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  1. πŸ™bad day again while crying

  2. I like you cause your nice and sweet
  3. Football Video games or board games?
  4. Welcome to af hope you two achieve the goal in your life best of luck from Nova the ghostly potato
  5. Just made another game enjoy it guys

  6. You tell the user above why you like him/her in any good nice reason of course.you can also be creative on your reason as well .
  7. Welcome to af glad to have you here with us and im willing to be your friend im Nova the ghostly potato of this wonderful community
  8. Sailormoon If you could visit any planet where you would go?
  9. No one posting here so ehm sings all by myself oh wait opps forgot this is about hp
  10. Added two more people at my haunted list

    @ArchieKunΒ and @Muco


    1. Mazino


      Oh No!Β I gotta find a place to hide.


    2. Nova
  11. Cheeseburger Basketball or swimming?
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