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  1. Super strength Money or love?
  2. Lol should i tell or let you wonder
  3. Now come along i have something special for you
  4. Yugioh cards pizza or pasta?
  5. Teleports and drags you no escape from me
  6. Since you said it im coming for you next @Lelouch
  7. What skin? Lol i miss playing video games
  8. Lol i been here lurking and posting pokes @Kinbaryu
  9. Practice can do wonders or just being close to each other Being close to someone can do that
  10. Yup its them with new nick like me Kagakoko to nova
  11. I still want to be a person but as a guy my boyish side is showing
  12. Think of it as role play @Crevanille
  13. Welcome to af from Nova the ghostly potato
  14. No one can meet me irl i live in space
  15. You pretend to be me i prefer mermaid
  16. True in some ways lol @Crevanille still shocked
  17. Well as long as the two of you enjoy each other company all goodi end up missing my ex
  18. Though you two act way too much as a couple
  19. Peanuts Romantic or Sporty?
  20. Lurks

    1. Crevanille


      Sup lurker? XD

    2. Nova


      Just lurking as usual and chatting with my best friend on wicked thread

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