their characters. This is just me whining about my least favorite people. Overall, it has a pretty cool perspective of civilization and how it should be reformed.
  6. I will do my number one and latest favorite, because it's been awhile since I really loved an anime. Number 1 - Cowboy Bebop For starters, Cowboy Bebop is an anime that covers a wide range of genres. This series has a funky sci-fi vibe with a deep rooted storyline and great character development. I also enjoy the mid-western mixed with space. Latest Fave - Carole & Tuesday Now, Beck will always be a favorite in the music genre, but damn, Carole & Tuesday won my heart with its storyline and wide range of music. I love every
  7. Thank you so much for the love! RZ, I bet your cats are freaking adorable!
  8. Thank you both and likewise. Just FYI, I think cats are great, but not for me as a pet. I’m not a pet person, but I adore other pets. In the geek world, nekomimi love.
  9. Hello my darlings and everyone! it has been over a year (I think) that I was last seen around the forum. I apologize for anyone I’ve lost contact with, it was not because I don’t like any of you anymore. *Tears up*. Since I am on lockdown now, I do have more time on my hands (sort of). I hope I get to see some old faces and meet new lovely ones!
  10. It’s so lonely in this section! Let’s show some love to our cosplayers and share some tips. It does not matter if you cosplay professionally or just doing it casually. We all have our inner cosplay persona. Share with us any looks you’re working on, have done, thinking about...well you get the point! As for myself, I cosplay casually and mostly expirement with looks and original characters. Make sure it is SFW and keep it friendly! For me here is today’s goofing around pic. Since I normally to light themed cosplays. I have tried to lean more towards the da
  11. This weather is too darn cold and moody! *Huffs* Whatever happened to wonderful fall/spring weather?
  12. Despite Valentine’s Day being another cooperate sham for us gullible humans. The husband and I have that day off. I have made it a habit to request the day off and force the hubs to do so as well. Lol.. We seldom have days together, so it’s why I have made it a tradition. We just pick out things to do and enjoy our time. This year we have chosen a spa day. Along with dinner and a movie. We have from the moment we drop off our little bean to school in the morning until 3ish in the afternoon. We include our son on the other half of our Valentine’s Day adventure for dinner. If I were single
  13. Thank you. It was a Halloween 2018 piece (Zombie chibi). The first one is just a graphics banner I did. So the art I did not do, just used renders and brushes. Also, yes, the third was watercolor on paint tool sai. Not my best. Need to practice a lot.
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