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  1. nothingpersonnel.jpg

    so what is up my shizzle of the nizzle ?!

    as for me, well, lets just say, today, i "had" plans on playing RE2 remake, or atleast finish claire's story, since i finished leon's last time in one go (only toke me 8 hours of my life xD) but...well, i kind of, came out of night duty today, and after night duty, went to dentist to remove some knitting they did on my teeth, and then went to my semester which ended at 3pm, (and in long short version, #sleepisfortheweak, #awakeforatleast24hours #nofilter #pureheadache



    1. rlly_riah


      lol whaaaaaaaa??? You not sleeeepin?! I love sleep- gotta have at least 6 hours. But I hate naps. HATE THEM. Cuz I end up super grouchy and my body feels like soggy mush all day after. Not weird riiiight?! I had to work today, and all weekend. Going back tomorrow, but at least I don't hate my job like some people. Night duty sounds rough O.O

      Also, only 8 hours of your life? *shrugs* Pssshhh, no big deal realllyyyyyy. I have never played it. O.O *is scared of zombies...like really scared*

    2. XII360


      it is night duty, i mean, im allowed to nap, but same as you, id rather stay awake than nap >__>

      i cant nap in an environment thats not my bed, unless im awake for long hours, and didnt sleep early, that is to say, being awake at morning, then going to work for night duty, (and night duty is 16hours, thus being awake for 20+hours enables the settings for nap >.>)


      ikr, 8 hours for a gamer ? psh, thats nothing, to bad i couldn't speed run it xD, but to be fair, im not a speed runner >.<

      im the opposite too, i like horror games, couse i wanna scream to the top of my lungs like a little girl when a jump scare section happens

      to bad i played most of the horror games there is now, i am a sad boi =(

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