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  1. Nothing after I step on one I gove up trying to avoid then ,and I walk like a normal person .
  2. I never walk on cracks. Since I was a kid I would never step on cracks in the street ,and to this day I avoid it as much as possible.
  3. Sometimes it feels good to tell people how your life is . It could be good , bad , terrible or Just ok . Also if any one cares my life is always garbage...
  4. Well hello sobun , how are you doing . I do not think eggs go well with bacon ,but they do go with toast .
  5. Image 9 ( what I would expect from anime forms ) Name 7 ( also what I expect from the anime forms )
  6. I played it before oddly enough ,and honestly the game wasn't that bad... GO CORY GO CORY , NOW LISTEN UP ;)
  7. Hey Sobun you should make this open To more than the club If you want people to respond . OK about MMO anime I dont normally what them , but overlord is a great one I puts a twist on a normal MMO . Its a really fun show If you haven't you should check it out
  8. Playing some pokemon fire red ...
  9. I cringe when I go to Thanksgiving and see the Christmas tree out . It just really bugs me !
  10. Yeah I agree but EA does push a lot more purchases On people which give the company a very bad reputation among fans .
  11. I had Grand theft Auto for the gameboy Advance ,and I would purposely kill people as often as I could. It felt good crushing tiny people will a tiny car .
  12. This is the best part of Pokemon!
  13. Yeah Arcanine is good ,and you can find growlithe on rought 127 I think .
  14. Thanks I was useing nuzlock as a term for a pokemom challenge ,but it good to know the official rules too so thank you .:)
  15. A useless human being who can't get a job #parents house for life
  16. Are traps gay ? 

    1. Nono
    2. Comvex


      All joking aside if you like a trap are you gay . Becase when I was watching Re Zero and I saw Ferris I though he was kind of cute untill ... I found out he was a guy .... *cough*

  17. EA doesn't make games like they use to *cough*SWbattlefront 2 *cough*
  18. So many people I can't even remember . Also I meant to say pre school best to let them know that there gonna die as soon as possible
  19. Yeah agreed, but you can't harm the defective pikachu story that much it's only one game ,so unless you turn Misty into a guy Im not gonna care that much
  20. Ive played 2000 ,but oddly enough I've never heard of 3000
  21. Love is a pointless matter one day we will all die ,then slowly our lifeless husks will decay in dirt . one day I will go to a random kindergarten classroom ,and tell then that .
  22. When I was a kid I played a lot of simcity4 ,and magic the gathering
  23. The makes it seem like its more a movie for older audiences ,also I really hope it does not completely alter the story like in pokemon I choose you . After that betral I stoped watch the series
  24. It's not the best , but I think it's way better than shows like raganaroc or SAO . also I think it has some bleak character's with a bland story , but it has some cool goblin deaths
  25. What's everyone's opinion on the new live action Pokemon movie ,DetectivePikachu. Will character's from the games or anime be in the movie . also will the movie be any were close to the game its based off of .

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