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  1. Being oneself is more better it makes me happy if people can accept my good/bad side and still would be my friend.
  2. It was like my romantic place i wanted to see but if have the money i would visit some of the beautiful places that my country has to offer first.
  3. I forgot to add this game parasite eve my older brother is more of a re fan than i am.
  4. I actually liked a few kdrama myself cause the story and cast where good.
  5. I agree its one of the reason why i became a otaku.
  6. I wanted to play as well resident evil but i keep dying tends to be eaten so much by zombies lol.
  7. The two horror games i played are echo night and silent hill.
  8. I would be happy since i hardly have anyone having a crush on me.
  9. The anime i re watched so far are Sailormoon,Magic Knight Rayearth,Yuyu Hakusho,Flame Of Recca,Evangelion,Gatekeepers etc.
  10. Try gravitation it's the only yaoi anime i end up liking.
  11. My grandma house is kinda scary though my aunt did a change from old to modern one but still scares me especially in night time.
  12. Some are even too short like 5-10 minutes .
  13. Afaird of dark but now i can't sleep when lights is on though im kinda scared if lights is off in my grandma's house.
  14. i rather pick escalator over stairs unless no other choice.
  15. Though its sad when a anime doesn't have a new season .
  16. Before escalator was one of the things i fear but now im not though my parents help me in a way to overcome it.
  17. Same its more fun when all of the ep is out.
  18. Story,characters and lastly its ost,that makes me like a anime series/movie/ova.
  19. Mine is liked isn't anime for kids and are you still watching anime even if your too old? -it kinda annoys me when relatives or other people ask me this when they don't realize i learn alot from anime .
  20. Well for me i tend to make others happy before myself,i like to help others if i can but sadly when im down or sad i have no one to turn too.my bad side is i tend to blame myself too much like i end up saying sorry alot and overthink things ,and i push others away before i get hurt by people i care.
  21. Plus i rather watch a anime where all of its ep is out than to wait a week.
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