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  1. I actually strongly agree with their stance... Though it sadens me at times that I cant find their movies online. I really love getting to watch ghibli films... So I guess I will have to collect them all
  2. Seshi

    Live Entertainment

    @Wedgy does live shows? I must see. I used to go to concerts. Nowadays I'm more apt to go to plays or comedy shows. I've been to see Motley Crue, Linkin Park, Mindless Self Indulgence, and unfortunately missed the only Iron Maiden tour in the states for the last decade. So that probably wont come again.
  3. I really loved this show, I connected with the characters and their first song blew it out of the water. I think the competition was way too easy... Not that the competitors werent good.. But that it wasnt trying for the characters like similar contests in other genres. Still, I enjoyed it til the end of the forst cour.
  4. When this season rolls around, what are your favorite treats? Do you make any of your own? Last year I had a blast trying a bunch of Harry Potter Halloween treats, including my favorite drink from the series - butterbeer! But I would have to say I'm a bit lacking in a special halloween treat to share for the season. I think a bit of candied popcorn or fudge would be a simple treat to whip up. What are your favorite halloween treats to share?
  5. This one was terrifying - I wish I could unread it. Good job. I'm loving everyones entries. And I'm so thrilled I could participate too Thanks again for hosting, The History Kid.
  6. @Wedgy those are creative ideas! I think you could do one from the inside view of a haunted house. That would be cool. I was imagining entries like this...
  7. Thanks @Ohiotaku I'll check out Kabaneri. I just watched Carole & Tuesday. Thanks for the update
  8. For me this would be - time to break out the peacoat and gloves, sweaters, leggings, and boots... Dont forget that scarf and beanie For us its getting cool too not too cold because I have all my windows open right now, surviving with sweatpants and warm socks Oh, its only 60F
  9. Right... I need more completed series me thinks
  10. Currently caught up and waiting on the next episode of Vinland Saga. Nothing else to watch atm..... Im still unsure if starting Fate series is a good idea
  11. Happy Fall Yall! And welcome to the season of spook! It’s the perfect time to unleash your inner creepies For that, we’ve devised this, the second contest of the season Here, your ideas will be unleashed, giving form to a spooktacular event! The Haunted House Art Contest will feature three categories: Most Spooky - Seshi’s Pick Most Original - Which haunted house stood out the most? Most Colorful - Who entered the house with the most color? There will be 3 winners chosen in these differing categories, so don’t worry if you aren’t the best at this type of challenge - it will be judged according to creativity, originality, and spookiness! So just have fun!!! And think about all the fun things you’ll be able to buy in the shop with your new points. We will be awarding 1,000 to each winner. As a bonus, and In order to commemorate this event, each participant will be awarded a spooky badge to display with your trophies and medals... Ooh shiny! Contest Deadline will be October 20th Please enter your submissions here by replying to this thread Entries must be of a haunted house of your own creation. Additional details are up to you. ~Keep it Spooky!~
  12. I caught back up with this series yesterday as well... It has been steadily moving forward along the timeline and certainly not standing still like I had thought previously. I guess its easier for me to see the progression of a series when I watch more than an episode a week - understandable The new cour has a new OP and ED.. Normal, but I'm a bit crushed. They always change an OP when I've finally gotten used to it. Its like acclamating to winter, then spring arrives and you've just gotten used to being cold. Bummer. I suppose I'll warm up to this one over time though.
  13. Just started Carol and Tuesday it’s going good. I’m binging it atm

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