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  1. Im more of a straightforward person myself, but do find that I enjoy the antihero archetype. Characters like Askellad (Vinland Saga) and Hisoka (HxH) intrigue me. I would like to watch more anime with these types of characters at the forefront.
  2. I also change favorite characters, but I'd say its more due to relevance than actually changing favorites. @Noraa I also love Askeladds character. Have you seen the currently airing thread on Vinland Saga? We can keep in touch on it more there.
  3. What do you mean Deku is seriously injured? Please wrap your reply in spoiler.
  4. This is tough. Lately, since I'm watching Hunter X Hunter, I have grown to love Hisoka as a character. He is a mysterious, deviant, and yet I sense a good side to him. I am intrigued by his personality and quirks.
  5. I dont have a garage, but If I did, that would be my entrance, and I would expect guests to use the front door, which has a porch and a path from the driveway where guests can park (and where I park). My house has a front, back and side door. That is not very uncommon here. Though since my neighbor uses her back door exclusively (due to parking in the back) and my other neighbor using their side door exclusively, I wondered if the front door was something anyone would think to walk up and use? It seems to be common sense for me to walk up to someones front door say if I was delivering pizza or girl scouting. Haha. But alas, everyone has their preferences and reasons.
  6. Hey Zeno, do you have an anime list account you can link? It would be helpful to see what you've seen. I think you might like Yuu Yuu Hakusho, it has very similar theme, feel and fighting. Plus the tournament arc was better here than in HxH. Claymore, it has epic fights. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) always explains the characters thinking but also keeps you wondering what's next, or exposes something new in the characters development and a very intriguing plot that remains complex. Bit of an offshoot, but I just saw that you tagged martial arts, so I'd like to recommend Histories Mightiest Disciple Kenichi. Hajime no ippo is great too. Check em out
  7. Do yall decorate for christmas? I like having a christmas tree and lights on the porch.
  8. Last year I gave one of my nephews the complete dragon ball and dbz box set for his birthday, so I asked him later who his favorite character was, he said kid Goku. So I got him a DBZ hoodie with kid goku on the back as part of his christmas gift. I wouldn't do this for my other nephew, who has no interest in anime. OP, I would like my hunting license for christmas
  9. I'd planned to watch this before I found out its not on any of my streaming services. Seen some clips and it does seem very funny. Maybe another future contender for the isekai quartet?
  10. Seshi

    Whats new?

    Thats understandable, I do prefer to watcha complete series as well. Weekly airing is hard especially this week where both MHA season 4 and Vinland Saga are being delayed. Thats the main reason Im watching other completed series, just to fill in the waiting period. My favorite of the season? Still too early to tell how much I will enjoy MHA4, it was off to a rough start for me. It seems to be picking up, and if it can possibly reign in its political aspects (the constant reporting of all might and the climate of change) I think I can begin to love this series again. However, as it stands Vinland Saga is my fav for this season. How about you?
  11. Serious question. To some of us it might seem quite straight forward and will be confounded by the preferences of others, so I thought I'd ask here: What door do you prefer using to go into your house? And is that the same door you use for guests? Please enlighten us.
  12. Thats exactly what I said XD Uh oh HK. You've been discovered! But honetsly since the topic choices are so limitless it really sounds like fun.
  13. Seshi

    Whats new?

    Thanks, HK. Hard to decide on an anime since I'm watching so many good ones rn. UwU
  14. Seshi

    Whats new?

    Greeneyes It's good to see you again. As always. Been a few changes round here but really it's same same. Wont you join us in the fall festival history event or anime review? Our friendly neighborhood History Kid has added some cash prizes to the mix. Optic senpai is working on an anime database and you know.. The rest of us are enjoying some seasonal anime. Myself, I'm watching Hunter x Hunter, Vinland Saga, MHA season 4, and checking out a few others, not committed yet. How about you?

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