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    All time Favorite: Samurai X:Trust & Betrayal

    Current/ recent obsessions: Somali and the Forest Spirit, Chihayafuru, Demon Slayer, Rising of the Shield Hero, Summer Wars, Magi

    Oldies but goodies: Trigun, Inuyasha, Berserk, Hajime no ippo, Claymore, HSD Kenichi

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    Slice of Life
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    Aladdin (Magi) Furuba: Momiji, Ayame. Claymore: Claire, Gene. Inuyasha: Seshoumaru, Kikyo
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    FF8,9,10,12, Baulders Gate: Dark Alliance, Dragon Age Origins

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  1. Welcome to the staff. I know it will suit you well. 

    1. Ohiotaku


      Congrats 🥳 

    2. Sauron


      Congratulations! You'll do great! 🥳



  2. Loli

    Seshi said: I dub thee Loli.

    *Eyes glow in deep gratitude*

    I can now freely turn into any loli at will, thank you cutie sis. That's very sweet of you. So adorable.

    Nm1X.gif C489.gif




  3. No I have not tried tht yet. @Beocat is a proficient canner. I can only aspire to her level of awesomeness.
  4. Its funny that someone would say it's boring to you because you don't like reading, when for me it's more of the opposite. I find the writing of visual novels to be terrible BECAUSE I am used to reading actual well written novels... Just miss me with that.
  5. Thanks Otakukid. Look forward to seeing you around the forums in the meantime. @Kity and @Koshigaya23 thank you for your interest, if you are serious about applying, simply follow the instructions I have posted.
  6. Now that's a nice recipe. Looks easy and healthy.
  7. Been feeling sick the last couple of days. Can't even enjoy my coffee 😑

    1. Ohiotaku
    2. Seshi
    3. Geano


      Drink a lot of tea. Tea helps your immune response.

  8. Welcome back @Persona its so nice to see you around again. I have only come across some of your older posts from when I was new here, so its cool to finally meet you and say hello =3
  9. Aside from the obvious ghibli movies, my faves are: Mary to majo no hana (Mary and the witches flower) Samurai x trust & betrayal Sword of the stranger Summer Wars
  10. Great suggestions! I think we have enough to choose from already but I'll give this another day in case anyone else hasn't had the chance to contribute yet. Then I can put it to a vote!
  11. I love Trigun, Inuyasha, Hajime no Ippo, Afro Samurai, Berserk 97, and Samurai x as far as classics go. Welcome to Anime Forums. It's always nice to have more anime conversationalists around.
  12. I've got an idea for a new art contest, its kind of like the scribblio game xD

    Check it out and lmk what you think

    1. Loli


      I can't wait to join!

      I wonder if we can post 2 entries as a limit or just keep it simple with one.



    2. Seshi


      Post a few if youd like =3

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