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  1. Illusion of Terra

    What Did You Do In Gaming Today

    I think most Nintendo games, especially the older ones, are quite non-violent. The only problem is is that they often are rather expensive. But if you have the normal 2DS you can play old Gameboy and NES games which are quite cheap (but no SNES games.I think these only work on the 'new' 2ds). At least if the 'Virtual Console' function is still available. There are also programs/emulators which play old Nintendo games for free but I don't know how legal that is but I guess youtube will have plenty of videos of how to get and play them. But I think you can also play them online for free, just like flash games, nowadays. On the computer I think many games are rather violent. But there are those games where you build towns but I don't know how much those costs.
  2. Illusion of Terra

    How did you find Anime Forums?

    I know some people have been registered here for years and some are new. But how did everyone find Anime Forums? I wanted to watch some anime and talk about it which is why I went to Crunchyroll at first, for obvious reasons I guess. But I didn't really like the community there, so I simply searched for "anime forum" and stumbled upon this and thought it looked pretty interesting. I was right!
  3. Illusion of Terra

    Rising of the Shield hero/ Obsessed 🤣

    I hope not. There are enough dark anime right now and I really don't need another one.
  4. Illusion of Terra

    Rising of the Shield hero/ Obsessed 🤣

    What did you think of the new episode? Somehow I thought they would make more out of the crop thing.
  5. I think that is a great idea. The writing section of the forum (https://animeforums.net/forum/106-writing/) is still quite empty and I know there are some people who enjoy writing!
  6. Illusion of Terra

    What do you think about getting older?

    Kind of a strange topic but what do you guys think about getting older? I think the users here span quite an age range so it would be interesting to see what you guys think. I didn't really care when I was younger, but the older I'm getting the more I don't like getting older. Can't really find a thing that is getting better when becoming older, in my case.
  7. Illusion of Terra

    What do you think about getting older?

    Ah yes, the 90s, what a glorious decade it was. @Crevanille and I wanted to create a 90s village just the other day.
  8. Illusion of Terra

    What Youtube-Channels do you watch

    I was wondering, what everyone watches on Youtube? Here are a few that I like: Brave Wilderness (interesting animals, although the commercialization is getting a bit much) Life Where I'm From (interesting view of Japan and Japanese culture) TheOdd1sOut (hilarious) Any anime-related channels you recommend?
  9. Illusion of Terra

    Mark all as read function

    So one of the functions I use the most is the unread content button on the top right. It shows me new posts etc. I also know that you can mark entire forum parts as read. But, is it possible to mark all as read in the unread content part? What I mean is to go to unread content and then mark all of them as read and that's it. Is that possible and I've just overlooked it? If not, and if it is not too much work and if it is possible, it might be useful I think.
  10. Illusion of Terra

    Mark all as read function

    Oh, I see. I never looked what was there. I always pressed the button on the top right. Great to see that there already is such a function
  11. Illusion of Terra

    What do you think about getting older?

    I guess many people do not really think about retirement homes until it might be too late to really contrast different homes. But yeah if you or someone else has the capabilities, having a close look at the place sounds like a very advisable idea. It's really quite interesting to hear from people who have worked in that environment, because it is a big part of modern society but I do not really have had anything to do with it so far. So what made you decide to work there?
  12. Illusion of Terra

    What do you think about getting older?

    I've never been to a retirement home. Are they really as bad as people say? I mean it really is great if people have others who can look after them, but seeing that many do not, I think society should care quite a lot about improving retirement homes.
  13. Illusion of Terra

    What is your favorite drink?

    alcohol? never heard of it
  14. Illusion of Terra

    Hey There!

    Hi there King of Bleach
  15. Illusion of Terra

    New guy 😃

    Hi and if you have any specific type/genre of anime you are interested in, don't hesitate to ask. People here make great suggestions!
  16. Illusion of Terra

    What's up, ya'll?

    Hi, glad to see a couple of new members here!
  17. Illusion of Terra

    What do you think about getting older?

    Don't get me started on the stupid new Internet regulations. The GDPR was already a huge pain for everyone involved. There are quite a few people who, understandably, are pushing against Article 13. The thing is that, similar to the GDPR, no one is really sure what the new laws actually mean. If taken in its worst form, things like Youtube or Twitch would have to virtually be shut down in the EU. I suppose it will boil down to some kind of restriction but not in its worst form. What I do notice is that the internet is being regulated quite a lot more. Nowadays it is quite difficult to get an anonymous email without providing a phone number, i.e. without linking your actual name etc to it. The Wild West Internet as it was in the beginning is getting regulated more and more, which in some cases makes sense, but in a lot of them it doesn't.
  18. Illusion of Terra

    Rising of the Shield hero/ Obsessed 🤣

    @CypherCode Yeah, that explanation was quite far-fetched. Also, wouldn't she have to grow even larger or older by leveling up even more?
  19. Illusion of Terra

    What game should have ended already?

    Haven't seen 14, but if it is anything like XV it doesn't deserve the name of this awesome series. XV was a bunch of 💩 I don't mind if they continue series, if the new ones are decent.
  20. Illusion of Terra

    Which anime is this?

    @ArchieKun Beat you to it. At least I know the mainstream animes
  21. Illusion of Terra

    Which anime is this?

    @Oliolivin This is My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hīrō Akademia in ~Japanese). There are three seasons and I think this year there will be a fourth. It's a great anime!
  22. Illusion of Terra

    Rate the video below you.

    I think it should be rate the video above you? I don't know the series, and I don't like the gun thing, but I like that he is trying to help her, so I'll give it a 6.
  23. Illusion of Terra

    Fan of romantic anime!

    I think what might be a kind of in-between solution, would be something like a shoutbox or what they are called. Like a little box on the right where you can either opt-in or not and see who is online (i.e. those who enabled it) and publicly talk. Don't know if people would be interested in that though.
  24. Illusion of Terra

    What do you think about getting older?

    @efaardvark It's really great to see that you are still doing well. With the way things are going, I hope to have at least one or two things figured out when I'm 54. I do share your fascination or positive outlook when it comes to technology, as I still remember a time without me using a PC or the internet. It enabled a lot of great things even in everyday life of ordinary people such as being able to talk to people who are far away for virtually nothing. As people who had to leave their country this was a great help compared to the horrible phone lines which were extremely expensive just to call some of your relatives. Politics on the other hand are becoming quite worrisome, not only in the US but also here in Europe. @leinwandname Your description sounds like the old German children's books 😂 But seriously though, I have seen and I know people, mostly relatives, who are more or less bed-ridden. And it really sucks. But if you have family and friends (and unfortunately that is a really big if), as long as you are mentally fit and people spend time with you, you can still have a great time (at least in the village I grew up in). These are people who don't use the internet etc. However, if your mental capabilities begin to wither, that's a different story. I do find it quite sad when seeing how people change because of that, and sometimes realize it itself. I have been working on memory disorders for quite some time, and I literally cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like. In a bizarre way it makes you grateful for what you still have.
  25. Illusion of Terra

    What are mittens good for?!

    you win the internet 😂
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