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  1. Just finished reading Chobits. I have been thinking about reading it for a few weeks now. Yesterday I spent a lot of my day reading the first sixty or so chapters and finished reading it today. I might write a review of the anime, so I will not say more about what I thought about it for now. I have no idea why I have never watched the anime. It is one of those that I saw every now and then on anime lists and I have seen the intro often, but for some reason never watched the actual anime. Not sure if I will watch it in Japanese or English. I will start watching it today (already watched the first few minutes).
  2. I can't really help you with the whole finding Haruhi Suzumiya thing. I can offer some thoughts on something else that seems to be more at the root of what you are looking for. To me it seems that you seem to think that normality and boredom are necessarily related, which I don't think is the case. Concerning normality, of course normality exists. I cannot understand how people can claim it doesn't. Being normal simply means that something conforms to a norm, as the term already suggests. What form that norm takes depends on what question you ask or what claim you make. One obvious example that normality exists is clothing. Glove manufacturers don't sit around not knowing how many fingers their gloves should have. It's five. People normally have five fingers per hand. There are people with more or less than five fingers, but that doesn't matter for what is normal. That something is normally the case does not mean it is always or necessarily the case. When it comes to lifestyles, which you seem to be getting at, then of course normality exists. If the number of entities in a distribution is large enough it tends to become a normal distribution. The question here is how abstract or generic your claim is. I can say that everyone on this forum will have a normal life if by that I mean that they were born, live and then will die. Maybe there were some miracle individuals who did not have that kind of life, but again, it doesn't matter because the claim is about what is normally the case not always or necessarily the case. If you take less abstracted or less generic claims, even then normality exists in lifestyles. Like you have said, normally people wake up in the morning, normally people drive to work, normally that drive will fall somewhere between ten minutes and two hours, normally they go home after work and so on. Again, this does not mean that this is always or necessarily the case, but to say it is not normal is simply empirically false, and can be refuted quite easily. Claims about normality cannot be too specific, since then you would not have a distribution that can be normal. If your drive to work takes between ten minutes and two hours you are probably normal in that sense. Not all or most people might take exactly 43 minutes to drive to work like you do, but that doesn't matter, because 43 minutes is still in the margin of normality in that distribution. However, just because things or your life is normal in many ways, does not mean it has to be boring. Study on boredom has actually increased significantly in the last few decades, both in psychology as well as in philosophy, so there is a lot of literature there. According to studies in indigenous populations being bored seems to be an innate human experience, not just some modern millennial phenomenon as some might suggest. As with many things, boredom normally will be a function of both your own personality as well as the world around you, which can be shown empirically quite well. More concretely in your case, it seems that you seem to think that knowing about something or having experienced something makes it boring, which I disagree with a lot. The more you know, the more you will realize how much you actually don't know. Like @efaardvark has pointed out quite well, people sometimes simply have a false view of things. I think many people who have not done a lot of fundamental science or philosophy tend to think that we have figured out most things. If you look at something we think is well known, you will see that things are a lot more vague than they seemed. If you disagree, try and think of a single thing, whether that is something empirical or conceptual, about those fundamentals you have mentioned and see how much you actually know about it. Additionally much of what you describe seems to go after some 'sensational' way to get excitement, meaning something that you experience through your senses. Like others have said, concerning sensational excitement, the world today has more to offer than at any previous point (again to show that boredom is partly a function of the world around you). This reminds me of people who were not able to hear and then hear for the first time which is really exciting for them. After a while they get used to it and it is not exciting anymore. But I think that is just because people don't pay enough attention. I assume that is one of the reasons why so many practices from eastern religions are being misappropriated nowadays to improve western lifestyles. I think there is a lot you can do concerning yourself if you find yourself being bored all the time. This means that another person can certainly help there but it will have to do with yourself as well. Whether you find something to be exciting or a mystery will also depend on your own mindset.
  3. Since half the year is over, I thought about this topic. Kinda seems ironic in a way now.
  4. I haven't thought or written about colors in years, so this might be quite clumsy. I'll put it into a spoiler though since it is long and not sure if it actually makes sense to people or has a point really. Not sure if the art club is the right place even. More some thoughts about colors and an experience.
  5. Only thing that comes to mind would be Yu Yu Hakusho, but I think it is quite unlikely that it is.
  6. @efaardvark Imagine that in full resolution for VR. I'd probably just live in the virtual world then
  7. there is one but it comes with some conditions and it is not publicly shared. if you are active here longer you will get to see what this means.
  8. you just write the @ symbol, and then the name. for example in your case I would write @Otaku and it would bring up a list of users and then I just click the one I want to tag. Longboards to me seemed more something for casual riding along. I would prefer them over the really small ones I have also seen. But I think if I bought one now I would again buy a normal skateboard.
  9. hi there. are you watching any of the currently airing anime?
  10. @OtakuKid sounds great. don't really know why but ramps were never really my thing. I mostly did flips and on occasion tried rail grinds. I had to stop when I broke my skateboard though do you have a normal skateboard or one of those longer/shorter ones?
  11. the negatives definitely outweigh the positives in being older yeah you do get to do stuff, but someone has to pay the bills, insurance etc., your body starts falling apart enjoy your youth dude
  12. hi there! you say you are younger? you wanna switch age? it would be great to be younger again
  13. hi there, and glad to see you are interested in anime that make you think as well! Unfortunately there aren't too many anime that are as explicitly thought-provoking as Death Note in my opinion. (but I agree, Death Note is really something else) One that makes you think, but in a different way, is Neon Genesis Evangelion, but you do need some general background knowledge to get some of the symbolism and allusions. Yet another rather old one is Now and Then, Here and There. This one is largely a take on war and power I'd say. It does contain some scenes related to sexual abuse though, not really in an explicit sense that you see much, but rather that everyone gets that aspect of war as well. Another (but you will see everyone else here disagreeing with me ) is Naruto, the first one also but especially Shippuden. This one is a rather mainstream fighting, i.e. shonen, anime but the general theme touches on different views concerning deeper topics. that being said, it is a long series and this aspect of the show takes a lot of time to develop. Also, I envy you that you get to watch anime with your kids
  14. @OtakuKid I used to skateboard as well, and might pick it up when I get the chance again. do you just skate for fun or do you also try and learn any tricks?
  15. Am I the only one who still keeps forgetting every week that there isn't a weekly episode? I was wondering when they will announce the release date of the new season and where exactly to look?
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