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  1. Hiya and im willing to be your friend ,i love romance genre in anime and welcome here to af I'm Nova the ghostly potato
  2. Nova


    Waves and say hi glad you join us at af from Nova the ghostly potato
  3. Kagura answer Marsh "where just good friends after all" after that she checks her phone see a message from Sofia and replies back to it. "I know Sofia i'm excited for it and my class will do a cat cafe theme one".
  4. Thanks i really need to get more sleep
  5. Oh Evangelion is one of my fav anime ,do you have a fav genre and welcome to af from.Nova the ghostly potato
  6. "I plan to join the cooking club since i wanted to learn how to cook/bake" Kagura said to the twins .
  7. My dad bday is coming soon

  8. You been doing good so far with your rp char
  9. i am nice its my way of being caring and why am on sand still will hug you
  10. Yup along with some punishment im joking by the way @The History Kid
  11. Hiya and welcome to af glad you join us here from Nova the ghostly potato
  12. No worries im the same though im half chinese my parents where the same when they find out i was liking anime etc but sooner they accepted my hobby sadly not for my relatives they say im too old for anime and im not a social person irl myself but ol im kinda talkative
  13. omg anyway i miss chatting with you
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