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  1. No dvd player no internet so sadly none just youtube food blogger
  2. Sad and hurt i end up crying
  3. i kaga the ghostly potato of af welcome you and hoping to see you more around
  4. Im liking both boy and girl char but alot of girl char i mostly like are abit boyish like me and some are in similar in personality like me so i can relate to them , the boys char i like are silent mysterious kind red hair even.
  5. I seen pandora hearts as well it was great and soma makes me hungry when i see food and welcome to af from kaga the ghostly potato
  6. And im fine for today which is good since i don't have med for my ulcerthis potato must be tough if i can
  7. No worries i don't have coffee in morning just hot choco
  8. Well im trying to but being poor ends up eating/drinking stuff im not allowed to have
  9. Sadly yesterday noon until evening i had a bad ulcer attack
  10. Before rpg video games,badminton Now mobile casual games,reading books,watching anime,sometimes roblox
  11. Of course i would 3 foods you never liked?
  12. Boys will be boys,speaking of beach we have one popular among tourists for its white sand the place is called boracay
  13. True just a walk on sand ,watching sunset,eating yummy foodburying enemies on sand jk lol
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