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  1. I will pass that kind of attraction lol not my cup of tea.
  2. I tend to watch both old/new series it just depends on the anime summary if it makes me interested to see it.
  3. I forgot i play roblox too from time to time
  4. Same i get nervous when i try to look down but others are fine with it.
  5. In my country kpop/kdrama is the second popular thing anime still is the first though i myself seen a few kdrama but can never be a hard core kpop lover.
  6. That's kinda my problem like i don't know how to make a topic worrying i could bored someone.
  7. Hana yori dango is also my fav though its originally a manga then a anime and it became popular as a live version taiwan called it as meteor garden saw the korean and japanese live version of it as well.
  8. Red,black,white then pink and blue.
  9. I like milk chocolate alot,then mango /pineapple juice,coke float,rootbeer,coke,sprite
  10. Tom and jerry Spongebob squarepants Mr bean the animated version The simpsons
  11. I hope someday we can also see each other irl
  12. No one yet since im fairly new . If you could learn a new language what would it be?
  13. is happy to being friends with you
  14. Same i wanted to see sanrio pureland,akihabara area too and other places.
  15. Spaghetti though i do like pizza as well.
  16. My first anime crush is kurama from yuyu hakusho his smart and good looking. And i like how he use a rose as a weapon.
  17. My choices is strawberry panic and revolutionary girl utena i like how cute the uniforms are and both have interesting story for me.
  18. I can be your friend as well and like you im a loner too.
  19. For me when a person replies to my comment /thread ,having similar likes also helps and when i welcome new users.
  20. Hi and welcome as well since where both new hope we get along and be friends.
  21. Me im new just joined some hrs ago.
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