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  1. Still a better title than 'Sharknado' though
  2. The microscope people have fancy ways of trying to overcome that (multi-photon stuff etc), although I don't think they would use it on discs. Speaking of which, I wonder if they could ever make 'electron/ion beam discs' which could hold magnitudes more data. Just thinking out loud here Anyway, I think they'll probably software-lock the compatibility. You can certainly overcome that, but I guess they would implement some kind of recognition system so that you'd be barred from accessing online content.
  3. Well it's not really anything you mentioned, but I added a cover photo. Hope some of the newer members win
  4. man, that would have been one heck of a console then! I mean you can probably hack and emulate/run them, but still a native support would have been great. @efaardvark half off is not bad at all, although, if I remember my maths, 0 divided by 2 is still 0 I would also doubt that. What hardware limitation would there be that would make a ps5 not run a ps1 game for example? If it can run ps4 games, surely it can run ps1 games. the disc drive should also be able to read them since they used simple cds and blu rays as far as I remember.
  5. I think they are expecting people to have at least 10 fold that in the future though, especially since most people won't be at AT&T But yeah still, latency could be quite an issue. I am not saying I would want them to make everything online/stream it all, among other things precisely because of all the bs loot boxes, in-game purchases etc. that are polluting games nowadays. But I think it could be quite profitable for companies if you need to be subscribed at all times to even play the games. Technically you can mod anything if you were to 'hack' your console, but at that point you i) could get a decent PC instead and ii) are often barred from any of the online services. Generally, PCs are much more versatile when it comes to modding or anything of the like of course, but maybe not for your average-Joe-user. Generally I really enjoy consoles, or at least I did for anything that was offline-gaming without the tons of ads, extra purchases etc, and mostly related to Nintendo. But since you can get a decent gamepad connected to your pc, the content of which can be streamed to your TV, nowadays your PC can more or less act as a console just as well.
  6. I agree. I think the transition is still quite fast, but not in any 'artificial' way. It's interesting to see that they seem to be focusing on some a bit more minor characters now. I also think that the whole Overhaul thing wasn't executed as elegantly, and it was a bit lacking. Still I am curious to see where this all goes. What will happen to Overhaul, and to Eri? Also, if it were possible for Eri to rewind people who have lost their Quirk, couldn't she also rewind Allmight? They might explain this away by saying that he has passed this on to Deku, but generally Eri's quirk seems a bit unclear to me still. The next episodes seems to be quite hilarious though
  7. I think the major legal streaming sites provides the. In Crunchyroll for example you can turn off the subtitles. Naturally, you'll 'only' have access to their free titles if you are not subscribed though.
  8. I think the PS5 seems quite decent, especially because of the backwards compatibility. I wonder how many more console generations there will be, however. I'd expect them to run the games from a server in the future and just stream them. Maybe I'm just oversimplifying things though and games in the future will be too big to be streamed in any way.
  9. I wouldn't mind a few 'lighter' episodes (especially after the last couple of episodes), as long as there is something else there as well. Looks like there will be some training with Allmight, so I'm curious to see what they have in store.
  10. Hi there! Just let us know what you think of any anime by posting in a thread or creating your own! Plenty of otakus and weebs here
  11. Don't know if it's on Amazon Prime, but Promised Neverland might be something to look into
  12. Sounds like a great game, but I don't know who that is. Can you give us another hint?
  13. Maybe I am underestimating it, but I think one could pick up the language relatively fast, excluding a large part of the Kanji of course. That's not to say that you'd be talking about the stock market, Kant or artificial intelligence on Japanese television with what you can acquire in a year or so, but I think it would be enough for everyday life (you can always use your hands and feet). Like efaardvark, I am not one for visiting all the tourist stuff. That goes for anywhere I go. I am much more interested in how people live, their mindset and the culture in general. So a longer stay would be more fitting I guess. Still, I am kind of indecisive about it. While the language wouldn't be too much of a problem since I'd be working mostly in English, I am from a quite different culture to say the least Maybe something like a New Yorker (rather direct and 'rude' compared to others) going there. Also, @Wedgy there are lasers so that you look less like a Yakuza
  14. I didn't find a thread that was specifically about this, and was wondering, would you live in Japan? What if it would be only for a few years? Would you even consider living there much longer? I guess because of anime many here, including myself, have some interest in at least visiting Japan. There are many things which I saw in anime and Japan-related youtube channels that peaked my interest, and I would be curious to see. But living there seems like quite a different thing. I am not sure if I could adept to the rather strict adherence to laws and social norms (makes me sound like some kind of anarchist ) long-term. I guess I could get used to the rather insignificant things like having to separate waste in a strict way etc. A different thing seems to me to be the work ethics of it being the norm to work long hours with little to no overtime pay. It's difficult to say though since I assume that it is quite different in different places in Japan, depending on the region, job etc. The main reason I am considering this and asking about it is because it seems like I have a not completely negligible chance of working there for at least a couple of years, and am thinking if I should apply for it or not. So yeah, I would be interested in any kind of opinions you might have when it comes to living in Japan.

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