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  1. Lol.it was my dad bday not mine yet Thank you
  2. Is butterbeer a beer lol Potions,riding a broom etc things im looking forward too
  3. When this day is meh 🙍

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    2. Nova


      Lol it wont work like that

    3. Shiroe


      Aw, hope you guys feel better soon. 🙇‍♂️

    4. Nova
  4. Kumara his my anime husband after all well first one Island or beach?
  5. Drive a car with windows down Ninja or samurai?
  6. But what if its with food though
  7. @Lelouch you never told me you have purple eyes pokes you
  8. We are all.kids at heart anyway
  9. I was even went to a relationship with food
  10. Food is love after all and stormy time again hence no classes for my little niece
  11. Everything off hard for me to sleep with lights on and noise Gun or Sword?
  12. I been good and the person i like chatting with etc
  13. Me too though on store i could mostly get/buy the fried one
  14. I agree just do what you love to do And a big welcome to you from me from Nova the ghostly potato
  15. Oh new person glad you join the af site alot of us are nice and friendly and i tend to watch other genre from Nova the ghostly potato
  16. Welcome to af the friendly site hope you will like it here from Nova the ghostly potato
  17. We just had a simple dinner at home with fresh spring rolls
  18. Thanks for the follow back 

  19. Haha its ok i was just happy that's all
  20. Endy waiting for you to accept me at discord
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