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  1. 👻i like the new avatar since its my fav color

    1. Mazino


      Thanks @Nova

      I will probably keep it for sometime.


    2. Nova


      Your welcome @Muco👻

  2. Chocolate after dinner makes a happy ghost potato
  3. Trying to erase this sadness, (Again and again…)
    I ran down the darkened stairs. (…recreate the past.)
    There’s someone I want to protect. (It’s you.)
    So I’ll put it into words, (trying to reset again):
    “I’m sure we’ll find one another someday."

    From the anime Sakurada Reset aka Sagrada Reset

    Op1 By Yui Makino

    Song title-Reset

    This is part of the song in english translation👻


  4. 👻oh thanks for the follow back

  5. Hiyawelcome to the af community please to have with you with us im Nova the ghostly potato
  6. I been good and was visiting my mal account poke we haven't chatted at discord for some time now
  7. Mine was kurama from yuyu hakusho though that crush ends up turning into my first anime husband
  8. Nova

    Anime Convention

    Events like that makes me excited even if i have to wait in long line but still worth it just to see cosplayers,watching contest like battle of the bands,eating contest cosplayer competition,buying a few merch and our con tends to get international guest cosplayer but the meet and greet has separate payment ,we also have guest performer too ,mybe someday i will be back to experience it. Some of the anime merch i bought before sorry for my pic bad taking quality
  9. https://myanimelist.net/anime/122/Full_Moon_wo_Sagashite?q=fullmoon wo This made me cry and became close to my heart a must watch
  10. Your Welcome and that is great then
  11. Losing another friend makes me sad and hurt not good for my depression but this life and reality

  12. Hello Tavi, I Nova the ghostly potato is pleased to meet you i like alot of anime but my top three are Sailormoon,Magic Knight Rayearth and Golden Time.Have a fun and nice time with us all at af community
  13. "You did well Sofia with the tea it taste great." Kaguara told her friend. "Next we should do the cookies."
  14. Hiya John welcome to af i can be your friend here in this nice community i am Nova the ghostly potato
  15. That you almost gave up playing it,cause i admit i tend to do it alot on the video games i used to play.
  16. Nice two people and one ghost here and @Endynyp poke how have you been?
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