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  1. Eating choco after dinner best part
  2. They said my phone program was already having problems even if gets fixed the problem will just come back so getting a new one was the solution
  3. Hiya welcome to af im Nova the ghostly potato and i seen ranma1/2 and heidi too
  4. Welcome to the friendly site of af im Nova the ghostly potato
  5. Sailormoon,clannad try those as well along with tales of the abyss
  6. I actually find this pic disturbing
  7. Welcome to af and no worries we all start from somewhere im Nova the ghostly potato of this site enjoy it here with us
  8. Welcome new one to af im Nova the ghostly potato of this site and willing to be friends with you
  9. i like your art lil bro good job
  10. Nova

    Lil bro have as well a box of donuts 👻

  11. can't wait to have some ice cream soon
  12. Plane ticket so you can go to any country you want
  13. Lol i can't even draw I gift you ticket for a movie
  14. I ban you cause its my way of welcome back
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