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  1. Space Dandy Rage of Bahamut: Genesis
  2. Finished with the plot for my murder-mystery serial killer visual novel. Not done with writing though as I have to finish the plot for my webtoon now. Working on multiple projects isn't usually recommended but it is darn fun.

  3. Thank you for the shout out. But yes that is pretty varied. Some of those shows aren't on my website at all. But just to add to the above recommendations: The Vision of Escaflowne Golden Time Honey and Clover Touch Maison Ikkoku Sword Art Online Kids on the Slope
  4. Started watching mystery videos on You Tube. I need some ideas so I can come up with a good mystery story. Unfortunately, I also came across some creepy real-life mysteries.... 😬



      Oh man, I am also trying to write a mystery book. I would recommend watching some mystery anime to inspire, currently I am trying to find some good ones for myself I haven't already seen but Higurashi is imo the greatest mystery anime ever; you should watch that if you haven't already, it's sure to get the creative juices pumping. 

      I want my mystery book to be based around the historical Unit 731. Some real disturbing stuff. Anyway, gl. 

    2. Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Ryan Dave Jimenez

      You're writing a book? How many pages is it gonna be? That's way harder. Mine is only a story for a visual novel.

      But yeah I've started consuming some mystery media for a week now. I now have nightmares. 😆



      Oh, I'm writing like 8 books. A lot I know, lol. I've written multiple chapters for some and only outlines for others but I aim for 150 pages minimum on every book I write. If they end up multiple hundreds of pages that's fine by me but no less than 150. 

  5. It's funny as we watched that movie at home. Really enjoyed it. Then a few weeks later, learned that it won best picture at the Oscars. Then I listened to a podcast about the director. And decided to watch his other films. They are excellent as well. I recently watched Mother (2009). There is a movie with the same name so I added the year.
  6. I guess you should start with genres that other You Tubers tend to overlook. But has enough appeal. Because if you pick a popular (but crowded) genre, you would be competing with already established channels. So try a niche genre.
  7. Just curious. How does the Crunchyroll award works? How do shows get nominated? And how does a show win? Is it like based on popularity?
  8. Maybe share a couple of them in this thread. So we can all watch it. Or will it be against the rules?
  9. I guess spending time with my girlfriend. Although we spend time regularly. So Valentines feels like a normal date for us. With more people outside, restaurants being full, movie theaters being full, and so on. You seem to have good friends. As they give you gifts on Valentines. Wish mine were like that too.
  10. I've heard of it. It seems to be very big now. I've seen a few videos too. But no I don't use it. What is the appeal though?
  11. Overlord Grimgar: Ashes and Illusions No Game, No Life That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Accel World
  12. This one is 2007. Maybe check out the PV on You Tube to see if you like the animation. Baccano! This is 2010. Reborn! This is 2012 Arcana Famiglia
  13. So I was finally able to stop procrastinating and get stuff done. And here is 30+ seconds of my animated webcomic. 30 seconds is a lot of work for an animator. Although this isn't full animation just limited animation. And to be honest this is the easy part. It gets harder from here. It also feels weird as I don't know where to categorize it. It's a motion comic. But it's not Marvel or DC. There are no super heroes here. It's not a web anime series as it's not 100% animated. It's not a web manga either as it's colored and has some animation. It's not a webtoon as most webtoons have Asian settings. And focuses mostly on Romance. But yeah I think I've rambled on long enough. Here is the link to the first 30+ seconds: (Let me know what you think) Le
  14. Wasn't there a game where you can do this? It was on PC I think. Where you can fuse creatures and get a new one?
  15. Maybe try practicing backgrounds? As you mentioned in a different thread, you are a manga artist. Eventually you're gonna have to draw backgrounds. (Unless you're already good at them and just forgot to mention it) For characters, maybe lighting and shadows? ( I have not yet watched your You Tube videos. I am just looking at the preview of the videos)
  16. Like what the others said, manga is usually black and white anyways. Unless you want to get into webtoons. Where most readers skip black and white webtoons. But you can carve out a unique style with black and white.
  17. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Reborn! The Seven Deadly Sins Gensoumaden Saiyuuki Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Hunter X Hunter (2011 version)
  18. Unbreakable Machine Doll Trinity Seven Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Is This a Zombie? Lord Marksman and Vanadis Beyond the Boundary
  19. What did you like about MHA? If it's the shonen: Try Mob Psycho 100: and Reborn! If you like more of super heroes: Inuyashiki: Last Hero
  20. Yeah like @Wedgy said, as it when he was using the Death Note to render "justice"? Because if so... I agree with his view on justice. Although this is the point of the story of course. That justice for you may not be justice for somebody else. It's basically, how do you think criminals should be dealt with? A) Harshly. Put them to death immediately. They are no longer humans but animals. (Light's view on justice) B) Proper proceedings. Let the "system" handle them. Give them a fair trial and so on.
  21. I actually like Midoriya and his quirk. (Even though it's quite typical superhero) Naturally his quirk has the potential to make him the strongest, and I am curious to see if he can achieve that. (I do hope it happens as I hate anime where the hero neither succeeds or fails and we're just left hanging)
  22. I'm assuming you were referring to the salaries I posted? I understand you need to know the cost of living to determine if the salary is high enough for that country/region. But I merely wanted to point out that, contrary to popular belief, Japanese animators are not the lowest paid in the world. And using a common currency for comparison would achieve that.
  23. It's kinda tough. Because animation does require a lot of hours to make. So cutting down their working hours would result in less anime being released or shorter episodes. They also seem not to mind it. Based on what she said. But it's not healthy to work 7 days a week for 12 hours daily. The human body won't be able to take it eventually. I also did some informal research, and no Japanese animators are not the lowest paid: 1. $6,000 monthly American animators 2. $1,666 monthly Korean animators 3. $800 monthly Japanese animators 4. $600 monthly Chinese animators 5. $300 monthly Filipino animators I guess that's why Japan outsources the animation to other countries nowadays. But it is shocking that a part-time job of a highschool student pays more than that of a full-time professional animator. (In Japan) I think the solution is for anime to just make more money. According to her, anime companies have small budgets hence they can't afford to pay much. I guess if they bring in more profit they can have bigger budgets and hopefully some of that budget would go to salaries for the animators.
  24. Good question. Now that you mention it, I am curious as well. But from experience I think You Tube looks the other way as long as no one complains. (The company that owns the IP) I'm basing this guess on my personal experience. In the past, I was able to upload certain content, that is until the copyright owner found it, and You Tube penalized me for it. In short, it's okay until someone complains then You Tube removes the video.

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