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  1. Thanks i really need to get more sleep
  2. Oh Evangelion is one of my fav anime ,do you have a fav genre and welcome to af from.Nova the ghostly potato
  3. "I plan to join the cooking club since i wanted to learn how to cook/bake" Kagura said to the twins .
  4. My dad bday is coming soon

  5. You been doing good so far with your rp char
  6. i am nice its my way of being caring and why am on sand still will hug you
  7. Yup along with some punishment im joking by the way @The History Kid
  8. Hiya and welcome to af glad you join us here from Nova the ghostly potato
  9. No worries im the same though im half chinese my parents where the same when they find out i was liking anime etc but sooner they accepted my hobby sadly not for my relatives they say im too old for anime and im not a social person irl myself but ol im kinda talkative
  10. omg anyway i miss chatting with you
  11. Captain America Fantasy or reality?
  12. Nova


    Ah same can't wait to have internet again so i watch anime and play ol games at laptop for now offline mobile games will do for me Can anyone donate to me a ps4 lol jk
  13. Tired,hungry and still sleepy Omg hk does it mean your chinese or something i know the feeling of having no friends especially at school especially if your into anime ah this reminds me of my hs days i was such a loner
  14. Try Tales of the abyss or Konosuba and slayers
  15. Hello and welcome to af glad you joined this friendly site from Nova the ghostly potato
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