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  1. Ho! Ho! Ho! Love the festive pfp

  2. Seshi

    Selfie Thread

    Halloween for Christmas last year? XD
  3. @zeno-wannabe Yes, I think Yuu Yuu Hakusho would be exactly what you're looking for. Glad you are enjoying claymore, it's one of my faves.
  4. Thanks, knew I was missing something. Dessert Punk
  5. I liked Mr. Rodgers growing up, and now I love Daniel Tiger (an animated version). With my little one it's always nice to have a positive influence she can look to in learning how to handle certain childhood situations like potty training and sharing your toys etc. I'd love to take her to a Daniel tigers neighborhood movie in theatres. I was interested in seeing Frozen 2, but the reviews are showing it being more suited for pre-teens due to its darker content, rather than a 3yo. So I'll be holding off for now. Not sure what else is showing right now.
  6. Now that's a thought. Didn't she already heal him though?
  7. Well we don't usually cuddle our turkeys like that, for starters I get my in laws and immediate family over and we all contribute a few dishes for our thanksgiving feast. It really is just an excuse to eat like a king for a night. Growing up, I would wake up to my family in the kitchen already cooking the turkey while I turned on Buffy the Vampire Slayer to watch the thanksgiving episode, which FX never failed to air for me each thanksgiving (until I bought the set). This year I have the ham, collards, deviled eggs, rolls, candied yams, parsnip soup, and mashed potatoes to prepare. Everyone else gets to make the rest when they show up tomorrow. Of course some things are being made ahead. Once everyone is over, we will chat and snack, drink some wine, and enjoy each others company til dinner. At dinner we usually ask "what are you thankful for this year" but I want to change that to " whats your favorite memory with someone here?" After dinner, we have pies and everyone is so full and sleepy.
  8. Canute has finally reached his potential to be king. Cant wait to see how this transformation will effect Thorfinn (or not).
  9. Actually since then he has learned how to use his power in a new way, instead of being just like all might, he has altered his attacks and focusing more on using his legs instead of putting everything into his punches. I added a spoiler tag prefix to this discussion. Anyone entering should know to be caught up with the currently airing. That's what this sub forum is intended for.. Keeping current and discussing the latest, so go right ahead.
  10. As stated in the title, try adding, exchanging, or removing 1 letter from the title of an anime to make it a bad title. For example: Dragon Balls
  11. @Endynyp cross stitches? That sounds relaxing.
  12. Looked funny. I'm rewatching Yuu Yuu Hakusho Just started Jojos bizarre adventure Continuing MHA season 4, and Vinland Saga weekly.
  13. I added you on MAL. Makomo is so cute, and mysterious. Most of Demon Slayer girls are good girls tho.
  14. I too think Midoria has the best quirk, its not the most interesting, since there are so many creative quirks out there, but as far as ability, its the most powerful imo. The one that makes the rest of their powers seem pretty useless.

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