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  1. Aircraft question.
    This is gonna sound random but I ran into a pickle at work and need someone who knows about Aircrafts. So, I'm working on error theory and need to include an example of an aircraft cockpit. Is it true that aircraft cockpits in general have these three things as interfaces (among others):
    Buttons which you can push, Levers (or would you rather call it a switch?) which you can flick on/off and knobs which you can turn left/right?

    Anyone who knows this or knows someone who knows would really do me a solid here! Or if you have any kind of reference where I can look this up (like a cockpit manual?).

    1. Xyro


      Falcon 900B

      Well the cockpit of a Falcon 900B has all three of the above, if that is what you need?

      Modern aircraft nowadays use far less controls and buttons, but still have all three of the above

    2. Illusion of Terra

      Illusion of Terra

      that's what I did at first as well :) I also looked at some articles but could never really say if that was specific to the one aircraft type or if aircrafts in general have all three.
      this is what happens when someone who doesn't know anything about them like me tries to include something like it 😂

    3. Xyro


      Well, you can guarantee that any and all aircraft still do require all three of the above user interfaces. Trying to change around the norms of the inside of a cockpit would get confusing, so while some more modern ones remove the mass majority of the unecisary clutter, there are still all three of the interfaces above, just varied in the number actually available :3

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