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  1. I love slice of life too. Yeah I also hope I can pull this off. I've done comics before but maybe only 2 pages. Good observation. I had a tough time deciding what color to give the 2nd character. Let me try if black works.
  2. Is that how it's really gonna look? It doesn't look very modern. Looks like a previous generation console. But it's only my opinion. I think it's interesting. I've always believed the more choices for the consumer the better. Up to a certain point of course. I hope it's a legit gaming console and not just an Android box for casual gaming.
  3. If you only want the voices and not the music it will be very hard. Basically, you have to extract the audio only. Then edit the audio so only the voices remain. You will then have a MP3 file that you can use in any video editing software. If its okay to have the voices and music, then use Video To MP3 Converter. I think it's free. Just Google it. Or a website that allows you to grab the audio only of You Tube videos. Something like Keep Vid, Save Vid and other similar websites. Then its only a matter of video editing. There are free video editing software out there. And some websites even allow you to edit online. After animating, export the animation as a video and combine it with the MP3. And now you have your trailer.
  4. Hey at least you're aware of it. Aware that you have a limited time on this earth and therefore need to make the most out of it. Others think they'll live forever. And its awesome that we have another member who can write poetry. Please feel free to add to the Creative Corner. It feels like we now have a complete creative community.
  5. Hello! Nice to meet you @leyley I'm Ryan. Welcome to the forums. Hope you have a good time here and make many friends. I don't have a favorite anime or manga because I don't stop watching. And so a favorite anime will usually get replaced by a new one. From the top of my head though maybe Violet Evergarden. That can work as a recommendation too. As it's a 2018 anime I think. You may not like it though as it's not shounen and the setting is not modern society. But it's a well done show. Great animation and great message overall. I got into anime because the local TV channels here started airing them when I was 13 years old. An age where your mind is very impressionable. From there on out I started seeking more Anime and the rest is history. I'm not much into manga as it's harder to acquire. Which is a shame though as I feel there are a lot of great manga stories that I'm missing out on.
  6. Heard a lot of good things about Battle Royal. And that it helped inspire the battle royal trend in videogames today. Is it a Japanese film? As for me, I enjoy watching old black and white movies. Not that I'm trying to be artsy or anything. I just feel there are old movies everyone should watch before they die. As not to miss out. So I started with The Godfather and went from there. Citizen Kane, Rear Window, and so on. And recently I watched Psycho.
  7. Yeah I think so too. That seems to be the best route. It's so much easier too. As compared to doing animation. Alright then it's decided. The end product will start as a comic of sorts.
  8. Here is another character. The 2nd of three "founders". I'm really a rookie when it comes to drawing. So pardon me for that.
  9. Is it possible to select more than 1 main and sub genre? I think it's rare for a person to have just 1 favorite genre. Usually you have favorite genres. But if its not possible that's okay. I will still vote.
  10. Oh for sure. Although Silicon Valley does a good job of showing that. The main character there has highs and lows. Succeeds only to fail again. And not to give too much away, but my main character will indeed realize that it's not as easy as it seems. And has to go through challenges as well. Which is a part I find exciting to write actually. Thank you for the advice though. I will definitely post here to get some more feedback.
  11. I did do some research before hand. There are some anime with elements of running a business. But as far as I know, there hasn't been one where characters start their own company. Much less a corporate entity and not just a shop or store. (Correct me if I'm wrong of course) I took inspiration from Shirobako and Bakuman and the TV show Silicon Valley. Heck, I got frustrated with the ending of Shirobako. I honestly thought they were all gonna resign and start their own animation company. Because they haven't really made their own anime yet. Except the school project they did. But most people are satisfied with the ending though.
  12. For obscure shows, it has to have at least 3 review sources for it to be on the website. But yeah I will give Anime Planet a shot. I can't believe all these shows on MAL tagged as comedy. I mean if someone wants to watch a comedy anime, you would assume that the whole show is funny. And not just from time to time.
  13. I am currently working on story for a webtoon / motion comic / animated series ( I still don't know what the end product will be) And here's the synopsis: I intend to post updates here if that's okay. And here's the character design for the main character (face only):
  14. A lot of people have requested for Anime Gauge to have genre categories. So when they're looking for anime recommendations it would be easier. The funny thing is that the site used to have genres. But I removed it because no one used it. Now that it's gone people want it back. But it is a good idea though. As some people have favorite genres or just want to watch a certain type of anime. So I've started adding genres to the anime in the site. I decided to use My Anime List as it has a big database of anime. But I don't know if they're that reliable? For genres? There are probably better sites out there for that. Just let me know if you know any. Because almost every anime I encounter has a genre of comedy. Even if it's not 100% a comedy. I guess it has a bit of comedy warrants it having a comedy genre?
  15. From Bakuman season 1. It's a bit corny but it makes you feel happy and in-love. Flame of Recca. Probably a bad show but it brings back nostalgia and childhood memories. One punch!!!! From One Punch Man of course. The opening just perfectly matches the anime.
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