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  1. Lol you guys are so silly who wants the link to my rp game Game is up feel free to join guys ps im not a good rp player but let's have fun still.
  2. Kagura : Age:14 Hobby:likes to collect cat items Personality:Simple,Sweet Girl Dislikes:Spicy Food
  3. My rp game is now open for players to join

    1. Seshi


      Here's the link

  4. None no money for it If you could be the opposite gender what will you name yourself?
  5. We need to be rp partners👻

  6. Text messages Mobile games or console games?
  7. Though my problem is where to make the thread here on chit chat or forum section one plus if you want to join tell me which one you want the angel vs demon or school romance it will be a casual
  8. Super mario world snes Loyalty or cheating?
  9. What is sleep even ?current philippine time 12:07am sunday and im still awake👻😶

    1. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      ghosts don't sleep anyway 😂

    2. Ohayotaku


      Considering that it was noon Saturday here when you posted that, time is a pretty obscure concept as well 

    3. Nova


      Lol @Illusion of Terra but im also a potato though and time zone can do that @Ohiotaku

  10. We can do a simple rp for starter
  11. I mostly do simplr casual.rp here with @Lelouch i tend to tease him much on it
  12. Red color of blood lol Ariel or Mulan?
  13. A battle like angels vs demon and one is a romance kind in a school setting if i can make a thread etc do you plan to join?
  14. Nova

    Lurks and say hello

    1. Geano


      Hi there how goes it.

    2. Nova


      Not that good but it will surely pass

  15. We should ask our friend @Seshi
  16. This chat gets random rp though it would be nice to have a rp section here
  17. 😂its so fun to tease you

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    2. Nova


      😂since you put it that way i will put on hold what i plan to do with you on wicked thread😛

    3. Lelouch


      Oh looks like I have a secret admirer   😂

    4. Nova


      Where who is she😂

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