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  1. Yeah crazy isn't it? That anime has been around for 100+ years Anyone know of anime from around that time? You usually only hear about anime from the 70's or 80's. But beyond that I don't know. So I got into Anime as an impressionable youth from local TV. As a typical kid coming home from school wanting to watch cartoons. And a channel called AXN was showing them. Maybe 80% of that channel was anime. And it was dubbed. From there on out I was a fan.
  2. Until what part did you stop watching? I feel like if the first 3 or 4 episodes don't hook you then it really isn't for you. I felt the same way at first. I don't like volleyball. I don't watch it and I hated playing it during PE class. But after 2 episodes I was all in. Now whenever I catch a volleyball game on TV I stop and watch. Haikyuu helped me learn that volleyball is pretty amazing.
  3. Not surprising that it's gonna get another season. Considering it's so popular. I for one am looking forward to it.
  4. Why did your ex sell it? Like you were too old for anime or something? But I'm glad you came back to the fandom. If you really love it keep doing it. Regardless of age.
  5. Jade Cocoon? Persona? Can you remember what the graphics looked like? Was it 2D (flat)? or 3D? Was it an RPG? Where you had allies? Or were you alone?
  6. From the top of my head, Brothers: A tale of two sons SPOILERS BELOW A sidequest in Dragon Age Origins SPOILERS BELOW
  7. Some of the links weren't working for Chapter 2. So I was unable to fully understand what was going on. I think it's good that it started with a bang. You got right into it. This would look great as an anime. With a good artist you can portray the chase scenes in an exciting manner. It might also be a good idea to ask feedback from fans who enjoy this genre. Personally, I don't watch too many action anime. Hope they will see this thread and comment. I would love to see the storyboard of this though. As a manga is a very visual medium. But I feel you're on the right track. Just maybe cut down on the flashbacks? It might be hard to pull off in manga. It being static images. Feel free to post on the Writing Tutorials by the way. I'm sure people will appreciate it.
  8. I was so inspired by watching Bakuman. (I've always wanted to make a manga or webcomics of sorts) I loved that show. It definitely lit a fire under me. Welcome and hope to see you around.
  9. I'm sure you will become one someday. Feel free to share your works in the Creative Corner. Hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Yeah they try to make "smoke shapes" I think. And whoever makes the most impressive one wins probably. It's become like a subculture. They really love their vape. haha
  11. Hey don't be lonely anymore. You are with like-minded people and can talk about anime and games too. I haven't played a single Castlevania game to be honest. I know I'm missing out and I plan to play one in the future. Where do you think I should I start? I was thinking of firing up my PS1 and start there.
  12. Nothing worse than secondhand smoke. So I agree it's better than a traditional cigarette. As a non-smoker it feels like a step forward because now I don't have to inhale the smoke. They banned vaping in public here in my country. In some cities. There are also some weird vaping competitions that pop up. They're like making it an art now or something.
  13. I'm having a tough time making a logo. I used to take anime logos for granted. Now I realize how hard they are to make. I will continue to revise the logo and hopefully come up with one that looks like a typical anime show logo.
  14. Running out of space was the main reason I gave up collecting figures. It didn't help that I became a minimalist too. You made the right choice collecting collectibles. For some reason I enjoyed collecting them more than figures. (My figures collection had collectibles too) Mainly because you can actually do something with collectibles. Like a Death Note notebook replica, a Bleach sword replica and so on. With figures you just admire them.
  15. I can but at 1,000 images it might not be practical. haha But thankfully it's been fixed now. The images are back. Thank you for the concern though.
  16. High five!! to a fellow early 30's anime fan. haha I agree. The real world can be boring sometimes. That's why we invented things like movies, TV shows, games, sports and so on. Sometimes I feel the people who don't do nerdy things are missing out. Yes there are a lot of older anime folks here so you will be around like-minded people. You chose a good forum.
  17. Fam means friends???? I've been using it wrong. I thought it meant Family. Just kidding though. I guess Weird flex but okay? Kinda annoys me. And the part where kids "dab"? I mean the Power Rangers do that. haha
  18. The third and final "founder". UPDATE: Sorry I didn't realize the image wasn't showing. Now it's time to work on a logo I guess. And draw the 3 main characters from head to toe. Thank you for everyone who took the time to post in this thread. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the amazing support. (for a rookie artist & writer like me)
  19. I was wondering why it was titled "Extreme". Now I can see why. Those are coloring books for adults right? They are quite popular right now. Might buy some too.
  20. About 10 years ago there weren't any cons or any anime related events in my city. It's a small mountain city. Kind of conservative culture. But recently there has been an increasing amount of anime cons and related events. It's really amazing to see. It seems the teens in my city were the ones who pushed for it. They're really passionate on cosplay and the anime culture. Although whenever I go to a con I can't relate anymore. haha Cons seem to be for a certain age demographic let's just say. Which is fine.
  21. I thought it was abstract. haha Like a tribal symbol thingie. But yeah, good job. You should feel proud.
  22. I used to collect anime figures. But recently decided to sell them all. I was running out of space and it makes moving hard. It's still cool though as I got to fulfill a childhood dream (collecting anime figures). In the past I tried collecting pens, as they were cheaper than an anime figure. haha And there's a variety of pens that made it interesting to collect.
  23. So my website Anime Gauge uses the MAL API to get pictures of a show. And at first everything is fine. It's working perfectly. Then one day, maybe 2 out of 100 shows will have a broken image. It seems MAL keeps changing the picture of their anime or the link of the picture. And today, voila! All of the anime images are broken. Did MAL decide to change all their anime pictures? Or change all the links? I don't even know why they keep changing them. I know MAL got hacked some time ago so they completely stopped people from using their API. I guess it's time to find a new API where I can get images for anime. I'm open to suggestions. Please comment below. UPDATE: I managed to fix the broken images. It seems MAL changed their CDN url. I hope its the last they do that. So for now things are OK again. I'm still open to suggestions though for an API where I can get images of anime shows.
  24. What a timely question as I have been on a quest to watch these so-called "classics" or "must-watch anime". Some I really enjoyed and can see why people think fondly of them like: Cowboy Bebop - I'm not really a fan of space operas. But I can see why people like this show. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood - I only watched the original as I don't see the point of remakes. Hunter x Hunter - Probably the 2nd best shonen of all time after FMA. The Chimera Ant arc is probably the best shonen arc of all time Steins; Gate - Is this considered a classic? I'm not sure but I enjoyed it. Monster - It could have been shorter but I liked it and it's very well made. Definitely for older anime fans Code Geass - Is this also a classic? I think it was popular back in the day. I enjoyed it. Similar to Death Note Clannad - I only watched the 1st season. It will really make you cry. Manly tears of course. haha Death Note - A super popular anime for sure that crossed over to other industries. I liked it a lot Great Teacher Onizuka - Is this also a classic? It was a unique anime and a very good slice of life. Maybe best slice of life of all time?
  25. I also never re-watch Anime as my goal as a fan is to watch as many good anime as possible. I can't achieve that goal if I keep re-watching stuff. Kind of an unpopular opinion, but I feel Monster dragged on a bit at around 70 episodes. It could have been shorter. But the show did introduce a lot of characters and a lot of perspectives so it became quite long. Just a random thought on length, it's interesting how anime nowadays keeps getting shorter and shorter. There was a time when 26 episodes was considered average. And 13 episodes was short. Today, 13 is the average and 26 onwards is long. Maybe years from now 6 episodes per season would be the average. I do understand the studios though. It doesn't make sense putting in a ton of money and time on 52 episodes if it won't be a hit. Might as well make 1 season with 13 episodes first. Then if fans like it, create another 13 episodes.
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