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  1. @xWickedNekox come back when you have cookies 😜
  2. I really like that one of Osmond, I agree about Arias eyes, maybe gold/ red sometimes like you said, but pink/ red doesn’t really go well together. So I’m not digging the coloring. Also, being an island chick, maybe she can have tribal markings? Look less like an average person? Love Osmonds hair tho. And that facial expression Let me edit her real quick and see.. Couldn’t find any tribal that worked well, also couldn’t improve clothing - but I think the ring looks like a ring sling that is pretty mom-esque. Not sure if that’s what you’re going for there
  3. Ep: 8 Wow! Who would have thought we’d see the demon lord this soon? Next episode preview made it sound like we will have a filler.. but it still looks like fun.
  4. That does look amazing. I’d love to try one. I like flan 🍮 But I’ve never had a crème brûlée
  5. I agree, for instance - I really want a bubble waffle cone like this
  6. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    Hahaha you were like “must get out of here”... stumble stumble... “which way is out”
  7. Ban @ArchieKun I don’t trust him 🤣
  8. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    That DOES sound like a nightmare 🤣🤣
  9. Please share your dessert oddities from your home town, or far beyond. What great desserts have you ventured out to find? I’m excited to say that I recently found a Thai fried ice cream place. This has been on my bucket list since I was in high school, and discovered it while watching anime. I ordered banana and Nutella 😍 How it’s made:
  10. 😂 Diet mtn dew... So I can eat like crap. Jk lol. You at least had a banana
  11. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    Dub is definitely not done well every time, even today. Lol I can’t even imagine trying to imitate those cute Japanese girls 😜 is there even a substitute? I think not.
  12. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    Megalobox is on my to watch list. My favorite sport anime are Haikyuu, Hajime no Ippo, and Baby steps.
  13. Seshi

    Anime Chit Chat

    Have you seen ookiku furikabutte? I enjoyed this baseball anime, need to finish it sometime.
  14. Spring edition Kombucha 😍The normal kombucha flavors I get usually revolve around apple. I’ve never had a flowery tasting Kombucha ~ it’s so good 5E815C07-4D47-400F-94A8-0E08B2E6F7AC.thumb.jpeg.2e3bdedba7f48c3e9b777ecfbc3c166e.jpeg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. ArchieKun


      I love those I do not drink them often but they are really good.

    3. Wedgy


      I wish I liked these, but they just make me nauseated. 😥

    4. Seshi


      @Wedgy I wonder why?

      If you want to like them for their probiotic properties, there’s a lot more options that are even more palatable. Took me forever to find a kombucha I actually liked, too. So maybe you had a really strong one? Some even have a high alcohol content.

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