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  1. My first manga was either Fruits Basket, or Ceres, Celestial Legend. I started reading manga way after watching anime, and thanks to my friends mutual liking of the current popular show airing on Adult Swim, Inuyasha.
  2. @Illusion of Terra I thought of it like the demons in human form evolve in Inuyasha (so possibly in Japanese lore) and stop the aging process once in their prime.
  3. Sounds straight up like you should look at Goku from dragon ball z
  4. Also funny then that it has great health properties in dealing with the flu and common illnesses.
  5. I guess they are fine if you like.. live in Alaska or something Im in NC, and it's not really cold enough for them to make sense to me.
  6. Not every Anime is everyone's cup of tea, we all can agree to that. I also am mildly bothered by the female characters in this anime being so young, and yet having them in a suggestive light... even if nothing happens, it's still very pervy and I think contributes to a problem we already have too much of in society... but what can you do? It's not just this anime, it's in nearly all of them. Even the Shield hero pointed it out saying something like "what's with all of the Lollicons in this culture, I get thinking little girls are cute but you guys take it too far."
  7. @ArchieKun I prefer to binge watch a series as well.. have no patience for this Lord help me.. But anyway, yea I think you'd like it. It has so many interesting aspects. I thought it was going to be very straightforward but there was a huge plot twist from the beginning and so I'm looking forward to seeing what else the writers have in store for us.
  8. Seriously.. I am a parent to a toddler, so I get things given to me by well meaning relatives, and MITTENS... I now have these adorable well meaning hand warming devices, but as soon as my daughter has to pick something up and actually use her hands, she decides she'd rather have frozen fingers than be trapped in these things what on earth, who created these things and why.. someone tell me.
  9. Hey everyone, I just LOVE Japanese culture and get so much out of anime that depicts unique areas of cultural exploration. Anyone else? Please share your fav anime with strong Japanese cultural aspects and explain its peculiarity. Or just tell about it in whatever way you see fit for discussion For example I really enjoyed summer wars, for its realistic depictions of familial values in Japan as well as the examples of their unique cuisine.
  10. My husband just built this fireplace for our living room.. so I'm hoping to finally have a romantic night in front of that beautiful roaring fire as it's freezing outside and rather than having a fake image of a fireplace on a screen like in the past TMI?
  11. I felt this way when watching Fairy Tail, it is the main reason I fell away from watching the series, so I see what you're saying. I think the plot follows very closely with how I would play Fable, or Dragon Age.. so to me the story is very fascinating and I can sort of feel the adventure and build up elements relying purely on the idea of leveling up the party members. It's so cool Pardon me
  12. Rewatched for me: Inuyasha - 2 Trigun -3 Samurai Champloo - 2 Afro Samurai -2 Summer Wars - 4 HSD Kenichi -2 Rewatched for others: Howels moving castle -6 Spirited away -3 Naruto- 2 Avatar the last airbender -4
  13. I am an avid tea drinker, and health food consumer.. oddly enough, as I do spend a lot of time being sedentary Favie teas: PG tips black tea with milk (hot), Iced black tea with vanilla, sugar and milk (Thai Iced tea), Golden milk (turmeric tea) Spiced chai latte (can buy pre made powder mix) Plain matcha, or matcha latte. Super expensive to buy and I just ran out And my most recent discovery oolong ️ Id love to visit a real tea shop or meet someone who makes their own tea from tea leaves.
  14. I was feeling that way about the spear hero until ep 5 when he vowed to never lose to the shield hero again basically and it just seems like his character started out with innocent intentions but is slowly being corrupted by the company he keeps
  15. @Illusion of Terra I definitely recommend the anime, it is surprising and very satisfying in terms of character development- a huge win for me, I'm in love with all underdog stories, but this one also has elements of surprise and fun game style environment as well as game content built in to the characters abilities. I find that aspect to be one of the most entertaining because it takes the fun of being in an adventure game & puts it into a movie. @Ohiotaku I totally missed that miracle crop reference in ep 6!! That's awesome Congrats. Also, I don't compare anime with other anime, I always enter with a clean slate and give individuals a shot to become who the creator intended.
  16. I didn't know there was going to be a Fruits Basket remake! Cool, I'm waiting on My hero academia to release its latest season.. 4? As far a source new anime go, I have been pleasantly surprised to find some new favorites that can go on my forever love anime list.
  17. Just started binging this anime only to discover it's not been fully released yet Now I have way to much time between episodes each week.. so let's discuss and watch together! How say?
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