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  1. My choices is strawberry panic and revolutionary girl utena i like how cute the uniforms are and both have interesting story for me.
  2. I can be your friend as well and like you im a loner too.
  3. For me when a person replies to my comment /thread ,having similar likes also helps and when i welcome new users.
  4. Hi and welcome as well since where both new hope we get along and be friends.
  5. Me im new just joined some hrs ago.
  6. Heights when im the mall im scared of looking down when im in the 4th /5th floor.elevator cause it makes me worry if i get trapped or something and stairs like when i go down i have to look down since i fallen down a stairs when i was a kid.
  7. One litre of tears made me cry so much plus it has some amazing ost.
  8. My ign is mostly Risahearts its a combo of a anime name char from dn angel and my love for hearts.and now its kaga koko from golden time i just like her personality.
  9. Lol need a genie for lots of money
  10. Garlic my all time fav in my country we have some stuff like fish sauce,shrimp paste and for cooking we mostly use soy sauce and vinegar
  11. Sadly no money even if i wanted to travel in another country but given a chance i would visit japan,paris and usa
  12. I like peppers alot even in pizza ends up getting hungry.
  13. Fried eggs and hard boiled are my choices not much for scramble one
  14. Mine is so-so not that bad not that good either.
  15. Its one of my fav pies even if its pricey at my country
  16. It mostly has evaporated milk and lots of egg
  17. I never can bake one mostly our bakeshop/bakery here sells it either per slice or a whole thing its even sweet
  18. Nova

    Im good and having fun here at the forums.

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    2. Geano


      Its been ok a lot on my mind today.

    3. Nova


      For me still trying to cope from my recent breakup

    4. Geano


      That will only heal in time my friend I have been through several rough break ups myself.

  19. I like a few pie myself which might not be known like egg pie,peach mango pie
  20. Nova

    Hi guys

    Oh cool ,plus i joined some clubs as well.
  21. Sailormoon finished the original,crystal version ,live action japanese ver,ccs but not yet for the clear card arc,wedding peach,kaitou saint tail,magic knight rayearth.
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