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  1. *waves to Kaga from the beach*
  2. With the end of the week, comes the end of another wonderful contest. It has been an honor to co-host it for all of you and I am thankful to every single person who saw fit to contribute.Your works were very enjoyable for us all to look upon. Over the weekend, we have looked these over for the following criteria, as listed above: 1. Visible Spring theme 2. Recognized Fan Art or Original Character 3. Given Rating of 1-5 And after careful consideration, we have come to an agreement on the winners of this contest! 🌸Fan Art Category First Place: @Humbby For a beautifully detailed character rendering, and coloring befitting of springtime- you’ve earned 1000 points, and the first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place @TsuchiMaika For a beautifully drawn character adaptation and spring bouquet, we give you 700 points, and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! 🌸Original Characters Category 1st Place: @Humbby For a beautifully drawn character, elaborately colored with a spring background. You’ve earned the 700 points, and first place signature graphic. Congratulations! Second Place: @XII360 For a beautifully drawn character, with a detailed spring background, albeit less elaborately colored. You’ve earned 500 points and the second place signature graphic. Congratulations! 🌸You have all done well, and earned the recognition of your peers. Thank you again to all who participated. I know you may not have won it this time, but you’ve taken part. And I hope you had fun doing it. Please continue to join us for more upcoming events! See you next time
  3. Love the plot progression. That tattoo is overkill. I like the dots tho
  4. Oh, well I was speaking more from a travel abroad experience- going to local laundry facilities. It can be done
  5. Lol @The History Kid do some laundry before going home
  6. It’s a short trip but those are worse for me cuz I overpack
  7. Thanks - *steals all the Oreos and has them with milk.....* Ahhhhh.... all better *Returns to packing for vacation*
  8. @xWickedNekox come back when you have cookies 😜
  9. I really like that one of Osmond, I agree about Arias eyes, maybe gold/ red sometimes like you said, but pink/ red doesn’t really go well together. So I’m not digging the coloring. Also, being an island chick, maybe she can have tribal markings? Look less like an average person? Love Osmonds hair tho. And that facial expression Let me edit her real quick and see.. Couldn’t find any tribal that worked well, also couldn’t improve clothing - but I think the ring looks like a ring sling that is pretty mom-esque. Not sure if that’s what you’re going for there
  10. Ep: 8 Wow! Who would have thought we’d see the demon lord this soon? Next episode preview made it sound like we will have a filler.. but it still looks like fun.
  11. That does look amazing. I’d love to try one. I like flan 🍮 But I’ve never had a crème brûlée
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