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  1. Simpsons My little pony or smurf?
  2. Passing by to say hi and also i love/like konosuba as well

  3. I welcome you to af let me intro myself im Nova the ghostly potato of this site and a pleasure to meet you
  4. "Sometimes, I wonder who you see when you look at me"

    From the movie -The Falling (2014)

  5. Hiya new person welcome to af hope you will like this community of ours from Nova the ghostly potato
  6. Loneliness in my heart,pain by my side.

    Random stuff i made before

  7. For you @The History Kid You get Roy Mustang of Fma
  8. Welcome to the friendly site of af have fun here with us all from Nova the ghostly potato
  9. I still need a good name for my black cat
  10. I prefer a different weapon over a knife
  11. For a pet i want a black cat
  12. What kind of knife though? @The History Kid
  13. I do carry with me the t virus aka typos virus
  14. Nova

    I Don't know if i should laugh or be scared at your avi😂

  15. Ends up with a cold😷

    1. Xyro


      Nawh, make sure to drink plenty and rest up then Nova! best way to get rid of a cold is to flush it out after all ^w^

    2. Nova


      No worries though it will be gone soon

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