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  1. I also loved Anohana, and A Silent Voice. My favorite one I can think of besides those would be Fruits Basket. Although its extremely popular, so no points there. I think I cry for different reasons when watching that anime. Its not necessarily that its sad, but that it works through a lot a lot of different emotions.
  2. Right.. Why was he a "former" anyway? Was it something like he wasn't living up the the expectation in strength?
  3. Seshi


    Hello Parzival, welcome welcome ^.~
  4. I’ve never seen the anime or manga, but I am really enjoying this movie. I love the motorball game! That’s so cool, if we could do something like that, it’d be sweet. Kind of reminds me of air gear, but their skates were designed much better. I also really enjoyed the action scenes. Alita fights sooooo well. It’s better than the action scenes I’ve seen in action/ assassination type movies. It suits her so well, being a smaller fighter. I hope they do an anime remake like y’all were talking about. I love me some cyberpunk
  5. Nah... there’s lots of older anime characters! DBZ universe, cowboy bebop, Samurai champloo, Flying witch, Inuyasha, fire force, my hero academia (older hero’s), Naruto universe, Magi, rurouni kenshin... there’s a lot out there
  6. Yet, if operating under the same laws that allow these anime characters to be so fantastical, then yes, love spells/ love potions would be a part of “real life”. Otherwise these anime characters being in our ordinary world, would be rather ordinary themselves.
  7. Waves long time no see, Greeneyes

    1. Greeneyes


      Waves back! Yeah Good to see ye!

    2. Seshi


      How goes the assassin trade?

    3. Greeneyes


      Oh you know how it is some killing lots a stalking... Lol how ye been?

  8. Hey there, welcome to Anime Forums!
  9. Thank you to everyone who had joined the Harry Potter Club!

    I’ve added some introductions by J.K. Rowling for each house, and updated the Dueling club to include some DnD style elements. Looking forward to adding some shops later. Stay tuned!

  10. JK Rowling tends to write a lot. I hope you enjoyed it!
  11. Seshi

    A-F Instagram

    Thanks for the follows!
  12. Light would definitely tell fan girls to go away. But say that all of these anime characters were under a spell, which made them want to be in love with you. Like, the love spell from Buffy, or the love potion from Harry Potter. Then these situations would be plausible.

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