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    All time Favorite: Samurai X:Trust & Betrayal

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    Aladdin (Magi) Furuba: Momiji, Ayame. Claymore: Claire, Gene. Inuyasha: Seshoumaru, Kikyo
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  1. Looking for new member to continue our RP The Harmony of our Hearts

    We have some interesting members thus far, but are still lacking a few characters to help drive the plot forward. Come and join us if you’re interested in a high school romance tragedy interactive story. You may create your own character or take the leading roll of “love triangle interest” that has yet to be filled. This particular profile for this character has already been filled out, so you’d have to be willing to assume that roll. Otherwise, create any character to your liking to interact with us in our ongoing story.

    You must have at least 100 post count to participate. 

    Thank you 😊

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