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  1. hi there, your English is fine don't worry about it. many here are not native speakers, like me
  2. This is so true the amount of bs I see on resumes or I have to put into applications for funding is ludicrous. The most recent PhD student in our group had a CV which made you think she was a modern day Aristotle at the end of the day though she was just a usual PhD student. In academia at least, even if you are passionate about your subject, knowing how to sell it well is part of how to get money for your passion
  3. Don't get me started on the news media, not just specifically in this case but in general. It might be because they lost a lot of business in the last decades, but it seems to me that even long standing quality news outlets, in English or some other languages, are starting to become more click-bait enthusiasts. I find this negligent at best when it comes to things like pandemics, and the current one is no exception. Anyway, one thing that I personally enjoy seeing (but others might disagree) is that many people are having virtual conferences where they are interrupted by their kids or pets I think many might recall that one interview some years ago where the toddlers stormed into the room of, I think, a political analyst I saw something similar today with people here who work in the same field the reason I enjoy this is because it adds the person to the profession (not in every case of course). Now, I am quite lackluster when it comes to 'professionalism' in general, but even disregarding that I generally do not treat people as a working unit who has to do their job. It doesn't matter if it is someone at the DMV or a salesperson, I always try to see the workers as people with complex life backgrounds. Adding things like pets just makes this more obvious and hilarious I think
  4. only way to find out is to raid Area 51 and see what the Aliens know
  5. that's really not specific given how many shows there are with that premise do you have anything more you can describe? character names? any colors of clothes or people?
  6. @Beocat I never really play as anything but Khajit or Argonian. Both I think are great. Dark Elves are alright as well for a more 'human like touch' , the rest is not something I play.
  7. @Beocat but then, aren't Khajiit prone to theft?
  8. this is some dedication it's great! I never wanted to do the whole Dark Brotherhood stuff, too shady for me
  9. @Ohiotaku I agree that beating the heck out of a symbolic villain isn't the way to go I also think the he probably both had Todoroki and removed him from his mother because he views him as a useful weapon, not to protect him, it just seems to be the most likely explanation. I think a better way to express what I thought would be that, in the unlikely event that he moved her to a hospital in order to protect Todoroki (not the weapon Todoroki but the person), I wouldn't view it as something negative. That's interesting. If I get this right, would you say something like 'if he wants genuine admiration, those admiring him should know who he is and what he has done, and not admire the person he wants to portray to the public'? That would certainly make sense to me!
  10. @Shejoestar from the video game or is there a dynasty warriors anime as well? I know the video games and have been playing them forever. Haven't played in ages though, and by now they probably are at Dynasty Warriors 30
  11. This is getting interesting. I'll be a kind of devil's advocate here. This is just meant to be as viewpoints in the debate, so this is all meant in good faith There are a couple of things that you mentioned which I think could be judged as negative. Marrying Todoroki's mom in order to achieve a certain non-romantic purpose is not something that I think is deplorable per se. While I personally think achieving something like that should not be a reason for marriage, it really depends on what Todoroki's mom thought about it. For the longest time marriage was not a romantic institution as many think nowadays, and I don't see why marriage for non-romantic reason should be negative per se. So I'll just leave this undecided. Having a kid only in order for it to become a strong heir is a different story. To me this seems to be a form of instrumentalizing people, which I disagree with out of a general principle. Again, this is something people have been doing for millennia, think of people who had kids as a retirement plan, but I disagree with it nonetheless. I don't think I have to say much about hitting his wife and son, as it is clear that he does not seem to have any sufficient reason for it that is not immoral (there might be a way in the form of Utilitarianism to argue for it but I still wouldn't agree with that way). Putting his wife in the hospital or getting her away from her son is something I can understand though, since no matter how you look at it, you can argue for it. Either she knew what she was doing, in which case she knowingly injured her son in a severe manner. Or she was not in control of her mental faculties up to the point of injuring her son to such a degree. In both cases I could understand why someone would want to get the son to safety. Whether Endeavor did this in order to protect the weapon he wants to create or for a different reason, I don't know, but it would be decisive for my judgment of it. What I don't agree/understand with you guys are the following two things. I don't see why he would have to publicly apologize for what he did i) to his family, but also to some degree ii) to society. It was Stain's decision to do what he did. Yes, Endeavor did serve as a perfect template for what Stain saw as false heroes, and I also disagree with Endeavor's philosophy, but Stain decided for himself to commit those crimes. I do understand the idea of, for example, holding accountable a dictator portraying a certain minority as rapists and thus feeding false information to the people, but this case seems relevantly different. I don't understand why his path to atonement should be as difficult as possible. The idea seems to go in the direction of what in philosophy of justice is called 'retributive justice'. I am not saying this approach doesn't make sense or is false, I just don't understand it. If Endeavor could change to the model human without having to go through the most difficult path, I don't see why his path should nonetheless be as difficult as possible. All in all it really depends. If all this is just a ploy to gain more power and for him or his offspring to be the number one hero to be admired, I think it is deplorable. If he really wants to change for the better, he would still be accountable for the things mentioned, but I can see the redemptive qualities there.
  12. Ohiotaku is getting serious, watch out everyone For some reason I don't have a negative attitude towards Endeavor. Then again, I don't really recall what happened with his wife and family. I think there was something with Shoto and I do know that he didn't want to use the fire because of it, but what was it exactly?
  13. that was one heck of an episode! I'd say it was on the same level as the previous seasons even. I really didn't expect the comboattack by hawks and endeavor but they totally pulled it off! really makes me want to watch Heroes Rising now especially since I got more interested in the whole Endeavor story. What I didn't quite get was that part at the end. The one guy seemed like he was All For One? But what about Deku's powers now? Guess it'll have to wait until the next season. Really not a great time for many anime to have their season finale going on, with the whole quarantine stuff
  14. great, after having slept for about 11 hours every day for the last two weeks, I'm now waking up at 4. something's not right there 😂 

  15. just to add something closely related. concerning the biological side of the virus, a former coworker, who is currently working in a lab specializing in creating tests and is now working on detection tests for SARS-CoV-2 (virus that causes covid19), said that many approaches use data from MERS-CoV (virus that caused mers) or SARS-CoV-1 (virus that caused sars), depending on what exactly is investigated. concerning the disease and spread, the spanish flu/1918 flu pandemic seems to be something taken as a comparison, especially concerning how and when governments responded. just an fyi, from what I've read Trump's grandfather died of the spanish flu. However this is nothing I have researched in detail, so don't quote me on it but I might look into it in more depth when I find the time
  16. man, that makes it even worse, what a fantastic game. hope you will be able to find one somewhere @IIVIsouljam might be a long shot, but have you thought about either repairing it (searching online what doesn't work) or there might be a shop available that repairs retro consoles? don't know if such things exist and how expensive they are but might be worth a try
  17. @RuthisianCodex I am not a Langris fan myself, but for some reason I don't think he will play a role later in the series. not based on anything really, just a guess. Also not the biggest Finral fan, but definitely way ahead of Langris I think that Asta will learn some new stuff there. they seem to have a 'different' way of manipulating their magic, so maybe there's a way for Asta as well to use the devil's power
  18. @Anime loveer I think it looks great!
  19. hi there! gonna keep this message low key
  20. hi there, it is true, there are quite a couple of people here who enjoy a 'classic' anime every now and then
  21. what an honor glad I could lighten the mood!
  22. I was wondering what would happen next in Black Clover after the whole elf thing, so it was interesting to see in this week's episode where things seem to be heading. Also, I wonder why the kingdoms have the same symbols as playing cards?
  23. you, sir, are walking on thin ice here

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