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  1. Bday you say happy bday @Wedgy
  2. Pc Fries or mashed potato?
  3. Pokes choco mucho 😂

    1. Mazino


      pokes the crispy chips nova

    2. Seshi


      Oooh, Muco, I heard you were tasty... Watch out. We dont just eat potatoes around here

    3. Nova


      Where food buddies😛

  4. Kickback Netflix or youtube?
  5. Finally got my haircut 👻

  6. Plus got my haircut just now even if my day was ruined
  7. Zombies Hanging out with friends or solo time?
  8. Though getting a haircut for later must maintain my handsome boyish look
  9. I made this before current names are Mint and Toffee
  10. How are you for today @xWickedNekox
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