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  1. Screenshot_20190703-210706_Facebook.thumb.jpg.64f3c4466775d58b46bed970a458c993.jpg

    56 Members. This is just awesome. I was really shaky about how well this site was gonna go but getting to £275 on our fundraiser and having this much engagement on our discord and social media is just awesome.

    Happier outlook thanks to this :D

  2. My most recent addiction: Hedgehogs. Pls let me bless you all with my new discovery x3


    1. LonelyPoet


      Hedgehogs in watermelons

      Hedgehogs in a bath

      Hedgehogs takes a bet

      Now the hedgehog is on the internet!


      2014-10-17 18.29.17.jpg

    2. Ohiotaku
    3. BleachKing96
  3. So I gotta ask... Am I just butchering my own idea? Have I made a dramatic U-turn on the highway to a safe success and made a beeline for a drastic screw-up?

    I recently went to the GoFundMe page for my site and decided to lower prices of the donation rewards, not drastically but rather substantially. I'm a bit wary of the repercussions. What if people do start donating but it turns out to be more than I expected and, before I know it, I DO have a site but then I gotta hand out statuses to loads of people and the site's manager is watching me like a hawk because, technically, I'm not supposed to do that. But like... I'm left with no choice 😂

    This is the very last option I wanted to try but, honestly, I'm exhausting myself with coming up with new crazy ways to get this working and unnecessarily creating new advertising ways to one-up on others and it's completely draining my mental capacity. A while ago I suggested to myself that I slow down and not do too much but, to be honest, I've just given myself more work. It's so difficult wanting to make something work but not wanting to work yourself to death doing it.

    So there's my day 🤣

    1. Seshi


      That sucks - I wish I could help 

    2. LonelyPoet


      Be honest with your donors. You owe them a lot. Work yourself to death (not literally) if you have to. You have a moral responsibility. I don't think it was a good idea to lower the prices...

  4. Well on a lighter note, just finished binging Blue Exorcist again, still awesome :D

    When Rin and Yuki both grab the Koma Sword... e p i c!

    Funniest scene? Can't decide between Yuki telling Rin off for his test result or Rin jumping out of the window when he's making the cake with Konekomaru. Ppl worshipping Shiemi tho and I'm just like Shura is 11/10 waifu material.

  5. All my current moods, as shown by Sakata Gintoki


  6. (Rant alert)

    I keep wondering whats the point in trying to get this website started. I cant get anyone to help start it up and the jackhole that builds the site is demanding an unholy amount of money to get it started up. The even better part is seeing others in the server who are making their own sites, getting mass donations while im doing everything i can, advertising everywhere, on every soxial media platform, every single friggin day and still get nowhere.

    What exactly am i supposed to do at this point. I cant magic the money out of thin air. And the best part? Ohhhh the best part is that on the rare occasion someone asks about the donations page, they say "oh thats a lot of money, i cant really donate with a target like that". Excuse me, my friend,  but did I ask you to pay for the whole thing? No I bloody didnt. I asked you to please donate "WHAT YOU CAN" or just share it with someone who will, ya gooseberry.

    This has caused me to need breathing exercises and cookie therapy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    (Rant over)

    1. XII360



      "popping out nowhere"

      daijoubu~ hasegawa-sempai~im sure you will achieve that goal one day,

      try a new aspect that'll help lure donations xD

      i would help, but, just like every casual, i cant, if i cant even feed my stomach inside the hospital, i sure cant donate for your cause, even if i wanted too

      so my bestest help is...


      have a cup of kyutihime xD


    2. BleachKing96


      Awh, so cute xD

      And thanks, I try so much but nothing seems to work, so I guess I just can't see much point in doing so much advertising if it gets no results 😂

      I'll probably cut down on all the work I'm doing so I can breathe and not stress

  7. So I figured it might be interesting to see people find out where they would fit in my site even if they don't wanna join my discord or even be part of the site (which is totally cool with me, I got 30 peoples which is awesome). So if anyone wants to take this just for a bit of fun then here it is 😂

    Totally didn't spend three hours on this xD


  8. Anyone happen to know any rich anime fans that would be interested in helping the funding of a new roleplaying website? 😂😂😂😂

    We already got 30 thanks to one of the dedicated members of our discord server 💓



  9. Maybe I should start letting people have site jobs now... that might get people more interested 🤔

    Eh, who knows. At least I still got my little discord family x3

  10. So getting new members on my discord has been going great. Since last week we are up by about six members which is brilliant to me. Just one problem...

    How do I get people more involved? 😂😂

    Getting people wanting to partake in things like figuring out where you belong and doing character stuff and helping in getting the funding for our site to be made is proving tough. Siiiiighhhh

    Just keep being relentless and trying new things everyday is the only way to make it work. I can release my bankai stress when offline and able to buy some comfort food xD

  11. All the night owls raise your hands!!

    Cheer for the not getting any sleep club!! 😂

  12. S i g h

    Trying my best to get people interested in my Bleach project and my discord server is just so damn empty. People seem to lose interest so quickly >.<

    Keep wondering what I can do to get people engaged and trying to do a group watching of Bleach on Fridays but nobody has been responding to anything since the Power Parade. What the hell do I do at this point 🤣🤣


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    2. Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Have you tried Reddit? The Bleach subreddit there? It has a really active and passionate community. But from experience its tough to tell people about your project there. As the lifespan of a post is quite short. Might be worth a shot though.

    3. BleachKing96


      Hm, never tried Reddit 🤔

      I'll give it a go!

    4. Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Ryan Dave Jimenez

      Let us know how it goes.

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