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  1. Good question. Now that you mention it, I am curious as well. But from experience I think You Tube looks the other way as long as no one complains. (The company that owns the IP) I'm basing this guess on my personal experience. In the past, I was able to upload certain content, that is until the copyright owner found it, and You Tube penalized me for it. In short, it's okay until someone complains then You Tube removes the video.
  2. Yeah I was shocked too. I had to double check but it seems that name is available. (Let me know if I'm wrong of course) I got plans for the male character. haha I do hope people will like him too.
  3. In a previous blog post: I talked about working on a new project. A motion webtoon. (A semi-animated colored manga) I posted that with no idea of what to call it yet. That is until now. Super Detectives is going to be the name of the motion webtoon. It was kind of surprising on how the name hasn't been taken yet. I assumed an anime or manga called Super Detectives would exist. But luckily none yet. According to a My Anime List search I did. So with a name already selected, I proceeded to make a logo. I wanted it to look like a typical anime show logo. And here it is:
  4. I agree with @Illusion of Terra. This idea seems familiar. But it does sound awesome. Like you need both to get the whole story. So that's an interesting concept. The uniqueness might wear off after a while though. Like it's just a novelty.
  5. That's where I stopped too. I'm think A). That it was only a cover up. The student was killed as part of a bigger mystery. That's about all I got. haha I asked helped from @Keiko I'm so grateful she was willing to help.
  6. So I am working on a new project. A motion webtoon (motion webcomic). Think of it as a colored manga with some animation. Not 100% animated but not static pictures either. And here is the synopsis: I already discussed this in detail in a AF blog post that can be found here: Now I haven't watched Hyouka yet. Heck I just learned (thanks to this club) that Hyouka is similar to my story synopsis. I don't watch a lot of mystery anime but I do enjoy the genre. So I'm thinking if anyone wants to collaborate in creating a mystery that the four club members will solve? I have some ideas but I don't know which one to pursue. I also don't know how to write a mystery. I just know that you have to work backwards. Start from the end and work your way in reverse.
  7. That's a great list of anime. I'm glad anime brought you and your friends closer.
  8. My mouth is now watering......
  9. Yup. That's why I don't really throw away ideas or projects, I just shelf them. Maybe someday it can evolve into something else. Wow. That's not a bad strategy. I should give that a try sometimes. Sometimes reducing something actually makes it more.
  10. I have been away from AF for 2 months. And it seems a lot has changed. I was supposed to put this in the Creative Corner but it doesn't fit there anymore. I guess that's why there's the AF Projects club. So I guess I will have to blog about current and future projects. Anyways, I am working on a new project. Basically, I want to make a motion comic. Or a comic book with some animation. It's not really just images but it's also not fully animated. But instead of a Marvel / DC motion comic, it will be an Anime / webtoon motion comic. It will be a mystery story so if you're reading this and you enjoy mystery Anime, reach out to me! I could use the help. I took inspiration from reading books like The Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, and the Famous Five. Here is the story synopsis: And here are the 4 main characters (club members): Misao Takano. The sophomore leader of the detective club. She is a good and caring leader but sometimes can be impatient. Nara Hiruma. A sophomore member. The best friend of Misao. She is creative, kind, and cunning. Junichi Kai. The sole male senior member of the club. Junichi is constantly looking for action and adventure. He is also very frugal. Probably the most frugal person you will ever meet Makiko Handa. A freshman member. She is very energetic but slow-witted. I did not draw the background in this image: So I would like to hear your thoughts and if you have any suggestions for the mystery they will actually solve?
  11. I've been gone from AF for about 2 months, and it seems there are some new things added. Like this club which I really like. Because it seems there are members who do work on creative projects. So post only finished projects here, I guess my webtoon is considered "finished". Not because it has ended but because I discontinued it. For some background here is the original thread: And here is where you can find the webtoon itself: https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/founders/the-routine/viewer?title_no=300915&episode_no=1&fbclid=IwAR3ak3JLWBbEl9MCPI6caO3b1mfyn4FKu0uCGKkZmYl2ez2PN17UPk8b2QQ I decided to stop making the project as it seemed I was the only person interested in a webtoon or anime about tech startups. (Aside from the few supportive members here in AF who were kind enough to check it out) And that's a common mistake. We tend to think that since we like Thing A, that the whole world must also like Thing A. And most of the time, that's not the case. This got me thinking, as a fellow creator, what are projects you've discontinued and why?
  12. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K Have you heard of My Hero Academia? And One Punch Man? By the same creator of Mob Psycho 100.
  13. Oh yeah I forgot about that part too. A lot of people say they also have that problem starting out. What's weird is that I never experienced that problem. I guess it differs from person to person. And there are drawing exercises that train you to draw without looking at the paper. (That sounds like a good idea for a tutorial....)
  14. It's a great classic. But it's very long. Not gonna blame you if you decide to bail. Aside from the already mentioned: Death Note? (I'm guessing you watched that already) Paranoia Agent This is quite a stretch already but hey.... Eden of the East
  15. Create our own language?? Isn't that like really hard? But don't let me stop you though. For the creatures, what do you have in mind?
  16. I second the Wacom. But it also depends on your area and what tablets are available there. Unless you shop online. It is of course different than drawing on paper. It's slippery. You tend to Undo and repeat drawing that line or curve again and again. They say you get used to it though. I never did. But maybe I didn't use my tablet enough.
  17. There was this Jackie Chan game on the Playstation 1 that I found so hard to finish. It was extremely difficult. (at least for me) I got angry so many times that I decided it wasn't worth it. I'm playing games to have fun not to get stressed. So I quit. Even to this day I never tried again. It's funny too because whenever you paused the game, Jackie Chan would say something like "So that's it? You're just gonna walk away?"
  18. I am gonna be super biased here as I made a website that collects review scores and gives them a universal score. (it's in my signature if you're curious) Similar to MAL but waay better. But yes, reviews and scores and Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes aren't for everyone. But here is my reasoning why I depend on reviews. 1. I don't think I'm better than a professional critic. Now some would say, but there are no real critics in anime!! I think there are. There are people out there who've watched more anime than you and so their judgement is probably better than yours. Since they have that tremendous amount of experience to draw from. It's not that I can't tell if I like a show or not. It's just that I "feel" I like an anime or not. While these critics can tell me exactly why I like it or not. People are sometimes too confident in their ability to tell if something is good. This is why some people think SAO is the best anime ever. Or something like that. No offence. I don't mean to offend anyone. 2. So many anime to watch so little time. I've always been a big believer of, "Anime to watch before you die." Because realistically, you have a limited window to consume anime. You will get old, your eyes will weaken, your hearing will weaken. Eventually you will be physically unable to watch anime or anything for that matter. So I don't want to waste my time of mediocre or average anime. Much less crap anime. I want to watch the best while I'm still alive. Reviews help me do that. Someone already sifted through the mud and picked out the gems so I don't have to get my hands dirty. HOWEVER I am talking about aggregated review scores here. Not just 1 review or 1 score. But a lot of reviews and scores. Then averaged. Using this system has worked well for me as I feel I've watched a lot of amazing shows. And that I'm not missing out.
  19. What kind of universe? But man, with all the anime characters out there.... That would be mind boggling.
  20. But it has the word "Cheat" in it!! They're basically admitting it. Joking aside, I can't think of one from the top of my head. By rip-off I guess you mean like a blatant copy or lazy imitation. Because sometimes coincidences happen. Where two people come up with very similar ideas (unintentionally). There are so many people in the world, the odds of someone having the same idea as you is quite high. I guess I always shrug it off a coincidence.
  21. Like what @Serge heartless said, "Anime is for kids" myth. Said by people who judge too quickly. And as fans we all know there is anime for every age. I guess a myth believed by fans, although debatable, is that subs are better than dubs. Or that the Japanese voices are always better than English voices. I don't know how you debunk that though. But I'm sure that there are anime where the dub is better than the sub.
  22. An anime about tech startups (Facebook, Uber and the like). That's why I made a webtoon about it. Since there is no anime like that yet. Some come close though but not quite. But I think this is the problem if anime is only made by the Japanese. It would be limited to what they find interesting. So certain anime genres would never be made. While Chinese anime, or Korean anime and so on can tackle things that Japan is not interested in.
  23. The fights were AMAZING. They really went all-out making them. Gotta give props to the people behind that. Season 2 was good but I didn't feel it exceeded season 1 as some people believe. It just matched season 1 for me. But season 1 was also good. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but I felt the pacing was problematic. It started fine then started going too fast. Like they rushed the 2nd half. There was no build up to the main antagonist for me. In season 1 they did a nice buildup of the evil organization and things fit into place. But in season 2, it felt like walking casually to all-out sprinting. There were also parts which didn't come off clear. Particularly the scene in Mob's house. (I'm trying to avoid spoilers without resorting to using Spoiler tags)
  24. I think I changed the categories now to where you just type it and it suggests genres. Over time listing all the categories on screen just took up too much space. I actually get your suggestion. It's like putting weights in which you want it to be considered more. I'll give it a shot. Hope I can do it though. haha @Seshi thanks a bunch for using the site. I really appreciate it. It's been awhile since I used the suggestion feature. I will use it a couple of times and see how to improve it.
  25. Oh I know of Ani List. How is it? But currently I switched to Anime Planet as recommended by a user here.
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