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  1. Fruits basket seems to be doing a great job of this, if you’re interested
  2. No! 🤣 I could see my husband doing that though. I don’t get hype and think I’m strong after watching someone else kick butt. It’s more likely that I realize how much I don’t know
  3. Well this is awesome. I’ve never seen a two sentence horror story! @The History Kid Will probably love this 😁 since we were swapping ghost stories in another thread. Those were ALL so good. But if I had to choose 1, “A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the top of the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said, ‘I heard it too honey‘.” would be my favorite.
  4. I want to see that 🤣 I’m a huge fan girl at times too. Do we tend to weeb out and go to far? I wonder 😜 My favorite characters right now: 1. Momiji Souma 😍 Just want to squeeze him and give him all the loves. Also want to buy a little yellow bunny plushie ^-^ 2. Ayame Souma... He’s so delightfully weird. His relationship with Yuki is relatable to me, and his zodiac form is adorable & too funny.
  5. I see lots of KyoAni pick ups 👍
  6. What anime do you think are bad? Is there one that’s so bad, it’s good?
  7. Seshi

    Post Your Anime List

    Thanks for sharing! It really is good to have this collected in one place for everyone. 🤗 Don’t worry about it, just update it as you can. The great thing about everyone sharing their lists, is we can learn about new anime from one another.
  8. Yea, I watched a review on it from a personal trainer, and he said he was surprised by how good it was too. There are flaws, apparently the manga explains things better. But for the most part, there’s some good info there.
  9. It astounds me, the amount of motivation one can get from watching others. Our habits, our everyday actions are partially influenced by what we allow ourselves to be around. That said, it seems like a good idea to watch something like an exercise based anime, given, you already watch anime, and enjoy spending your time watching shows anyway, what is there to lose? What do you think? Do you get anything from watching this type of anime? That aside, what are you thinking of this series so far?
  10. 😵Confused yet? You should be. This makes no sense right? Well oddly enough, there seem to be some series that turn into rare gems based on their unique awfulness... Excel Saga for instance, is one that immediately comes to mind. What are some strange titles you'd put in this category?
  11. Nova

    Omg Seshi Congrats on being community manager👏👍

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    2. Kinbaryu


      Am I late to the party? Congrats @Seshi!!

    3. Seshi


      You can throw me a party lol 😛 

      Missed you today though. Hope you're well.

    4. Nova


      We have nacho party at wicked thread though plus we can add the seshi community manager thing to it

  12. Its harder to find as many good dubbed anime, especially if you want to watch airing anime. So I end up watching more old anime when watching with others.
  13. Welcome, @MercurianSummer I hope you enjoy your time here. What are some of your favorite anime? Maybe you could drop your anime list in this thread for everyone. See ya around!
  14. Maybe that's why I watch the same type of anime a lot. I tend to like a certain type of character. Interesting. Will investigate further
  15. You are so welcome, I hope so too. @The History Kid is our local historian, maybe he can show you around some?
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